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Episode 54


"Hot Like Fire"


*Cassie was shocked when Gary left her 2 million dollars in his will.

*On the video will, Gary told Cynthia that she could do better than Nicholas.

*Keith decided to leave Sunrise Bay.

*Jasper decided to be a good father to Connor and spend time with him. Him and Lacey exchanged phone numbers so they could keep in touch, much to an angry Amy's chagrin. She feared that Lacey would fall into the same patterns with Jasper, remembering his violent and unpredictable past.



Annie pulls Keith against her. His weight is such a comfort to her side, "You can’t really be doing this."

"I am, Annie. I’m sorry. I can’t stay in Sunrise Bay." He breaks the grip she has on him as he leans down to pick up his last box of things.

"What about Jarrod? Can he take care of himself without you here?"

"Trust me, Jarrod can handle his own weight. He has a good paying job at the country club and a smaller apartment he’s in the middle of moving into right now. Besides, I’ve hurt him so much emotionally. Keeping the truth about his real father was the worst possible thing I could do. It completely blew up in my face."

"Keith, don’t be so damn hard on yourself. Besides, it was Cassie’s fault that all of this happened. The damn psycho stooped low enough to use your dead wife’s diary as ammunition to get revenge. I feel like ripping her hair out, to tell you the truth. She had no right to do that."

"Look, I really don’t want an argument about Cassie to be the last thing I remember about us, Annie. So please, let’s drop it."

"Last thing you remember about us? What in the hell, Keith? It’s not like you are dropping off the face of the earth!" Annie tries turns around to not look at Keith. She doesn’t want him to notice the visible upset that is forming within her.

"We had some wonderful times, Annie. But let’s be truthful, there’s no way in hell things would have worked out in the long term for us anyway. This whole relationship has been blotted with guilt."

Annie quickly turns around, "Yes, your guilt! You just won’t let yourself move past it! It seems like you fucking thrive on guilt, Keith!"

Keith suddenly makes his way to the door. "Can you please open this door for me?"

"You have nerve, you know that?"

"What do you mean?"

Annie shakes her head in disgust at him not understanding what she’s talking about. Nonetheless, she does what he asks and opens the door quickly. "Have a nice life being miserable, Keith. Write me every other month to tell me what new things have made you guilty. I’ll be anticipating the letters."

Keith gives her an unreadable expression. "Bye. I’ll call you when I get to St. Louis." He makes his way out of the apartment and makes his trek towards the elevator.

Annie stands at the door, crossing her arms. She holds back a lump in her throat as she watches him disappear into the elevator. Cassie, this is all your damn fault. You set this in motion.


Amy crosses her arms and looks at the pathetic display in front of her. However, in any other woman’s world, the display would be seen as endearing and sweet. Jarrod is standing anxiously, his happiness depending on Amy’s reaction, gripping a dozen roses and wearing a fancy black suit. With his best "puppy eye" expression he can form he looks straight into her eyes, "Amy, I care for you more than you’ll ever know. You have been there for me through this whole fiasco with my dad. You made me realize that life is worth living. Please, accept these roses and my invitation to a romantic night. I want to make up what I did. I want to prove to you that I’m sorry."

Amy shakes her head, "I can’t believe you would do this, Jarrod. Seriously. You must not know me well."

Jarrod looks confused, "What do you mean? You don’t like roses, what is it? I’ll do anything to make it up to you." He throws the bouquet behind him.

Amy lets out a small giggle, "Oh Jarrod, you are the dense one. Look, I’m not the roses type of girl and you really didn’t have to dress up all preppy and snooty for me. Seriously, that is not my thing. If anything, it turns me off big time."

"Are you serious? I paid fifty damn dollars to rent this thing and you don’t like it?" He looks defeated. "Fine, I’ll just leave while I have a little dignity left." He turns around and begins to head to the town car he also rented, ready to tell the driver to take him home.

"Wait, Jarrod! Dammit, you never gave me a chance to finish."

Jarrod quickly turns around, hope in his eyes.

She grins, "You could always take off the suit, you know. I don’t care about outside appearances, it’s what’s beneath the clothes that counts after all."

He laughs as he makes his way towards her, "I hope you realize how suggestive that statement was."

