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Episode 53

"Everything is Changing"


*Tensions and curiosities were thick as many gathered for Gary's video will reading.

*Derek confronted Tom over his adultery with Tara. Derek told Tom he better come clean with Melissa before he adds to his list of sins.



The air is thick. Each person scans over every face in the room as everyone anticipates the reading of Gary Jackson’s will. An aura of mystery shrouds everything. Nobody knows what they are going to be left, save the select few who have an inkling of what they’re to inherit. Everybody’s thoughts run a multitude of emotion and content.

Barbara studies Eve’s worried eyes, What in hell’s name is she and her family doing here anyway? Gary had an affair with her years ago, I thought he broke ties from her. Unless...no, don’t even think that, Barbara. There’s no way they were still messing around after all that time though I don’t know Eve at all, she may act goody good but really be your everyday Jezebel sleeping with every taken man in town.


Eve nervously tries to focus on something other than Barbara’s blazing stare. She turns to look at Cassie and cast an exaggerated motherly smile.

Cassie rolls her eyes and looks impatient. "When is this damn thing going to start?"

Eve sighs and swallows, "I haven’t the slightest clue." She taps her feet in a consistent rythmn. Dizziness overtakes her.

"You look really pale, Mother. Are you OK?" questions a concerned Melissa as she lightly touches Eve’s right hand.

Carl glances at his wife, "Melissa is right. You’ve lost every ounce of color in your face."

"You know what? I actually feel pretty nauseous. Maybe we should leave. I don’t know how long this is supposed to last but I don’t want to stay here if I have something contagious. That would be very rude."

Carl looks surprised, "Do you seriously think we should go? Do you feel that sick? It might be even more rude to come here and leave before the reading has even started."

Stop it, Eve. Nothing is going to get you off the hook, even if we end up leaving. "On second thought, you’re right. I think I’ll be able to sit through it just fine."

Carl squeezes her hand and wipes a strand of hair from her eye. "Are you sure, honey?"

Eve forces another wide smile, "Positive." Out of the corner of her eye, she notices that Brice looks as though he has been attentively listening in on their conversation. Without consciously thinking of what she’s doing, she casts him a nasty glare.

Cassie suddenly darts up from her seat, "That’s it, I am going to get some scotch from that tray up there. I might as well have a little fun while waiting for this to start."

Eve doesn’t miss a moment, "Hon, can you grab me one while you’re up there?" Carl and Melissa exchange surprised glances.

"Um, Ok." says Cassie while heading to the tray. She jumps as she suddenly feels breathing on her neck. She turns to look into Creg Jackson’s eyes.

"Why I had the same exact idea. Great minds do think alike." says Creg smugly.

"Um, I appreciate the compliment but how do you know anything about me? I have a feeling Melissa doesn’t talk highly of me while at work."

Creg crosses his arms, "Oh, don’t underestimate the power of gossip, Cassie Jones. I’ve heard of all the nasty things you did after you learned about Keith and Annie’s affair. Also, you mustn’t forget the story of you attacking Keith and Annie at the Seaside Café, it was on the front page of every newspaper in Sunrise Bay and the surrounding area."

Cassie proceeds to pour two glasses of scotch while letting out a slight chuckle, "Oh how could I forget about that. I must be quite the legend in this town. Thanks for making me realize I actually have a reputation. Here I thought I had absolutely nothing of worth in my life."

"Whoa, I just sensed a lot of bitterness. You’re right to be getting two scotches because that always takes the edge off of stuff like that. Well, sometimes it does. If you’re not careful, it will double your bitterness."

Cassie grins, "For your information, one of these is for my mom. Also, I am not bitter."

"Oh really? Well to pass on some information of my own--" he leans into her ear. He is very aware that multiple eyes are on him and Cassie. "Your mother and my Uncle Brice keep passing each other intense glances. Now here’s my confusion, does your mother just want a piece of the other brother or do these two have some reason to not like each other?"

