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Episode 43

"All Over The Place"


*Gabi woke up from her coma.

*Tom and Tara realized they had to confess about their kiss before Eve could tell either Derek or Melissa the truth.

*After a heated confrontation about Shayla and the secret Keith had been hiding from him all these years, Jarrod and Keith got violent—Keith punching Jarrod and Jarrod pushing him backwards, slamming Keith’s head onto a glass table.



Tara worriedly paces the living room while running her hands through her hair. Frenzied thoughts are coming at her from every angle. I have to tell Derek about Tom and I. 

She flashbacks to a phone call she had with Tom about an hour ago:

“Tara, you had a look of fear on your face last night. You were terrified.”

“Can you blame me? Eve heard about our kiss. It’s only a matter of time before she tells Melissa everything.” Tara’s voice is shaking.

Tom is silent for a couple seconds. He clears his throat, “I know. Dammit, why did she have to find out like that? This whole thing is too much. Tara, that’s why I’ve chosen to tell Melissa everything when she comes home from work. I know she’s going to be devastated but I can’t keep this secret from her anymore. She deserves to know the truth. It’s as simple as that.”

“She’s my best friend. I betrayed her by feeling how I do about you. This is so wrong of me.” 

“Tara, we have to ignore these feelings. You do know that, don’t you?”

Tara hears the words and knows that Tom is right. However, can she just brush them to the side and act as though they never existed?

Tom’s tone sounds urgent: “Tara, can you ignore how you feel about me? This is what we are going to have to do. There’s no doubt about that. Because if you can’t, I can almost guarantee that things aren’t going to work out with you and Derek.”

Tara’s heart rate bolts at the mention of Derek’s name. She’s overcome with guilt. I am going to hurt Derek either way. There’s no getting around it. “Tom, I’m going to have to stop feeling this way. What we did was wrong. I was drunk and out of line. Just because Derek and I were fighting during the time doesn’t mean I should have ran to you.”

Tom lets out a sigh, “Look, I have to go. Philip is coming downstairs. I just wanted you to know my choice to come clean to Melissa. I don’t know what you are going to tell Derek but I pretty much guarantee Melissa is going to want to confront you with this. It’s better that they both learn the truth from our lips than from Eve’s, that’s for sure.”

Tara tries to fight tears but doesn’t succeed as she lets out a weak “I know.”

Tom doesn’t say another word, leaving Tara with quick click.

Tara flashes back to the present. She feels exhausted from the internal battle she’s engaged in for the entirety of the day.

The sudden opening of the door makes her heart drop. She quickly turns around and is greeted by the sight of an incoming Derek and Jasper. She immediately notices that they are overly bubbly.

She forces a smile: “Wow, you two are sure chummy as of late. Where were you guys anyway?”

A drunk Derek laughs and then pats Jasper’s back: “We were out havvvvinngg fun!! Isn’t that right, Jasper my man?”

An equally plastered Jasper nods his head in agreement. “Tara, I didn’t know your fiancée had such a wild side! I was definitely definitely having my doubts about getting along with him but after tonight WOOOO HOOOO! Derek is the man!” Jasper steps forward, still with his arm around Derek’s back, miscalculating a step and flying forward to the ground. Derek goes flying with him and lands on his back.

Tara rushes to the fallen men, “Guys!! You are going to kill yourselves. You two didn’t drive home like this, did you?!”

Almost on queue, Tom enters the front door. He’s armed with a forced smile of his own as his knowing eyes click with Tara’s. “The answer to that is a big no. You have me to thank for being their designated driver.”

Derek manages to pull himself from the floor. He is worried about the state of Jasper’s back as he frantically tries to help Jasper up safely. “Jasper, man, are you OK? I didn’t break your back or anything, did I?”

Jasper slowly pulls himself from the floor and is overtaken by a giggle fit, “Nope! I’m all in one piece. Damn, I’m seeing two Dereks, that’s never good!”

Tom laughs at Derek and Jasper’s state of oblivion as he walks up to the other sober person in the room. “Yeah, I happened to be getting a drink at The Hangout and noticed these two fools having a little too much fun.”

“Well, I’m glad you saw them. They aren’t in any state of mind to drive.”

“You can say that again.” Tom says while Derek and Jasper sit very close on the couch and have a staring contest. “Anyway, maybe this a good thing. With Derek like he is, it’s going to be a while before it wears off. Also, Melissa just called me saying she’s going to be very late being that Gary’s decided to throw a huge party tomorrow. They have to plan everything to the last detail.”