"Of course, Jarrod. I intended for it to come out that way. Now, look, I don’t want to make you feel like you wasted a whole shitload of money on me. I’m going to come with you and give you the chance to make up how much you hurt me. Jarrod, I don’t care if Cassie was an older woman and it’s hot to sleep with women older than you nowadays, it’s just not something you do when you have a girlfriend."

"I know! I’m so sorry, Amy. I’ll spend my whole damn life making you realize how sorry I am if you’ll let me! Please let me!"

"Damn, Jarrod. Don’t get your undies in a knot, I’m gonna go and change into a nice dress and then we can go. "

"Thanks so much! I won’t let you regret it!" He pulls her into a quick kiss on the lips.

She breaks the kiss, "Whoa, kiddo. Don’t try for too much too fast or you’ll get me doubtful."

"Oh, sorry." Jarrod steps into the house. He turns his head to see Lacey on the couch, scarfing down a carton of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream. "Hi Lacey. How have you been?"

Lacey looks at him incredulously and doesn’t miss a beat, "Do you even have to ask, Jarrod? I practically bought out the whole store’s supply of ice cream."

Jarrod’s face reddens, "Oh, um, I’m sorry. If you ever want to talk, I’m here for you, you know."

Lacey takes a massive bite, sloppily smacking her lips as it melts in her mouth, "Yeah, thanks. However, I’m doubtful that talking will take away the fact that Connor has the worst father ever and that he now lives right here in Sunrise Bay and that I’m practically biting all my nails off while I wonder if Jasper is actually going to bring him home or try kidnaping him again. Not to mention, it’s that time of the month again. Things are just peachy and grand in Lacey Ulrich’s life."

Jarrod once again looks confused, "Wait, Jasper has Connor right now? If you are so scared of him, why would you let him run off with your kid?"

Amy enters the living room, now wearing a beautiful low cut blue dress, and answers the question for Jarrod: "Because she is giving into his pathetic speeches once again. He went on and and on and on about how he wants to change his life and being a father is so damn high on his priority list now. She gave into his garbage and told him he could spend the day with Connor, taking him out to eat and stuff like that. Seriously, Lacey, you now sit here and eat gallons of ice cream and wonder why you’re so damn depressed. You have no back bone!"

"Oh shut up and mind your own business, Amy." spits Lacey as she stands up from the couch. "I can handle my own situation and I don’t need you harping down my throat! I had to give Jasper the benefit of the doubt. Besides, I think there might have been a change in his eyes."

Amy rolls her eyes, "Look, I just think you are making a massive mistake by letting him spend time with his son. It’s gonna fuck with Connor’s mind. You know it’s only a matter of time before Jasper does something stupid and has to go to jail and then Connor will be without a dad again!"

"Amy, please leave for you damn date. I don’t want to get into anything with you right now. I really don’t."

"Fine, whatever. Come on, Jarrod, let’s get this party started. Your driver has probably gotten sick of waiting for us." She grabs his hand and leads him out the door. Before exiting, she casts Lacey a cold expression.

Lacey quickly turns her head to ignore the glance. She stares at the carton of ice cream and a wave of disgust comes over her. Screw Amy thinking that she has all the answers for my life. But she has been there through everything with Jasper. She saw his violent side. Still! She’s supposed to be my friend. Where’s the damn support? Jasper is Connor’s father and they both deserve to have a relationship with each other. I don’t think Jasper would do anything to Connor but then again why am I so nervous about this if I’m so sure he’s in no danger?! Dammit, I have to call Jasper again. I have to know if everything’s OK!


"If he isn’t the cutest thing ever!" Nicole gloats over Connor, rubbing his dark black hair.

"Connor, I’d like you to meet your Auntie Nicole. She is probably one of the prettiest girls you’ll ever see in your life!"

Nicole rolls her eyes, "Oh Jasper, don’t tell him such stupid things."

"I mean it, Nicole. You are a grade A hottie!"

"Ok, now you are bordering on weird and I’d rather not go there. Now, come with me to the kitchen and I’ll hook you both up with some chocolate chip cookies I made earlier."

Jasper looks genuinely surprised, "Wow, is it good for models to be eating things like cookies? Isn’t there a law against that?"

"Yes, so keep this on the downlow. My career is at stake." jokes Nicole as she plays along with it. "Connor, do you want two or three cookies?"

