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The Staff

Sunrise Bay wouldn't exist without the following people:
Alan: I created Sunrise Bay. The series has actually been written on the computer for awhile. One day I got randomly inspired to post it on the web, so that's exactly what I did!
MY HOBBIES: I enjoy writing, Desperate Housewives, daytime soaps (Days Of Our Lives and Passions),  music (Jewel and Tori Amos are my favorites), hanging out with friends, and writing poetry.
AIM NICKNAME: alan65011

My name is Stephanie Ball. I became part of the stuff of Sunrise Bay.  One summer day, out of boredom, because I was sitting at my computer talking to my friend Alan. I said I was really bored.  So Alan said "Steph can you help me find a photo for my web page?"  I said sure, and the rest is history!  That's how I became the web assistant of Sunrise Bay!


My role as web assistant: I am Alan's right hand lady.  I assist him in setting up the site and helping him find things for the site. This lets you readers have a great reading affair but the hardest job I have is keeping Alan in line.


My hobbies: I enjoy spending time with friends and family.  I also enjoy skiing, playing ice hockey.   I am just a girl that loves life and the ones around her. They are what makes life worth living!


Since this is an Online Soap I guess I should tell you what my favorite television soap is.  My favorite television soap is Guiding Light . I have been a fan since I was nine years old.


I am student at Edinboro University (EUP) and my major is general education/ Pubic Relations.


My Location: Smethport PA, Edinboro PA


My E-mail: stephball16@yahoo.com


My AOL name: SummerLaddy


Enjoy your time in Sunrise Bay!!


 " Life is a process of discovering yourself , your purpose and what really matters.  Nobody can do it for you - you can't do it for anybody else."  said by my dear and loving friend,

~Amy Grant

(Steph really knows the singer Amy Grant!, How cool is that?!)


Steph, Web Assistant for Sunrise Bay