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Episode 37

"Cassie Tells All"


*Jarrod couldn’t focus on breakfast with Amy because his thoughts were plagued with Cassie claiming Keith abused her.

*Gary shocked Elaine by telling her that he and Eve lied about when their affair was going on. Even more shocking, he said how Melissa and Cassie are his kids!

*When Derek went downstairs to get a tool box, Jasper stole twenty dollars from his wallet.

*Lacey was relieved when she hid her presence from Jasper.



The music of Nirvana blasts throughout the three-bedroom apartment. Jarrod collapses on the couch and absorbs the pounding drums and electric guitar, hoping it will clear the nagging thoughts that have been eating away at him all day. After cutting breakfast short with Amy, he decided that some serious jamming was in order.

Jarrod jumps when his father’s bedroom door flies open, "Jarrod, why in the hell do you have the music up so loud?! I was trying to get some sleep!"

His father’s presence is very unexpected and he jumps upward, frantically searching for the remote control. He finds it and turns the stereo system off.

Silence hangs like a dark cloud and Keith immediately notices Jarrod’s awkward demeanor.

While pouring a tall glass of milk, he eyes his son, "So what’s going on? You look stressed out or something."

Jarrod looks down at his feet, "Oh, you just scared the crap out of me. I had no idea you were here."

Keith takes a large sip of the white liquid, "Sorry, I was out real late last night. I had to do something to get my mind off of things."

Jarrod questions further, "Get your mind off of what?"

Melissa confronting him at the park flashes through Keith’s mind. "Um...nothing in particular. Well, I was just trying to get over everything that happened with Cassie. I still feel really guilty."

At the mention of Cassie’s name, Jarrod tenses up. He gets the urge to spill the horrible claims that Cassie made. Jarrod, just talk to him about it. There’s no way he laid a hand on her. Just clear the whole mess up and then you can stop thinking about it.

While Jarrod’s thoughts are running amok, Keith rummages through the cupboards looking for something desirable to eat. His eyes settle on a can of Spaghettios. He takes it out and then searches for the can opener. His eyes light up when he realizes the can opener is in the bottom drawer, relieved that he didn’t have to tear the house up in search for it, which is usually the case.

"Hey, dad?"

"Yes, Jarrod?" questions Keith while busying himself in opening the can.

Jarrod swallows hard. Here it goes..."I wanted to ask you a big question. Um, did you beat Cassie up?"

Keith is quickly uninterested in placing his Spaghettios in the blue bowl that sets before him. He meets his son’s gaze, "Excuse me?!"

Just as Jarrod is about to elaborate, a loud knock fills the living room. "Jarrod, are you in there? I need to talk to you right now!"

Jarrod swallows hard, realizing that the voice belongs to Cassie.


"If where you are taking this is that I am Melissa and Cassie’s father, then we’re on the same wavelength."

Gary Jackson’s confession rings through Elaine’s mind as she gazes on him in shock. "Oh my..."

"I’m sorry but it is true. I am Cassie and Melissa’s father. Eve has been moving heaven and earth to keep it a secret."

Elaine searches for a response, "Gary, this is too much. Besides, there's still the possibility that they could be Carl's..."

Though the mood is very tense, Gary lets out a laugh, "A very slim chance being that I've already had a DNA test secretly done!"

Elaine is taken aback, "How in the hell did you manage to get a DNA test done without anybody knowing?"

"Remember that horrible car accident that disfigured Cassie years ago? Well, I couldn't stand not knowing the truth any longer so I took it as a prime opportunity to get some answers! I had one of my men cut a piece of her hair for a DNA test. Being that Cassie and Melissa are twins, I only had to test one of them."

Elaine buries her face in her hands, "Oh my god, I can't believe you are their father! I should have known better than to hire an attractive woman like Eve as our maid. They were going through so many financial troubles then, I felt so bad for them." She begins to pace. "Oh my god, Gary! Why weren’t you completely honest about this when the affair first came out?!"

Gary shakes his head and wears an intense gaze."I already told you, Eve has been hellbent on keeping this a secret!"

Elaine feels lightheaded as she continues her questioning: "Does she know about the test you had done?"

Gary shakes his head slowly, "I've debated telling her the truth over and over but I decided not to. Though she obviously knows of the possibility being that she wants to take this secret to her grave." And once I've done everything I plan to do over the next few days, everyone in town will know. Sorry, Eve. Every secret has to come out eventually! 