Tara crosses her arms, “We’re just delaying the inevitable, Tom. Look, I have some lemonade in the fridge. Want to join me in the kitchen? It looks like Derek and Jasper are all set for the next half hour with that intense staring contest they have going on.”

“Um, sure.” Tom follows Tara’s lead.

Tara pulls two glasses from the cupboard and heads to the tall silver fridge. She pulls a blue jug from the top shelf. She proceeds to pour the freshly squeezed lemonade in the two glasses. “I would freely add some vodka to our lemonade but you know how I get with you when I’m drunk.”

Tom takes it as a joke and lets out a chuckle.

Tara immediately casts him a glare, “Tom, don’t laugh. This is too serious of a situation to laugh at. I mean, what if Derek and Melissa never forgive us?”

The weight of Tara’s words hit Tom full force. His expression is immediately one of complete seriousness.


Barbara is the first to enter the hospital room after Carl gives the OK to see Gabi. She embraces her daughter with a tight hug, emotion radiating from her. “Honey, you don’t know how happy I am to see those beautiful eyes of yours!”

Gabi looks disoriented, “Mom? Why the hell do I feel like such a piece of shit?”

Nicholas bursts into laughter, finding it hilarious that the first words from his sister’s mouth are curse words. “Oh, Gabrielle Kane is definitely back in business.”

Gabi turns her attention toward her brother, “Back in business, whatever. I feel like a truck of bricks has been emptied on me.“ Her eyes catch sight of her father and her expression is full of shock, “Dad?”

Patrick approaches Gabi’s bedside, relief overcoming him. “Yes, it’s me hon. I prayed every second that you were in that coma. I knew you were a fighter. My baby girl beat this.” He extends his hand to grasp hers but she jerks her own back.

Gabi wears an annoyed face. “Dad, I don’t feel like being touched right now. That goes for you as well, Mom. My whole body is aching and I feel really nauseous.”

Barbara, Patrick, and Nicholas all exchange knowing glances. Their minds become focused on relaying the exciting news of the pregnancy to an oblivious Gabrielle.

Barbara backs up from Gabi’s bed. “About that nausea, I think you’re going to have to get used to it.”

Gabi rubs her temples, “What do you mean by that?” A realization seems to hit Gabi, but it has nothing to do with her nausea. “Wait, where is Todd? I really need to talk to him.”

“Todd is the reason you got in this car accident, Gabi. Why would you want to see him?” This is Patrick.
“How do you know anything about Todd, Dad? He’s not the one who made me wreck my car.”

Barbara is compelled to intervene with her opinion: “He may not have steered your car into that ditch but he sure as hell was the one who upset you so much that you weren’t paying attention to the road.”

A sharp pain bolts through Gabi’s head. “Please stop, both of you. The last time I checked I was an adult. Adults are old enough to make their own choices. I chose to drive when I was an emotional nutjob. Stop blaming Todd, OK?!”

As much as Barbara and Patrick want to object, they listen to their daughter and keep quiet.

As silence dawns over the room, the urge to spill the news of Gabi’s pregnancy comes to Barbara’s surface. She moves toward Gabi’s hospital bed again, making a mental note not to touch her. After deciding on the appropriate words, Barbara speaks up: “Gabi, there is something really important you need to know. Something that is going to blow you away....”

Gabi’s eyes lock on her mother’s. “Um, OK. What are you talking about?”

Barbara glances at Patrick and Nicholas, both of their eyes edge her to go on.

Gabi is overcome with impatience, “Stop with the secretive stares! What is it? Tell me!”

Barbara continues, “You’ve had a lot of tests run on you since being here. One of those tests was a blood test. Well, to make a long story short, they found something while running it.”

Gabi puts her hand up to silence her mom, “Wait, I’m going to die, aren’t I? You are trying to break the news to me lightly. Look, I appreciate you three trying to be all cheery and positive but I can handle the truth. Just tell me like it is. How much longer to do I have to live?”

“Honey, stop! You aren’t going to die! You are going to have a baby!”

Gabi looks like a deer caught in headlights. “Whoa, repeat that please, because I swear you said I was going to have a baby.”

“It’s because I did say it! Gabi, you’re pregnant!” Barbara exclaims.