"I want ten! I love cookies! They’re my favoritest!" Connor’s eyes glow with happiness as he sees her pulling cookies from the jar.

Jasper bust out laughing, "You heard the boy. Give him ten cookies!"

Nicole gives him a playful scolding expression, "Now now, Jasper. I may not be a mother but I think I’ve heard of a little something called boundaries and ten cookies might be pushing it!"

Jasper leans down and looks Connor in the eyes, feigning a sad look, "Remember what I said about your Auntie Nicole being the prettiest girl you’ll ever see? I guess I was all wrong. She’s probably not even in the top 100 list of pretty girls!"

Connor looks shy and then cast Nicole a sad look, "Why can’t I have ten cookies?"

Nicole shakes her head and sighs, "Look, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll give you a nice bag of cookies if you promise to not eat them in one night, how about that?"

Connor smiles wide while nodding his head.

"Good." Nicole reaches in the drawer and pulls out a plastic bag. "Anyway, Jasper, how is Tara doing? I talked to her this morning and she didn’t sound so good. I’m really worried about her."

"I haven’t really talked to her much so I don’t know. I really don’t get why her and Derek broke up. They seemed like they were constantly hooked to each other’s hip and all googly eyes for one another."

"Well, let me tell you, things changed after Tara made the hugest mistake of her life. She slept...um, Connor do you want to go watch some cartoons in the living room?" Nicole takes the little boy by the hand when nods, his mouth too full of cookies to say anything.

As Nicole leads Connor to the living room, Jasper’s cell phone goes off. He pulls it out and answers, "Hello?"

"Jasper! Where are you?! What’s going on?"

"Lacey? What’s wrong? I’m at my cousin Nicole’s introducing Connor to some family."

"You really shouldn’t do that, Jasper. I don’t want to have him attached."

"Wait, why is this? The boy has the right to meet his family!"

"Jasper, the more I think about this whole "you spending time with Connor" thing, the more I think it’s the wrong idea. Amy agrees with me too."

"What?! Screw Amy! Damn, Lacey, is she your master or something? You letting Connor spend time with me is the best choice you ever made. Connor needs a father now more than ever and dammit, I want to be there for him! I’m going to make up for every last second I missed with him. That is final. I don’t want to hear you doubting this was a wrong idea. Because if you do, all’s you’re doing is fucking Connor over! Do you want that?"

Lacey pauses before answering, "Of course I don’t! I want Connor to have the happiest and most secure life he can have. He is the number one priority in my life and always will be. I can’t even put into words how much I love that kid."

"Then we’re both on the same page, Lacey. Please, give me a chance to make everything up. I will. I promise you. I don’t want to let you down. I did that enough in the past."

A dawn of hope rolls over Lacey and a tingling feeling tickles the core of her stomach, "Wait, you want to make it up to me or Connor?"

"You heard me. I want to make it up to both of you."

Lacey sighs, "Um, well, I just want you to know that there is no chance in hell we’ll ever get back together."

"Whoa, what are you sayin’? I never said a word about us getting back together. That’s the last thing on my mind."

"Oh, of course, I know. I just wanted to make sure you knew that. I don’t want there to be any unanswered questions between us. Look, Jasper, just take care of my boy and bring him home safely. Tell him that I love him and that I can’t wait to see him again."

Jasper looks into the living room and smiles when he sees Connor going on and on about Spongebob Squarepants to Nicole. "Don’t worry, Lacey, our boy will be brought home safe and sound."


Annie finishes off her second Pina Colada of the night and stares at the TV screen. Desperate Housewives is turned down low and it appears the character of Susan has somehow managed to fall into a garbage can. Annie lets out a chuckle and shakes her head, "Oh that crazy hijinks Susan. Gotta love her!" She watches as Susan’s ex boyfriend Mike Delfino rushes into the kitchen and struggles to pull Susan out of her predicament. He manages to get her out of the garbage can and passionately kisses her. She doesn’t resist the kiss and eventually throws Mike onto the kitchen table.

A tear goes down Annie’s cheek as she watches the hot love scene unfold, "That used to be Keith and me! Oh no, Annie, how in the hell are you going to live without him? I need Keith!" She grabs a tissue from the adjacent stand and blows her nose as tears begin to rush down her cheeks.

Suddenly there is a rapid knocking at her front door. She turns her head to stare at the white door. "Go away! I’m grieving!"