Gary looks into Elaine's betrayed eyes as she falls silent. After a few moments he speaks up again, "I’m sorry to drop this bomb on you, I just need to get everything off my chest before I.." He stops mid-sentence.

"Before you what, Gary?!" exclaims Elaine.

He shakes his head, "Never mind."

"No, please tell me. There’s more you have left to drop on me. Just let it all out, you bastard! I can’t believe the audacity of you! First, you have the gall to tell me that you still love me and then that you're Melissa and Cassie Jones’s father?! How exactly did you want me to react to all of this?!"

Gary keeps his intense gaze toward Elaine, "To be honest, I had no idea how you were going to react. I had to chance it. I didn't want you to find out from anybody else."

"Whatever, Gary! Whatever! I have to get the hell out of here, I can’t stand to see your face right now."

"Leave then." Gary says quietly.

"I am!" Tears begin to stream from her eyes. "And I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: I don’t still love you! OK? I don’t!" She rushes toward the door, her heels clicking with force. She slams the door behind her

Gary stares at the closed door for a few seconds before walking slowly to his desk. He opens the bottom drawer, lifting a finance book for Jackson Industries, and revealing a pistol, neatly tucked in place. He pulls it out and examines it closely while in thought: Now I've got a party to plan and you, my dear friend, are going to be the star of the show!

Outside of the room, Elaine runs head-on into Brice Jackson. Taken by surprise, she looks Gary’s brother in the eyes, "How long were you standing there, Brice?!"

Brice eyes Elaine’s disheveled appearance while in thought: Long enough to hear that Cassie and Melissa are Gary’s daughters. My Gary, you’re going to have to open a nursery for all your bastard children...


The mall is packed full with early shoppers. It seems that every store is having an early bird special. While Lacey enjoys sales more than ever, especially being that she’s a single mother, she is sick of being around crowds of people. Especially after escaping the crowds at the restaurant, being that Shirley let her off of her shift early. If she had to deal with Cynthia Jackson any longer, she swears she’d have exploded on her. The comical image of Cynthia’s head covered in scrambled eggs does make her crack a smile, however.

I give that girl maybe a day or two more, tops. There is no way that snob will last working there, she thinks while reaching to grab little Connor’s hand. He seems entranced with the candy machines up ahead, just like every other visit they make to the mall.

"Mommy, I want bubble gum!! Purple bubble gum!" Connor yells as he points frantically up ahead.

"OK, honey. I will buy you purple bubble gum as soon as Amy gets out of Fashion Bug." She impatiently looks at the women’s clothing store, happy to see Amy exiting, her hands full of bags.

Amy is glowing with cheer, "Oh my god, Lacey! I bought the cutest top ever! I can’t wait to show it off to you when we get back. Actually, I think Jarrod will like it as well." Amy wears a devious grin as she pulls it out of her bag, displaying a red top that strangely resembles a thong.

"That’s supposed to be a shirt?!" Lacey says, wide eyed. "Yeah, I think Jarrod will definitely appreciate it."

"Yeah, I know! Too bad he suddenly ran off on me at breakfast earlier. He seriously had something on his mind, I could tell. Oh well, I’ll be sure to get it out of him later, armed with my new weapon, of course."

"Yeah, weapon, that’s a way to put it." Lacey says, rolling her eyes with a wide grin, walking her son toward the candy machines that his eyes are glued on. She digs through her purse in search of a quarter.


Derek looks over the stained door, double checking it’s measurements. Jasper watches him, wearing a look of complete impatience. Dammit, Derek. So much for seeing Tricia.

Derek puts the measuring tape back in the pocket of his blue jeans and rises from the door, "I’m sorry about this, Jasper. I had no damn clue I got the wrong sized door." Derek shakes his head.

A Home Depot worker approaches the two men, "Are you sure you two can get that out of here alright?"

Derek glances at Jasper, who wears an annoyed expression, "I think we can handle it."

"Yeah, we’re good." Jasper states flatly while picking up a side of the door–Derek getting the other.

The two head out of the store, meandering around people and obstacles that lie in their path. "Thanks a lot for your help, Jasper. I truly appreciate it." Derek says while studying the younger man’s face. "I have a case of Budweiser at home. You and I can crack it open when we’re done putting this in and you can tell more about yourself."

Jasper gives Derek a puzzled expression, "Yeah, then we can crack a box of tissues over some chick flicks. Sounds fun."