Cassie is taken aback by his suggestion but her attention immediately darts to Eve and then to Brice. Now whispering, she questions, "What would they have to hate each other about?"

"I don’t know but there is definitely something there. You should do some digging and report back to me. I’m very curious. I guess you could call it a hobby of mine to know what’s going on with everyone."

"Oh and judging by what you did to your brother at the so called party you also like to torture your family members. Why did you do that to Luke anyway? Granted, now I have something to make fun of Annie for for the rest of my life but I’m still confused as to why you did something like that." Cassie realizes she is talking too loud and quickly covers her mouth. However, at the corner of her eye, she notices Luke quickly rise from his chair and walk towards them.

She proceeds to quickly drink up her glass of scotch. Without thinking, she brings the glass meant for her mother to her lips.

Luke gives the two of them a cold stare, "I’m glad what my asshole brother did gave you fodder to harass Annie, Cassie. Seriously, honored to be of service."

Cassie’s face grows dark red, "Look, I’m sorry it came out like that but Annie deserves to be harassed. I have nothing against you for being gay and you can make out with Annie’s brother all you want but there is no way in hell I’m not going to get a laugh or no satisfaction out of Annie’s brother being outed to a whole room of people." She finishes off her mother’s glass and then points to Creg. "That was a genius stunt you pulled no matter what your motives were for doing it!"

Creg begins to laugh uncontrollably, "Thanks, Cassie. At least somebody appreciates what I did." He pours himself another tall glass of scotch. "Luke, you really do need to lighten up about that video. Come on, it saved you the whole pain in coming out to everyone yourself. It got the job done real quick, you know? You didn’t have to do the painstaking chore of telling everyone that you were a pansy fairy boy!"

Luke tries to hold in all the rage that is once again building for his brother but finds it impossible. He steps directly in front of Creg, looking him straight in the eyes. "You are nothing but a pathetic bastard who is so damn miserable that he has to base his life off of attempting to make people just as miserable. Well guess what? We’ll never be as miserable as you are! As for you constantly calling me a fairy or pansy or whatever the hell name you pull out of your ass, I am thousands of times more of a man than you are. Inside you are nothing but a little child screaming for attention!"

"Oh really, Luke? I’m nothing but a attention starved child? Kinda funny being that Dad gave every drop of attention to me and Cynthia. Believe me, I’m not lacking in that department whatsoever. If anyone is upset and lashing out because of a lack of attention, it’s you. Dad hated you and you know that. He didn’t want anything to do with his less than competent son. He gave you the position at this company out of a feeling of obligation, that’s it!"

Luke tries not to let Creg’s words cut into him. A sharp and infinitely deep slice of ache cuts through his entire body. He tries to fight back tears and let the part of pure anger take over but it ends up coming out as a distraught and angry hybrid as he clenches his fists. "Take back what you fucking said, Creg! I’ll smash your face right here, right now!"

"Take back what I said, Luke?! What part?! The part where I said he hated you?! Never! You know it’s nothing but the truth! He hated you! He hated you! He hated you!"

"YOU ASSHOLE!" Luke lunges at Creg. Logic and reason have fled his mind completely.

Screams erupt from everybody gathered at the table as they watch Luke punch Creg as hard as he can in the face. Creg manages to get the upper hand as he pushes Luke to his back and swings a punch of his own. Luke pushes Creg off top of him, sending Creg hard onto the floor on his back. Brice quickly jumps in between the brothers, trying to break up the violent fight.

"STOP IT NOW YOU TWO! STOP!" Elaine screams in desperation as she watches her sons practically killing each other.

Cynthia joins in with her mother’s plea: "GET OFF OF EACH OTHER! PLEASE! I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! STOP IT NOW!"


Cassie can’t take her eyes off of the violent scene as she makes her way back to where Eve, Carl, and Melissa are standing, "I hope you don’t mind, Mother, but I drank your scotch. If you were wondering, it was very tasty."