“Oh my god…” Gabi’s heart drops to the floor. The first thought that hits her is how she’s going to be the worst mother to walk the face of the earth. Next, Todd’s face flashes through her mind. Todd and I are going to be parents! I can’t believe this. Now there is no way he can see me as just a friend. As that thought passes, her heart sinks as a painful realization dawns on her: Dammit, this baby could also be Creg’s. No, there is no way in hell he’s going to be the dad. Not if I have anything to do with it…


An unconscious Keith is rushed into the intensive care room as Jarrod, Amy, and Lacey watch on in worried silence.

A teary-eyed Amy walks up to Jarrod and rubs his back, looking him in the eyes: “Jarrod, you’ve barely spoken a word. How are you holding up?”

Jarrod feels numb. This is all a horrible nightmare to him. He’s pinched himself a few times to try to wake up. All the while, the scene leading up to his father being rushed to the hospital has replayed over and over in his mind:

Jarrod shakes his head, disgust decorating his face. "You being quiet is all I need to see. I'd be to if I had to live with guilt like that. I never got to know Mom because you drove her to suicide! First you drove her to that affair and when that wasn't enough you had to drive her to killing herself!"

At Jarrod's harsh accusation, Keith's vocal cords "miraculously" seem to be healed, "HOW DARE YOU SAY SOMETHING LIKE THAT!" screams an angry Keith as he lunges at Jarrod. Keith gives into the fury seething in his veins and with a swift motion, punches Jarrod square in the nose.

"Get your hands off of me!" Jarrod screams as blood seeps from his nose. Adrenaline kicks in and Jarrod fights back by pushing Keith with all his force. Keith goes flying backwards, his head slamming on the glass coffee table behind him. Glass shards go flying in every direction. Jarrod watches in horror as he realizes that Keith isn't moving.

"Oh my god..." whispers Jarrod in a panicked voice as he rushes to Keith's unconscious figure. He tries propping Keith's head up and is terrified when his hands become soaked in blood.

Jarrod forces the replay out of his mind. Lacey walks up to the other side of him, also offering an arm of comfort, “Jarrod, please talk to us.”

Before Jarrod can open his mouth, Carl hurriedly approaches the three young adults. “Jarrod, we are doing all we can for your dad. Please know that I’m putting all my personal feelings aside for Keith. I may not like him for what he did to Cassie, but I won’t stop until I know he’s going to be all right. Don’t worry. In the meantime, the police need to question you about what happened.”

Jarrod nods slowly as Officer Tyson Russell comes into view, “Son, I have a few questions to ask.”

Both Lacey and Amy take the newly arrived police officer as a signal to walk to the other side of the room, giving the two men privacy. Lacey leans closely to Amy’s ear: “Do you think Jarrod did this to his dad?”

Amy quickly glances over the cop and Jarrod, both in the middle of a questioning session. “There’s no way. This had to be a big accident. Jarrod isn’t a violent guy.”

“Well we do know he’s a cheater. I can’t believe he’d sleep with his Dad’s ex girlfriend. That is disgusting.”

Amy holds her hand up, “Lacey. You can stop mentioning it, OK? There’s a lot more going on with Jarrod that you don’t know.”

Lacey follows Amy as she walks toward two gray chairs, “I don’t understand how you can just forgive him for sleeping with Cassie. You obviously feel sympathetic about something because this isn’t the Amy I know. The Amy I know would be getting revenge on someone who cheated on her.”

“Stop!” yells Amy to hush her best friend. She proceeds with a whisper: “Look, this is different, Jarrod is different. Don’t get me wrong, I’m furious as hell about what he did but I also have a heart. If you really want to know what’s going on, I’ll tell you. Actually, now that I think about it, you and Jarrod sort of have something in common.”

Lacey looks doubtful, “What could that possibly be?”

“Well, you both have different sets of parents, so to speak. You have your adoptive parents and Jarrod learned that his real father is somebody else. That is what is going on with him, he just found this out. Keith has been hiding it from him all these years. He’s devastated.”

Lacey lets Amy’s explanation sink in, “Wow, that’s brutal. I wonder why his dad would wait so long to tell him the truth. Thankfully, my adoptive parents told me the truth when I was five.”

“See, now you understand why I’m not out for revenge or whatever you think I do when I’m pissed off at a guy. No matter what he did, I’ve come to care for him. I don’t think it’s right of me to bail out on him now.”

Lacey nods her head in agreement. “That’s really sweet of you. He does need his friends more than ever right now.”

