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Episode 38

"Confession Inspiration and Operation Seduction"


*Cassie came over to the apartment on a mission to reveal all of Keith's dirty secrets. Keith answered the door and was disturbed when Cassie showed him the marks continuing her claims of him abusing her. Cassie revealed to Jarrod that Keith was an alcoholic and that he wasn't his real father then left--telling Jarrod to call her if he wants to see proof of her latest claims.

*In wake of learning of his daughter Gabi's car accident, Patrick Kane came to Sunrise Bay.  It was apparent that Patrick was resentful toward Barbara when he claimed she tried to push their children from his life.

*Carl was surprised when blood tests on Gabi revealed that she was pregnant.



Jarrod gives his father a piercing gaze, "Tell me the truth, are you my real father or not?

Keith tries to stay calm. He tries to hold back the fury that is overtaking him right now. Where in the hell did Cassie find all that out about me? How did she know? Suddenly one person’s face makes itself vivid within his mind: Melissa. Her damn sister opened her big mouth!

He looks his son in the eyes: "Jarrod, can’t you see? Cassie was making all of it up. She has no so-called proof. She hates me for what I did to her and this is how she’s choosing to get revenge. Of course I’m your real father."

Jarrod studies his dad’s expression. "Are you just saying that, dad? Come on, just be straight with me. I’m old enough to handle it."

"I’m telling you the truth."

Jarrod swallows hard, diverting his gaze to his feet. "So you’re not an alcoholic either? What about those scratches on her arms?"

Keith buries his head in his hands. "Look, she lied about every damn thing, OK? I have no idea where those marks came from but I sure as hell didn’t put them there! I can’t believe you’d think I’d lay a hand on a woman. Yes, son, I sometimes let my anger get the best of me but I’d never abuse a woman."

Jarrod sighs,"Dad, I didn’t want to believe it, either. I’m sorry I even doubted you. It’s just..."

Keith steps closer to his son, "It’s just what, Jarrod? Do you think I’m lying to you?"

Jarrod begins to pace. "I don’t know what to think."

Damn you Melissa, damn you! Keith’s eyes darts toward the door. "I have to go take care of something real important, Jarrod. Look, I want you to make sure you get it through your mind that none of what Cassie said is true. Don’t believe her."

"Where do you have to go?"

"I have someone that I really need to talk to." Keith decides to leave it at that and quickly heads for the door. He pauses before leaving, looking at Jarrod, "I love you, Jarrod. Don’t ever forget that."

Jarrod nods slowly, feeling confused as ever. I know you’re deadset on getting me to believe that Cassie is lying, Dad, but I know exactly how you react when you’re guilty.

Once his dad is out of sight he reaches into his wallet, pulling out a small post-it note and his cell phone. He quickly dials the digits scribbled on the paper into his phone. After a few rings he speaks up, "Cassie? Yeah, it’s Jarrod. I’m all alone now. Come over here and show me this supposed proof of yours."


Barbara holds the black receiver of the hospital’s phone to her ear while glancing at the hall toward Patrick’s figure. I have so many reasons that I want Gabi to make a full recovery. Of course I want her alive and well but I also want Patrick Kane out of my life for good. Her thoughts are broken as she remembers she dialed the number to Gary’s cell phone. She hears a stern hello from him on the other end.

"Gary, darling. I really wish you could be here with me. I miss you so much."

"You know that I’m awaiting a call from my mother on my father’s condition, Barbara. In fact, I have the feeling that the family will be attending his funeral so I better arrange for a trip to Switzerland."

"Don’t think like that! I’m positive that your dad will recover from this heart attack. Nobody is flying to Switzerland for a funeral if I have anything to do with it." Barbara states the words but then ponders how ridiculous it is that she’s making claims she has no power over. "I wish I was there to comfort you."

There is a brief pause on Gary’s end before he responds: "I think I’ll handle this alone just fine. Now I think you better get back to tending to your daughter. She needs you…" Gary’s voice drifts off.

Barbara responds, "Yeah, Gabi does need me now more than ever."

Suddenly she realizes Patrick is making his way towards her. She backs up as though he is coming to attack her.

"Barbara, I know you are enjoying your chat-fest but Dr. Carl Jones said he had some big news to tell us about Gabi." Patrick states in a firm tone.

"Big news? I wonder what it could be." Barbara starts to get excited. "Gary, darling, I’m going to have to let you go. Gabi may be waking up as we speak!"

"That’s wonderful! Don’t let me keep you waiting." Gary is sincere.

"Yes, bye. I love you." Being that Patrick is standing right next to her, she decides to lay it on thick: "I love you more than any man who ever walked the earth. Bye, darling."