"Annie, come on, it’s Todd, I brought break up comfort foods!"

"Yes, and more alcohol!" That is Luke’s voice.

Annie darts up off the couch and rushes to the door as fast as she can. Swinging the door open quickly, she grabs the paper bag of mystery alcohol from Luke’s hands.

"Damn, talk about grabby hands!" jokes Luke as he enters Annie’s apartment. "You don’t get all of that. If you were at my dad’s will reading, you’d realize just how much I need to get plastered."

Annie then notices Luke’s scratches and bruises. She widens her eyes in shock as she gives Todd a vicious glare, "You sure as hell better not be abusing Luke, Todd! He’s a good guy and happens to be my favorite ex boyfriend ever!"

Todd and Luke exchange hysterical laughs. Todd pats his sister on the back as he leads her to the couch. "It’s quite alright. I’m not laying a hand on him. That is the result of his asshole brother and him getting into a huge fight. I just heard all the gory details on our way here."

Annie’s eyes glimmer with rage, "Luke, seriously, what the hell is wrong with your brother? I want to strangle him for all the devilish things he’s done. Not only did he put my best friend Nicole through hell by cheating on her with that bimbo Gabi but there was the whole display with that video of you two. He’s one sick fuck, that’s all I can say."

"I’d rather not even talk about Creg. Can we please discuss something else?" Flashes of the hurt and pain, not only physical, go through Luke’s mind as he recalls the will reading and Creg uttering "He hates you! He hates you!" over and over. Whether his father, immortalized on the video, dispelled that intentionally hurtful comment by admitting his love, Luke will always carry the burden of this gut wrenching insecurity with him. "Anyway, Annie, you wouldn’t believe what my dad left Cassie in his will."

Annie’s eyes bulge at the mention of Cassie’s name, "Why would your dad leave Cassie a damn thing?" Let’s hope he gave her a loaded gun with a silencer so she could get the job done quietly.

"That’s what all of us are wondering. Something fishy is going on. The only thing that links him to the Jones family is the affair he had with Eve years ago. However, I thought they were all past that. Eve and my mom are real good friends and both over the whole thing. I just don’t see my dad being so guilty after all these years that he’d leave Cassie such an inheritance."

Todd puts his arm on Luke’s shoulder, "Maybe this isn’t a good subject either. How about we chow down on all the goodies I brought over?"

"No, Todd, this is the perfect subject! Now tell me, Luke. What exactly was the bitch left with?"

Luke grins as he shakes his head, remembering the exact shocked expression that went over Cassie’s face. "He left her 2 million dollars!"

Annie’s face goes pale, "No, you are fucking kidding me. Tell me this is a joke, Luke!"

"Annie, I’m serious. Cassie is now what you would call a "rich bitch"."

"THAT PSYCHOTIC WENCH! How dare she be a left millions of dollars while I’m over here without the man I love. It’s all because of her and she gets rewarded with piles of money?! I don’t think so! No, this is not going to happen if I have anything to do with it!" Annie starts frantically pacing the room in search of her keys and purse. "I am going over to that bitch’s house right now and giving her a piece of my mind!"

Luke can’t suppress laughter, "Annie, what exactly are you going to do? Beat the shit out of Cassie and demand her to give up her millions of dollars that she inherited?!"

"Well that sounds like a good start if you ask me! She doesn’t deserve a single penny. The only thing she deserves is a straight jacket and a room with white walls!"

"Calm down, Annie. Remember, I brought comfort food! Forget about all of this nonsense about Cassie being filthy rich now." Todd says as he begins to pull out the foods from his plastic bag: a package of Oreos, a bag of cheese puffs, Krispy Kreme Glazed Donuts, and a 2 liter of Coca Cola.

"Give me those damn donuts, Todd." yells Annie as she snatches the box from his hands and rips the box open. "Guys, I'd like you to meet the new Annie--fat hog who doesn't give a damn about her life." She proceeds to down a donut in two bites, then immediately reaches for another.  

Todd and Luke exchange worried glances.


Images of the video will reading bounce through Nicholas's mind as he gazes out the window. Mainly the image of Gary telling Cynthia she could do better than him. What exactly am I doing with a girl like Cynthia? I always knew deep inside this wouldn't pan out.