"Well now we need it more than ever. This place has turned into a battlefield." Eve watches the "war" going on in a state of temporary relief. The longer this thing is delayed the longer I don't have to face the inevitable.


Meanwhile, Brice successfully manages to pry Creg off top of Luke and get him into a tight head lock. Creg’s blood smears all over his expensive gray suit. "You are going to stop this bullshit right now! Can’t you see what it’s doing to your mother and sister?! Not to mention what asses you look like in front of everybody here!"

Elaine helps Luke from the ground. Her body is shaking and the room feels like it is spinning. She looks Luke in the eyes and cast him the most betrayed expression a human could ever show. "No matter what grief you are going through, Luke, there is no excuse for what just happened! You two have made a complete mockery of the Jackson name and the sanctity of honoring a life lost! I am disgusted by you both!" Tears flow freely down her cheeks.

Luke is breathing in and out at a rapid pace, tears mix with his blood. He looks at the floor in shame, unable to give his mother a response.

She turns her stinging eyes towards Creg, "As for you, I can't believe the horrid things you said to Luke! You know that Gary didn't hate him! You can't go on and say such hurtful things! You two need each other now more than ever! Instead you are throwing punches and almost murdering one another. You remind me of Cain and Abel! Look at all this blood. Carl, could you please do me a favor and examine my sons? I really don’t want either of them dropping dead while I get out of this room for air. The will reading shall be postponed until I return, preferably in the room across the hall."

Barbara jumps in Elaine’s path, "Wait, Elaine, who died and made you the boss?! Gary sure didn't! Blood or no blood, I want this reading to start now. He'd want me in charge. Maybe we’ll give everyone a few minutes to cool down but I can’t take this wait any longer."

Nicholas gently grabs his mother’s arm, motioning her to calm down.

Elaine pushes past Barbara quickly, "Don’t even start anything with me, Barbara. I gave many years to Gary and I loved him all the while even if we had a far from perfect marriage. I’m sorry if you feel as though you should be presiding over this function but I won’t hesitate to say that I have every right to call the shots as to when it will continue or not."At that, she opens the door and makes her way out of the room.

"How dare she say that! I was Gary’s loving fiancé when he died and that’s what matters!" yells Barbara as she looks to everyone, seemingly to search for agreement.

Cynthia turns to Barbara, "This isn't a contest for who loved Daddy more than the other, OK? Most all of us cared for him in some way or the other. Please, don't make this something to fight and argue about. Daddy deserves more respect than that. Besides, Luke and Creg have done enough fighting to last us a lifetime." She casts both of her muted brothers a cold expression as Carl examines their wounds.

Nicholas walks over to Cynthia and pulls her against him, kissing her brown hair. "I would give anything to stop this madness for you. I hate seeing you in pain. I just can't stand it."

Cynthia squeezes Nicholas as tight as she can, "Just having you here for me is enough, Nicholas. That's all I need from you."


Melissa excuses herself from the room to answer her cell phone. Standing outside of the closed room, she exhales deeply. Thank goodness I have a sane and secure life to go home to. She rubs her tummy, And a baby on the way. She is grinning ear to ear as she finally pushes the answer button on her phone, "Hello?"


"Tom, hon, what's going on? This will reading hasn't even started yet, believe it or not. You wouldn't believe why it's been delayed. It's practically a blood bath because of Luke and Creg killing each other. My dad is actually examining their battle wounds right now."

"Wow, doesn't seem like they are handling their grief in the healthiest way."

"Tell me about it. I just want this done and over with so I can get home to you. I'm really in the mood to go out and get shrimp and anything seafood, what do you think?"

"Um, I'm not sure..." Tom's voice trails off. "Actually, there is something really important that you and I need to discuss."

Melissa's panic mode immediately kicks in as she hears the tone Tom is speaking in, "Wait, Tom, what is wrong? What do you have to talk to me about?"