Patrick rolls his eyes and lets out a slight chuckle. Oh my…that woman is so transparent. What is the point of her trying to make me jealous?!

Barbara quickly hangs up the phone and rushes towards the waiting room where Todd, Luke, and Creg are. She tries her hardest to ignore Patrick’s presence.

Barbara takes a seat in the corner while Patrick stands at the opposite end of the room. Eyes are cast in multiple directions while they wait in suspense for Carl to return from Gabi’s room.

At the sight of Carl exiting Gabi’s room, Barbara rushes toward him wearing desperation in her eyes, "Carl, what is so urgent that you have to tell us??"

"I have a feeling you are going to be pleasantly surprised about my news. Actually, now that I’ve given your daughter another examination, I have two bits of good news to tell everyone." Carl smiles and then pauses, seemingly for effect.

"Will you please just say it, doctor? This isn’t some psychological thriller that you have to leave the audience at the edge of their seats. This is my daughter, just spit it out." Patrick states out of impatience.

Everyone’s facial expressions agree with Patrick, especially Todd’s.

Please God, let Gabi live. I couldn’t bear to feel responsible for her crashing that car and dying, Todd silently prays.

Carl lets out a wide grin, "Of course, I’ll just say it. The first bit of good news is that her vitals are improving immensely and she may wake up any minute."

Everyone’s faces light up with happiness. Todd wears an expression of total relief. Creg wears one of devious contentment. Luke glances at his brother and notices this expression.

Out of excitement, Barbara gives Carl a tight hug, "Thank Heavens! My daughter is going to be alright! Thank you so much!"

Carl pulls back gently from the tight embrace, laughing over Barbara’s reaction to the good news, "There’s still more news, Barbara! The other bit of news is going to most likely leave you guys pleasantly surprised. Patrick and Barbara, you two will be pleased to know that in approximately nine months you are going to be grandparents!" Carl states this and then scans the crowd to see how they have responded.

Everybody in the crowd goes into complete shock. Barbara is overcome with joy and tears. Patrick is completely stunned. Todd’s heart drops to his feet and Luke gives him a wide-eyed expression.

Barbara wipes her tears of joy before approaching Todd and Creg, "Yes, I am happy that I’m going to be a grandparent but I’m not happy that one of you idiots could be the father!"

Patrick’s eyes bulge as he looks over the two of them, "Both of them could be the dad?!"

Todd feels like the air has been kicked out of him and he immediately rushes toward the hall. Luke bolts toward him, overcome with concern.

Creg rolls his eyes after watching his brother rush to Todd’s side. He then feels his adrenaline begin to race as he walks near Gabi’s hospital room. Dammit, Gabi. Couldn’t you have waited a little while longer? This time frame is too close for comfort. What if your baby is mine instead of Todd’s? What in the hell am I supposed to do with a child?


"Todd, wait up! Come on!" yells Luke as he grabs Todd by the shoulder.

Todd stops with his back faced toward Luke. A state of numbness has overtaken him ever since Carl mentioned Gabi being pregnant.

"Todd, are you going to say something?" Luke rubs Todd’s right shoulder gently.

Todd slowly turns around and looks Luke square in the eyes, "Luke, you heard what the doctor said. Do I have to say anything?"

"Hey, at least you know Gabi is going to be alright. That’s awesome news, Todd! Come on, try not dwelling on the fact that her baby could be yours."

Todd maintains the eye contact while shaking his head. His eyes are so beautiful. Dammit, looking into Luke’s eyes is the last damn thing you should be doing, Todd! You might be a father! A father!

Luke’s mind runs amok as well: I swear that he looks at me in that certain kinda way sometimes. Stop Luke, he may be the first guy you could totally see yourself with but that doesn’t mean you need to start getting all delusional again.

Footsteps fast approach Luke and Todd. The two turn around to realize they belong to Barbara.

"I’d like to talk alone with Todd right now, Luke." Barbara states firmly.

Luke nods his head slowly and gives Todd a sympathetic expression before heading toward Gabi’s room.

Once Luke is a decent distance away, Barbara lays it all out for Todd: "I hope you understand that there is no way in hell that I’m allowing you to get off the hook with my daughter."

"With all due respect, who said anything about getting let off the hook?"

Barbara crosses her arms, "As you already know, Gabi told me all about the night you two shared. She also made it very clear of how you broke her heart by claiming it meant nothing to you. Todd, how could you say that? With all the history you and Gabi share? Come on, be honest with yourself, that night meant so much more to you than just having sex."

Todd’s face reddens. "What do you want me to say, Barbara?"

"I want you to admit what Gabi truly means to you, Todd. If you couldn’t tell already, she is head over heels in love with you!"