The door to the kitchen he is standing in swings open. A solemn Gabi brings a mug of piping hot coffee to her lips, "You lied to me, didn't you? You are still letting what Gary said at the will reading get to you. Nicholas, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I'm sure Cynthia won't dump you over a dead guy's advice, even if that dead guy is her father."

He looks his sister in the eyes. "Gabi, that's not it. That's not the problem at all. Truth is, what do I really have to offer Cynthia? Gary is right. Women like her don't stay with men like me. On a random note, is it healthy to drink coffee when you're pregnant?"

Gabi waves him off and proceeds to sit down at the kitchen table. She is surprised when she realizes she has to pull the seat back farther than yesterday.

"Anyway, I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know how to comfort Cynthia right now. How do you ease someone's pain when they are grieving over a loved one like a father?"

"I don't know what to tell you, Nicholas. I really don't. Speaking of fathers though, have you noticed how much time Dad and Mom have been spending together since Gary died? You watch, they are going to be sleeping together again and practically married in a few weeks."

Nicholas's eyes fill with a sudden rage, "The hell they are! I will never let that happen!"

"Whoa, calm down there. You do know that they are two freewilled adults, don't you? Besides, Mom is weak and always needs a man. You know that." Gabi stirs the spoon in her coffee and stares at it. Suddenly the strong scent of smoke fills her nose. She quickly rises from her seat, "Nicholas, something is on fire. I smell smoke!"

"What in the hell are you talking about? It must be your heightened sense of smell. I don't smell--" He looks out his window at that exact second.The scene of orange flames fills his view. "Holy shit, Lacey's house is on fire!" He quickly darts out the front door, Gabi trails behind him.

They rush over to the scene of Lacey's house as the flames mercilessly eat away at it. Two windows from the upstairs floor shatter from the pressure of the heat.

Nicholas swears he hears Lacey's scream coming from inside. "Dammit, Gabi. Call the fire department! I think Lacey is inside. I have to go save her!"

"No, Nicholas! You're going to get yourself killed! Wait till I call the fire station!" Gabi digs through her purse quickly for her cell phone and is horrified when she can't find it. Her hands shakily try to feel for its presence to no avail "I left my phone in your house! I'm going to get it, you better still be out here when I get back!" She runs off towards his place.

"HELP!" Lacey's cries make their way from the top floor of the house. "I'M TRAPPED!"

Nicholas goes into panic mode, "I'm coming for you, Lacey! Hold on!" Almost with no hesitation, he darts towards the front door. He twist the doorknob, screaming in agony as it severely burns his hand. He rushes inside and goes into a fit of coughs from all of the smoke. He manuevers his way through the smoke until he finds the staircase. He runs as fast as he can to the top. He follows the sound of Lacey's cries for help.

Meanwhile, the town car Jarrod rented for his date with Amy pulls into the front driveway. A horrified Jarrod and Amy jump out of the vehicle as fast as they can. Looking onto the burning house, they are stricken with fear as to what they should do.

"I sure as hell hope nobody is in there, Amy." says Jarrod in a state of shock.

Amy darts towards the garage, Please God, don't let Lacey's car be in there! She opens it up and is presented with billowing thick layers of smoke; Lacey's car sits in the middle of it. "Oh my god, Jarrod, Lacey is here! You have to go save her! She must be in the house!"

The sight of Gabi fills their vision. "Did Nicholas actually run in there to save Lacey?! Oh my god! NO!"

"Nicholas is in there? Oh my god, NICHOLAS! LACEY! PLEASE COME OUT!" Amy bursts into tears as she screams for her best friend and Nicholas. "LACEY! LACEY!"

A crashing sound fills the air.Helplessness overcomes them as the top floor crashes down over the bottom floor. Just in time, however, emerging from the wall of smoke that has covered the front of what was once a house, Nicholas appears, holding a lifeless Lacey in his arms.


Keith Hetricke stumbles out of the dance club. Before heading to the airport for his flight to St. Louis, he felt a few rum and cokes were in need. As he semi-manages to maintain his balance, a shocking sight fills his field of vision. "Holy shit, it can't be."

"Oh, but it can. Keith, you are just the man I've been looking for."

"What the hell are you doing out of the hospital?!" Keith swallows hard and backs up a couple steps. Clenching his fists, he takes  in the view of Jarrod's biological father--Mason.



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