Tom clears his throat and waits a few seconds before answering, "Please, Melissa, just come straight home when the reading is all over with. It's something I don't want to mention over the phone. Something I have been toiling with in my mind all day and debating whether to talk to you about. I just want you to know I love you more than anything and I haven't been the husband I should be to you. Anyway, I'm gonna let you go."

"Tom, you're scaring me."

"Look, just come home when it's over with, babe. Bye." Tom hangs up.

"Tom? Wait. Dammit." Melissa shuts her phone. "Why would he say he wasn't a good husband? I don't get what he'd want to talk about. All I know is that I want this thing over with so I can see what this nonsense is all about." She puts her cell phone deep in her purse and turns towards the door, quickly pausing before turning the knob. Wait, there really isn't any need for me to be here. It's not like Gary will leave me anything, it would make no sense. I'm just gonna go home and talk with Tom right now. I can call Mom's phone in the car to tell them where I went. At that, she quickly makes her way down the stretch of hall, her heels clicking loudly against the marble floor.


Tom stares at the phone. It sticks out like a sore thumb. He swallows hard and is suddenly overcome with bittersweet memories of him and Melissa, feeling as though he and Melissa will only be a memory once he finally comes clean.

He slowly walks to the kitchen and opens the fridge, pulling out a gallon of grape juice. He drinks it straight from the container. Melissa constantly yells at him for doing that but it's a habit he can't kick. "It's more fresh straight out of the jug." he always tell her.

After putting the juice away, he walks into the downstairs bathroom. He picks up the white towel he left on the floor. He turns off the light, knowing Melissa hates how he leaves it on. As he's shutting the door he swears he can still smell the scent of him and Tara's sin tarnishing the room. He moves over to the couch where he left this morning’s newspaper. He sits down and decides to read it to pass the time, though he knows it will be nothing but bad news. He always feels that nothing good happens in the world and it’s just a series of people using people and more hearts being broken.The bottom right of the paper talks of how a man escaped the hospital but before he can read the article the house is filled with the sound of the doorbell. He quickly rises from the couch to answer it.

He is greeted with Tara. Her eyes have huge bags beneath them and she seems like she’ll collapse from exhaustion at any moment. "Tom, Derek isn’t speaking to me. Derek hates me. I can’t handle this. I just can’t."

He gently leads her into the house, "Don’t say that, Tara. Derek loves you and he’ll come around. He just has to."

"Tom, don’t be stupid. What would bring him back to me? I slept with one of his best friends. I’m nothing but a whore who doesn’t deserve him."

"You are not a whore! Never say that. Look, Tara, you need to sit down. Have you eaten anything today? You look completely worn out. There’s some left over rigatoni in the fridge that I can heat up for you, extra cheesy, just how you like it."

"No, Tom, I’m not in the mood for rigatoni or any food! I just want to know what I’m going to do with my life now. I just want to talk to Derek and apologize to him for the rest of my life. Even that won’t clear me. Tom, do you realize what an awful thing we’ve done? How could we? What did having sex gain us? We’re just two people who happen to be very attracted to each other but we have people who love us so much and we blew it all for sex! We screwed it all up! I don’t deserve Derek anymore!" She slams down on the couch and buries her face in her hands.

Tom slowly moves to the couch and rubs her back slowly, "Just let it all out, Tara. You need to. I plan to tell Melissa everything today. I’ve decided that hiding this will not be the way to go. I love her too much to hide something like this for another minute."

Tara looks up at him, "Are you sure? What about the baby? Do you think this will upset her too much and cause problems with the pregnancy?" Tara suddenly darts up as horror decorates her expression, "Oh my god, what if learning about our affair causes her to lose the baby?! I can’t have that on my conscience as well or I’d kill myself! No! Please don’t tell me something awful like that would happen!"

"Tara, you need to settle down. Melissa is not going to lose the baby when she learns the truth. Don’t even suggest something terrible like that!"

