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Episode 36

"Big Cassie and Melissa Reveal"


*Gary and Brice’s father had a heart attack. Cynthia mentioned how the heart attack had visibly affected her father.

*Cassie stole Shayla’s diary off of Melissa’s table and planned to use it in her pursuit of turning Jarrod against Keith.

*Melissa noticed how close Tara was standing by Tom and questioned them if they were getting ready to kiss.



Gary Jackson finishes off the rest of his brandy, slamming the glass down onto the kitchen counter afterwards. His eyes are bloodshot with huge bags under them, signaling his lack of sleep the past few days. The black suit he is wearing is disheveled and his hair is unkempt. Images of his father have been dancing persistently in his mind since he got word of him going into cardiac arrest.

Luke Jackson slowly enters the kitchen. He looks over Gary and is a bit surprised at what a mess he appears to be in. He slowly approaches his dad, "I can’t help but notice how worried you look. Not to mention, how tired..."

Gary slowly turns around and makes eye contact with his eldest son. If it were any other day, Gary would make a quick rebuttal towards the son "who doesn’t understand him." However, whether it be Gary’s growing apathy towards everything, he gives Luke an approving nod.

Luke studies Gary’s weak expression, "I hope that Grandfather pulls through."

"Yes, of course." Gary says as he proceeds to leave the kitchen.

Luke pauses before following behind. Wow, I’ve never seen my dad act so depressed. This must really be eating at him. I guess it’s refreshing to see him display some form of human emotion but he’s definitely not himself.

"Brother Dearest!" Comes the yell of Brice as his eyes light up on an incoming Gary. "How are you holding up? Anymore news on our dear father?"

Gary sighs, "No more news, Brice. If I had any, I would have told you already."

"Why of course you would." Brice says sarcastically, wearing a calculative face as he studies his brother.

Luke is real confused. Yes, Dad, because you are always quick to tell Brice anything. Wow, now I know that something is definitely off with him. How could they be talking like civilized human beings to each other?

Elaine walks in from behind Brice, wearing a tight white dress. Her eyes are full of concern as Gary’s unkempt appearance comes into her view.

Gary is very surprised to see his ex-wife. "I wasn’t expecting to see you here, Elaine." There is a tangible yearning within his eyes as he takes in Elaine’s figure and face.

"I loved your father very much, Gary. When Brice told me the awful news I knew I had to rush over here to see how you were. I’m willing to put how I feel for you aside in this time of worry. I, of all people, know how much you truly care for your father."

Luke swears he sees Gary fighting back tears.

Gary walks closer to Elaine, getting a whiff of her familiar perfume. Memories of their marriage rush at him from every angle. He then surprises everybody in the room, "Elaine, I really want to talk with you in private upstairs."

Elaine is taken aback and lets out a sigh, "Um, OK. Let’s go upstairs and talk."

Gary lets out a faint smile, "Good, just follow me."

Elaine nods slowly and proceeds toward the staircase with her ex-husband.

When the two have disappeared, Brice walks over to Luke, casting a puzzled expression, "OK, when did this house become the twilight zone?"


Cassie’s dyed brown hair is pulled into a tight pony tail. Her colored contacts continue to give her eyes a vibrant blue color. Someone who didn’t realize that she’d gotten the make over would have a hard time recognizing her.

She is enamored with the diary within her palms. Unable to put it down since starting to read it, Cassie absorbs each and every last word as though it’s water giving her life.

Finally, Cassie sets the blue diary on top of her lap after reading eleven pages straight. Her heart thumps wildly. Oh my god...

When she spotted the journal on Melissa’s kitchen table, she didn’t realize it was going to help her this much. Bits and pieces of Shayla’s entries zig and zag within her brain. Every emotion and feeling of sadness that Shayla felt was put into the little diary’s pages–including everything her husband Keith was doing to make her feel wronged, and just exactly how she coped.

So Keith, I wonder what your son would think when I told him and showed him the proof that you’re an alcoholic and that he’s not even your damn son! After my wonderful display yesterday, he already knows that you abused me. Well, Jarrod doesn’t have to know that the abuse was all emotional. Though you are to blame for me putting those marks on myself. You drove me to that, Keith. Her sweaty hands clutch the diary for dear life. It has become her most prized possession.

Thanks to you, Shayla, I have everything I need to get revenge. Keith, your life is going to be a living hell. Too bad I can’t find some magic diary that dishes out all the dirty secrets on Annie. Though I’m sure if I did a little digging... A wicked grin forms. Dammit, if only I had enough money to hire a private detective. I would be able to get revenge on both of you. Well I can focus all my energy on Keith first, once his life is destroyed I’ll move onto my plans for supreme bitch Annie.

At that thought, she slips the diary into her purse and rises from the bench. The ring of her cell phone pierces the air. She digs through her purse’s contents in search for the small phone. She finds it and reads the name of the caller which is displayed on the lighted blue screen. Realizing that it is her mother, she quickly silences it. I have no time for whatever she has to say to me. Knowing her, she’ll be grilling me about how I need to get mental help. Whatever. I need to go and find Jarrod. I have to tell him all about the big secrets Keith has been hiding from him.