Derek lets out a laugh, "Hey, I’m trying to be nice here. Fine, I’ll give you some cash for your work if you don’t want to talk over beer."

Jasper remembers the twenty in his pocket that he stole from Derek, Too late for that. "Derek, it’s OK. Besides, this was the condition of me living in your house, remember?"

"Yeah, you’re right. OK, at least you can’t say I didn’t offer."

The two men proceed toward the sliding doors that are in the front of the mall but something catches Jasper’s eyes, sending him into shock. "Oh my god, Lacey?!"

Jasper and Lacey’s eyes lock. On instinct, Lacey shields Connor, "You stay the hell away from me! Amy, we have to go right now." Grabbing Amy’s hand, she also tightens her grip on Connor’s hand and rushes toward the exit of the mall.

"Mommy, you’re hurting me! Who was that guy?" Connor cries as he turns around and shares eye contact with Jasper.

Amy casts Jasper a nasty glare as she is pulled by her best friend toward the sliding doors.

Derek is very confused as the situation plays out in front of him. He looks at Jasper, who wears a longing look. He clears his throat before speaking up: "Are you sure about turning down that offer to talk? It seems you definitely would have a story to tell."

Jasper ignores his statement, "Let’s get this damn thing to the car."


The loud knocking persist, "Jarrod, let me in! I have to talk to you about your father!"

Keith cast Jarrod a confused expression, "Why the hell would Cassie be here to talk to you? Let me handle this." He slams his glass of milk on the counter next to the open can of Spaghettios.

Keith rushes to the front door and swings it open. He gives Cassie a piercing glare, "I’d be very pleased to know what you have to discuss with my son, Cassie."

Cassie’s heart begins to race as she looks him in the eyes. She pulls her purse tightly against her as though shielding the diary that resides within it.

"Answer me, Cassie. A few seconds before you started slamming on my door, Jarrod asked me if I beat you up. What in the hell have you been telling him?!"

Cassie quickly glances at Jarrod and then to Keith, "I only told your son the truth."

"You’ve got to be kidding me! You know I didn’t lay a finger on you, Cassie! I can’t believe you would say something like that!"

A worried Jarrod comes from behind his father, "Don’t get too worked up, Dad."

Tears begin to stream from Cassie’s eyes, "No, Jarrod. Let your father get if off his chest." She proceeds to roll up both of her sleeves, revealing the scratches and bruises. "Maybe with you here he won’t do it ag."

Keith looks over the marks on Cassie’s arms in horror and then looks into her eyes, "Annie is right. You’re psychotic."

"How dare you call me psychotic, you bastard! You’re the one who hit and beat me when you felt like it!"

Jarrod is at a loss with how to respond to the situation that is playing out. He doesn’t want to believe Cassie’s accusations but he can’t seem to ignore the passion that oozes out of every word she is saying.

Keith shakes his head in anger, "Don’t do that, Cassie! Don’t lie like this! It is helping nobody! I know you want nothing more than to get revenge on me for what I did to you but making up lies like this is getting you nowhere!"

Cassie quickly decides to try another approach as she looks Jarrod in the eyes, "Your dad is in denial, Jarrod. This is what you are seeing. Look, I came over here to tell you everything else about your dad. He has been lying to you all of your life."

Jarrod glances at his dad and then gives Cassie an intense gaze, "What do you mean?"

"Jarrod, don’t listen to her. She’s going to make up another lie!"

Satisfaction decorates Cassie, "Of course you don’t want him to listen, Keith. Why would you? I wouldn’t want my own son to find out that I’m an alcoholic and that I’ve been lying about who his real father is!"

Jarrod feels like his heart has been punched, "WHAT?!"

Keith points toward the elevator, "I want you leave my damn apartment right now, Cassie! Leave!"

"OK, I’ll listen this time. Besides, I think you have a whole lot of explaining to do to Jarrod so I don’t want to intrude..." She casts Keith a content grin before turning around and heading toward the elevator. Before pushing the down button she pauses and looks toward Jarrod, "If your father...I mean if Keith claims that I’m lying, just give me a call and I’ll show you proof." The elevator opens and she enters it.

Keith screams in anger at the elevator. "Leave now, you lying bitch!" His yell is met with deaf ears because she’s already gone. He quickly turns around and locks eyes with his son.

Jarrod’s eyes well up with betrayal, "Tell me Dad, is it true? Are you not my real dad?"



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