The words bury themselves into Todd’s psyche. "I think you’re making what she feels out to be more than it is."

"I am not exaggerating a damn word, Todd. Listen here, I’ll be watching you like a hawk. You are going to be a dad and you are going to be the best dad that ever walked the face of this earth. I won’t let Gabi settle for anything less!"

"Look, I am not the only one who could be the dad. You’re forgetting Creg."

Barbara pauses in thought, "Yes, of course. Creg could also be. Don’t worry, I was going to have the same talk with him. However, between you and I, I’d rather the baby have parents who love each other like you and Gabi do."

"But I don’t love Gabi in that way, Barbara. I’m sorry." Todd is sincere.

Barbara calculatively studies Todd. "Well, it’s a shame. That’s all I have to say." With that, she walks away, looking for Creg.

Todd swallows hard as he studies Barbara’s figure entering the waiting room. Everything in his world seems like it’s been turned upside down and hopelessness is washing over him. This isn’t how my life was supposed to be! Dammit, Todd. Look at what this secret is costing you! It’s costing you what you are. I don’t think I can take it anymore. I have to come clean, for the sake of my sanity! Though telling someone I’m gay won’t make this situation disappear it will help me feel like part of this burden has been lifted.

Luke Jackson then comes into his view. Luke Jackson, the object of his affection. Luke Jackson, the man who makes Todd smile, laugh, and feel completely happy. Luke Jackson, the man he wants to hold. The man he wants to take all the confusion away.

Oh Luke, if you only knew. Wait, he can know. Come on, Todd. It’s time to stop being a coward. I need to come clean with Luke. Coming clean definitely won’t change the fact that Gabi could be having my child but it has to help me feel in control just a little, doesn’t it?

"How are you holding up?" A concerned Luke questions.

Todd gets a whiff of Luke’s cologne and a bolt of excitement darts through his veins. Todd’s heart is racing as he lets words spill from his mouth: "Luke, can we go somewhere in private? There’s something real important I need to tell you."


Cassie, clad in her tight and revealing red dress, watches on in complete satisfaction as Jarrod is engrossed with his deceased mother’s diary. Sitting closely to him on the couch, her leg touches his.

Jarrod reads over the line in his mother’s diary over and over: "Keith came home drunk yet again today. I just can’t take it anymore. He’s not he man I married. He claims he’s over the whole affair I had with Mason and the baby not being his but his actions speak otherwise. I can’t take it anymore. Sometimes I feel like killing myself is the only way to escape all of this misery."

Jarrod’s eyes well up with betrayal, "I can’t believe this..."

Cassie rubs his shoulder and looks in his eyes with a sincere expression of empathy, "I’m so sorry you had to read this, Jarrod. I couldn’t keep the truth from you. You had the right to know."

Jarrod slowly shuts the diary and then sets it next to him on the couch, "I can’t read anymore. I can’t read about more of my dad’s damn lies." He darts upward and begins pacing while appearing to be in deep thought, "When you left, my dad looked me straight in the eyes and lied to me! He tried to tell me that you were making everything up."

Cassie bolts upwards, "I told you he would do that. However, I don’t blame you for thinking I was making all of this up. To you, I’m nothing but your dad’s scorned lover. But that’s not it, I swear. I couldn’t live with the thought of standing back and letting you believe all these lies your father told you."

"Including the marks on your arms." Jarrod shakes his head, tears welling up. "I can’t believe he did that to you. Who in the hell is the man who raised me? I don’t know him anymore..."

Cassie walks up to him and pulls him into a tight hug. This worked better than I thought it would. After a few seconds she breaks the embrace and then looks him straight in the eyes, "Remember when I told you that you looked just like your dad, I mean Keith?"

"No, actually..."

"Oh, well, I must have been thinking it. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I take that back. You look nothing like him. You aren’t an abusive alcoholic liar. You’re a good looking, sweet, and compassionate man." She embraces him again. Her hand moves down the lengths of his back and to the top of his rear. "You’re the perfect man, Jarrod." She says, just above a whisper, while moving her lips closer to his.

Jarrod is about to move his lips to her, but he suddenly pulls back, "Wait, this isn't right..."

Cassie places her pointer finger on his lips, "Hush, this is right. Jarrod, you're thinking too hard. Don't think, just kiss me already..." She once again leans her lips in to meet his.

At first Jarrod flinches, but after the initial restraint he gives in and puts his lips against hers. Seconds later, his tongue crosses into her mouth. He converts the betrayal he is feeling for Keith into the passionate exchange. Cassie is surprised when Jarrod leads her to the couch, gently laying her down as the embrace continues. She rubs her hands up and down his back. Inadvertently, she knocks Shayla’s diary to the floor.



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