"I pray to God that she doesn’t. What have we done, Tom?! Melissa, she doesn’t deserve any of this! Derek doesn’t either! Maybe it was destined that Derek and Melissa got together because at least they are decent human beings who wouldn't sleep around with their friend’s spouses!"

The front door goes flying open which startles both Tom and Tara as their eyes dart to see who the person entering is. They are shocked to hear the familiar sounds of Melissa’s heels. Melissa enters the living room and is taken aback as she looks over a crying Tara. "Tara? Oh my god, hon, what’s the matter?"

Tara looks to Tom and then looks to Melissa. Tom then steps in front of Tara. "I didn’t expect you to be home so soon."

"Well you sounded very urgent so I left Jackson Industries as quickly as possible. Guys, what on earth is going on. Tara, why do you look so upset?"

"Melissa..I just. Look, Tom needs to tell you first." Tears well up in her eyes again. Here it is, I’m about to witness my friend’s hopes and dreams be crushed. I’ll never forgive myself for this. Never.

Tom puts his hands on his waist, "Melissa, you need to sit down. Please."

"I swear, Tom, just spit it out now. Are you trying to give me a heart attack? You couldn’t tell me anything on the phone and now you seem to be dragging it on again. Just tell me what is going on already!" She quickly rushes over to the couch to have a seat.

Tom looks above, seemingly to summon the strength to confess something he thought he’d never have to confess. I’m going to tear her up inside, I can’t believe I have to do this. He clears his throat, "I’m not proud of what I’m going to tell you. Actually, I’m completely ashamed."

"Tell me now. Just spit it out!" Melissa’s mood seems to be evolving to anger. There’s something in Tom’s eyes that she has never seen before and it frightens her.

"Melissa, I love you. I love you so much. You know that, right?"

"Of course I do but I’m about ready to slap you across the face if you don’t spit this out. You know I’m not patient!"

"Fine, I’ll tell you." He looks over at Tara. "Tara and I, we, we...we. I can barely get the words out." He scratches his chin and looks at his feet. He swallows hard before bring his focus back to Melissa’s eyes. "Tara and I had sex, Melissa."

Melissa loses the color in her face and scoots to the back of the couch, and then lets out a light chuckle, "No, tell me what really happened. This is no damn time for jokes! Especially one like that!"

"I wish I was joking. I really do. We slept together and I’ve never regretted something more in my life." Tom now breaks the eye contact because he doesn’t want to see her expression when the reality of his confession starts to settle in.

She rises from the couch, Tara steps back out of instinct, "No, you have to be lying. No, why? Why would you do that?! Tara, you’re my best friend. I love you as a sister. No, this can’t be true. Why?!"

"I’m so sorry, Melissa. So sorry." Tom’s voice cracks.

"Melissa, I did it! I seduced Tom and it was all me! I’m sorry and I don’t blame you if you never want to talk to me again. This is all my fault. All of it! I’m so sorry!" Tara exclaims.

Tom looks at Tara, "Tara, we both are equally to blame. You didn’t seduce me, this was mutual. We’re both in the wrong."

Melissa’s eyes widen as she stares at a vase of roses on the mantle above the fireplace. "You guys have to leave right now. You just have to." Her tone is full of the tone of someone who doesn’t know how to react, a numbness. "I just can’t process any of this with you two here. Please just leave."

Tom gently places his hand on her shoulder, "We can work through this. I’ll do anything you want me to."

Melissa quickly flings his hand off of her, "Get your damn hand off of me and get out of here, both you and Tara! NOW!"

Tara darts to the entrance room. She somehow manages words behind her tears: "I love you Tara and I’m sorry for ruining our friendship. I really am." With those words said, she exits quickly.

Tom stops at the door, "Melissa, we have to discuss this sometime. We can’t just–"

"–LEAVE! I’m not going to say it again!" Melissa interrupts.