The sound of footsteps startles both Tara and Tom from their warm exchange. Melissa’s voice then carries from atop the staircase: "I’m alright, you two. Don’t worry about me." She proceeds down the stairs, noticing how close Tara is standing by her husband.

Tara quickly moves away from Tom and focuses her attention on the newly arrived Melissa. Her heart is pounding at a speedy rate. The sense that she was doing something wrong lingers over her.

Melissa plays with the sparkling necklace that adorns her neck while giving both her husband and friend a serious gaze, "That’s if you two were worrying about me. If I didn’t know any better, you two looked like you were gonna start making out."

Tara feels her heart drop and she immediately springs into a line of defense, "Oh my gosh, Melissa! You know I would never do something like that! Why would you even say such a thing?!"

Tom forces a smile, "Um, Tara. I think Melissa was joking." He tries his hardest to be nonchalant.

Melissa continues to rub the necklace in her hands, "Wow, Tara. I’ve never seen you jump into a line of defense so quickly."

Tara’s face is pounding red. She crosses her arms and can’t seem to look Melissa in the eyes. "I guess I was caught off-guard by your comment, that’s all."

Melissa begins to chuckle, "My husband is right. I was just joking around, Tara. Anyway, I think we can move past this horribly misinterpreted situation, can’t we? Besides, hon, you always tell me how I need to work on my joke telling skills."

Tom leans in and places a tender kiss on Melissa’s soft lips, "Oh, you tell jokes perfectly babe."

Melissa smiles warmly, "Aw, thanks. Look, Tom, I want to apologize for earlier. You were just trying to help me and I overreacted. Truth is, I think you were completely right."

"Hey, let’s not even think about that right now. You two go and have a fun time shopping the day away. Besides, I need to stop by Jackson Industries and pick up some papers. I also have to pick up our check. I’m shocked that Gary gave us a raise, not that I’m complaining."

"Yeah, that raise was very random. Who knows, maybe he felt compassion considering the whole ordeal we went through. Oh well, we better get going." She double checks her purse to make sure her keys are in it.

Tara bolts quickly ahead of Melissa so she is first to make an exit. Melissa notices her friend still seems perturbed and begins to wonder if her joking accusation is still bugging her. Melissa closes the front door with one thought nagging at her mind: Why did Tara take me so seriously?


Elaine slowly enters Gary’s bedroom and unconsciously goes about picking up on all the details of the room that have changed since she called it her own. That big mirror wasn’t there last time, and what in heaven’s name is the horrid design on those curtains?

Gary shuts the door slowly and watches for a few moments while Elaine surveys every nook and cranny of the bedroom. He notices the nostalgic look in her eyes.

After a few more moments, Elaine focuses her full attention on Gary. "Sorry about that. So much has changed about this bedroom. I couldn’t help but look around."

"No problem, I completely understand." Gary wears a wide smile.

Elaine gives the room a quick once-over and decides to finally get to the point, "Ok, Gary. Lay it on me. What was so important that you had to take me up here for privacy?"

Gary lets out a huge sigh, "Well, this might be harder for me to tell you than I first thought but I have to. Ever since finding out about my dad’s heart attack, it’s pushed me into deeper and deeper thoughts about my life and how I led it."

"You mean ‘live it.’ Not past tense, Gary. You’re still very much alive."

Gary chooses to ignore her statement, "Anyway, do you want the good news or the bad news first?"

Elaine looks very cautious, "Preferably the good news. Gary, to be completely honest, you’re kinda scaring me..."

His expression doesn’t change, "The good news it is then. Elaine, there is no other way for me to put this so I’ll be to the point: I love you. You were the true love of my life, Elaine. Nobody could ever replace you."

Elaine is stunned. "Gary . . . I. I don’t know what to say."

"Then don’t say a thing–just keep listening to me." He tries to fight tears from coming. "I guess it’s time for the bad news then..."

Elaine is still recovering from the good news, "I guess it is..."

Gary clears his throat and glances upwards and then focuses fully on the woman before him. "Elaine, you don’t even know the extent of it."

"Extent of what?"

"The extent of my lies! I’ve lied to you so much over the years and I’ve done more than my share of wrong things to you. Yes, you know about Kyisha Withers and the son I’ve never met. Well, and then there was my affair with Eve Jones..."

"Yes, Gary, I don’t know why you’re bringing up the past. Though these affairs were the ultimate reason for me divorcing you, I’ve moved past them. Besides, I was guilty of the affair with AJ Lansing myself."

"Please, Elaine. Let me finish."

"Ok, sorry. Go on..."

Gary hesitates and for a split second wonders if he can continue. However, he decides that he’s not stopping now. "I lied to you about when I had the affair with Eve."

"Wait, what do you mean?"

"I mean just that. When it all came out and Eve was struggling to save her marriage with Carl, we lied about when the whole affair happened! I would have probably been fine with being truthful about the time frame but Eve swore she’d be out for blood if I told the truth..."

Elaine is taken aback and a face of realization dawns on her, "Are you taking this where I think you’re taking this?"

Gary wears a hardened expression, "If where you are taking this is that I am Melissa and Cassie’s father, then we’re on the same wavelength."

Elaine’s eyes widen in complete shock.



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