Tom slowly nods as he opens the door, fresh spring scented air rushes into through the doorway. Its flowery perfume serves as antithesis for the cold and bitter heartbreak consuming Melissa.


The war zone that occupied the other room is absent from the one across the hall. Everybody once again takes a seat, this time to finally watch the videotape will.

To Barbara’s disdain, Elaine stands up in the front of the room, remote control in hand, ready to press play. Elaine closes her eyes briefly as she prepares herself for the sure-to-be surreal sight of Gary speaking. After a sigh, she presses play. The image of Gary sitting behind his desk comes into view. He smiles widely at everyone.

"Oh Daddy..." Cynthia leans against Nicholas.

"Gary. Why’d you do this? Why?" Barbara chokes under her breath.

Gary begins to speak: "My, everyone sure is looking nice today. Dressed in their fancy clothes and dark colors galore out of respect for my death. How thoughtful of you all!"

Elaine turns her face away from the screen.

"Anyway, I'm sure you are all eager to get to what I'm going to be leaving all you fine citizens. However, first, I'd like to once again apologize for having to leave you all so abruptly. However, I'm sure to a few, you are relieved that I am gone. Luke, in particular, it must be easier for you to make your way through life without me here."

Luke shakes his head in disgust but behind this veil is an overwhelming sadness. Creg, Cynthia, Elaine, and Barbara briefly scan his facial expression.

Gary continues: "I guess I can owe that up to my failure as a dad. Elaine, I've thought long and hard about what you've yelled at me about over the years and you're right. I only think in dollar signs. That's how I learned to love. It's how I learned to live. Once you get in too deep in, it's near impossible to get dry. That is why I had to leave you all. I didn't want dampen you any longer than I already had to. I'm sorry." Gary stops to clear his throat, looking down at his desk a brief moment before exhaling and bringing his eyes to look at the video camera directly. "Ok, now for what you've all been waiting for."

Eve wants to throw up right then and there. She squirms in her seat.

Carl lays a caring hand on her arm, "Hon, are you going to be alright?"

She slowly nods, "Yes. I'll be fine." She lies, biting her lower lip.

Cassie looks deep in her mother's eyes, realizing the lie, noting Creg's words of suspicion he relayed earlier. What is bothering her so damn much?

On the video, Gary holds a piece of paper and begins to read off of it: "Firstly, I'll start with Barbara. Barbara, where can I start? You helped me through a troubling time in my life. I thank you for bringing at least an illusion of happiness to my life. However, I guess I should apologize for bringing you in so deep and cutting it off like this. I know you love or loved me, whatever tense you want to put it in. But I want you to know how I honestly felt, Barbara, it's gonna be hard for you to hear this but I have to admit: I never loved you. I couldn't. I'm truly sorry to say this but I cannot tell any more lies, what's the point when I'm dead and buried? The truth is that Elaine was the love of my life. I never loved anyone like her. I never could. Nobody compared to her."

Elaine immediately looks away from the televison. Barbara glares at her and then looks at the mocking image of Gary on the TV: "You bastard. How could you?..." Her whisper trails off into a path of silently buried sorrow.

"For the pain I can imagine you're in with that admission, I owe you something Barbara. For the deep sympathy I now feel for you, you will be delivered a single light pink rose each month as a token for how I let you down. My deepest apologies shall rest within each rose you receive. Also, as monetary means of an apology for leading you on, I leave you a lump sum of $500,000. My deepest condolences go out to you."

Nicholas pulls his mother close to him, sensing that she needs comforted. She quickly accepts the offer as tears silently flow from her eyes. She has never felt so empty and betrayed.

"Moving on, I will go to my dear children. Creg and Cynthia, I am proud of where you are going in your life. The world is at your feet. You are going to be powerful and influential. Unstoppable. There's nothing you two can't do! Creg, I leave you Jackson Industries and all the power that goes along with that. You and Cynthia will get equal rights on the estate, I trust that you will come up with a system of cooperation when it comes to the mansion and estate. Get married to influential people and start families that will lead to the continued inheritance of Jackson power and fame. It is up to you two to keep the legacy going! Now Cynthia, I know you are madly in love with Nicholas Kane. He's nice enough, I'll give you that, but I must reveal my desire for you to find a  man of more statues and wealth. It would be of a great help if you were to marry a man to double the status of our family."

Cynthia's eyes widen and she quickly looks Nicholas in the eye, "I would never dump you. I just couldn't. I can't believe Daddy would even say something like that!"

Nicholas seems hurt and looks down at his feet.

Gary continues: "Now I must discuss Luke. Luke, I don't have to tell you that sometimes I've felt like you weren't my son. We just aren't the same person and it pains me to have next to no relationship with you. However, wow, this is going to be harder than I thought. Luke, I love you. I wanted you to know that. I've never told you this but I didn't want to give you the wrong impression."

Luke stares at the screen, almost in a state of shock. He never thought he'd hear those words from his father. To see and hear it from a videotape is surreal and almost hard to believe.

Elaine tightly squeezes Luke's shoulder, "You needed to hear that."

Creg rolls his eyes, a perterbed look overcoming his expression.

"Luke, with that being said, I leave you a lump sum of $1,000,000. Move out of the mansion. Get away from the people you don't identify with. Carry on  a life in a world you belong in. You sure don't belong in the world of the Jacksons."

I don't need your money, Dad! Why are you fucking doing this to me? What the hell is up with you saying 'I love you?' After a life of not uttering it to me one single time, you think that when you're dead that I'm gonna forgive you for it all? Well fuck you! Luke's internal dialogue runs amok.

On the video, Gary sighs and turns the paper in his hand over, "Finally, last but not least, I need to speak with the Jones family. Carl, you probably don't want past wounds to be brought up again but I'm going to do it anyway."

Eve slowly rises from her chair, moving toward the door. Carl looks up and gives her a very confused expression, "Hon, where on earth do you think  you are going?"

"Me? Oh, I'm going nowhere. I guess I just want to stand up for this plus I'm sick of sitting." She tries to conceal her shaking hands. Brice looks her straight in the eyes again. Eve notices this and quickly darts her expression away from his judgement.

Cassie notices every bit of it and casts Creg a knowing look.

"When me and Eve's affair was revealed it rocked your world, Carl. I'm sorry I did this and I sure as hell know that Eve regrets what happened between us. Anyway, it's been nagging me years and years. I decided that I still haven't made it up to you. With that being said, I grant you and Eve a sum of $1,000,000. And because I'm feeling very generous right now, I'd like to offer Melissa and Cassie $2,000,000 each. They are two fine women and, well, this is my money and I don't have to have an exact reason for what I do. Just accept my money and live a wonderful and rewarding life."

Carl, Cassie, and Eve look at each other with shocked expressions. Did they actually hear Gary leave them with millions of dollars?

"I am rich!" Cassie yells loudly as she darts from her chair, unable to contain her excitement. "I'm filthy rich!"

"Will you shut the hell up, you greedy brat! I'm trying to watch this!" screams Barbara.

"Oh, sorry." Cassie abruptly stops but is still grinning ear to ear. "I'm filthy fucking rich. I'm filthy fucking rich." she whispers under her breath.

Eve can't even speak. Her body has gone into a state of semi paralysis. Carl looks almost the same way. Eve pinches herself, expecting to wake up from a dream. Realizing that there still is more, she apprehensively looks back at the screen, anticipating Gary to reveal the true reasons why he's feeling so charitable to them.

On the video, Gary wears a wide smile, "I don't have much else to say. I'll just leave you with this: I know you probably didn't want to see me go but I had no choice. I couldn't handle a life of guilt and misery any longer. I'm better serving my purpose dead. Goodbye and good luck with all your future endeavors." The screen then goes black.

Everyone in the room goes silent, save for the sound of rapid heartbeats and heavy breathing.


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