Lacey and Amy’s attention is quickly turned toward an incoming Nicholas. Confusion is plastered on his face as he quickly glances at the cop and Jarrod and then to the two women next to him. “What is going on with Jarrod? Why are you guys here?”

Lacey looks Nicholas in the eyes, “Nicholas, you know Jarrod?”

“Yes. You know Amy? This is a small town after all.”

“I remember mentioning Lacey to you when we were in the hot tub with Cynthia and Jarrod actually.” Says Amy.

“That does seem to ring a bell. Oh, Cynthia’s wanted to hang out with you again, now that I think about it. She thinks you’re pretty cool.”

Lacey quickly gives Amy a surprised glance, “You’ve hung out with Cynthia? Wow, I’m surprised, she doesn’t seem like your type of person.”

Nicholas clears his throat, “What’s that supposed to mean? What type of person would you label Cynthia as?”

Lacey seems tongue-tied. “Um, maybe that came out wrong, Nicholas. If you’re talking labels, Cynthia is a bundle of sunshine. Anyway, you asked about Jarrod. His father was rushed here after getting hurt.” Amy nods as Lacey vaguely explains the situation to Nicholas.

“Damn, and what’s the police officer for?” he questions while watching an emotionally drained Jarrod

Both Amy and Lacey exchange glances.

“Are you two going to answer me? What is going on?”

Amy is next to talk, “Nicholas, we are both trying to figuring that out. Jarrod called our house and said his dad was severely injured and he doesn’t have a car right now so I drove him to the hospital.”

“Oh, I see. Hopefully Keith is going to be all right. I’m real curious to find out how it happened. Seeing that the police are involved, it can’t be good.”

Lacey nods slowly, “Well, we’ll get answers once that cop is done badgering Jarrod to death. Anyway, what brings you to the hospital, Nicholas? Wait, that’s right, your sister is here. How is she?”

“Actually, she woke from her coma and from what she’s said since waking up she’s still the same feisty and outspoken Gabrielle Kane.”

Lacey smiles wide, “That’s awesome! That means your sister is going to be OK. I’m real happy for you.”

Nicholas grins and looks Lacey in the eye. “That means a lot to me. Thanks. I’m thrilled to have my older sis back.”

Silence falls over the three of them as Lacey and Nicholas maintain their gaze on one another. Amy notes the two staring, making a mental note to grill her friend later about making “googly-eyes” with a taken man.

Jarrod’s walking up to them breaks their silence. His melancholy expression hasn’t changed. However, he’s finally mustered the ability to speak: “Well if things couldn’t get any worse for me, I could single-handedly be the one responsible for whether my Dad dies in there.”

Nicholas, Lacey, and Amy exchange shocked expressions, unable to respond to Jarrod’s unnerving statement.


Tom and Tara watch in amusement as a drunken Derek and Jasper continue their comical shenanigans. Currently, Derek and Jasper have chosen wrestling as their choice of activity. Tara was sure to move anything breakable while Tom moved the coffee table, giving the two men enough space for their match.

Tara takes a sip of her lemonade, “They are starting to remind me of Jake and Derek. Those two were so competitive when they got together.”

Tom nods his head, agreement apparent in his eyes. “I remember how they were. Speaking of Jake, how is he doing?”

“Good, actually. We got a call yesterday saying he’s stopped those creepy predictions he was making. He’s currently undergoing physical therapy that could take months but I have faith in Jake, I’m sure he’s determined to get out of that place as soon as humanly possible.”

“Great news to hear. Yes, Jake has more willpower than pretty much any guy I’ve ever met.” States Tom.

“Yeah.” Tara says while letting out a sigh.

Silence falls over Tara and Tom as they watch Derek pull Jasper into a tight headlock. After which, Derek rises with a victorious yell.

Derek makes eye contact with Tara and runs over to her, “Hey babe! Did you see me kick your cousin’s ass at wrestling? You know what, I think I deserve an award.” He leans in, giving Tara a sloppy kiss on the lips.

Derek proceeds to kiss Tara’s neck as he moves his way downward on Tara’s body. Tom quickly glances to the other side of the room. Tara slowly pushes her fiancée from her, “Now Derek, you are getting a little too frisky there. Plus you’re really drunk, which takes the appeal away.”

Derek puts on a pouty face, “Give me some sugar, baby. Come on, I want you sooo bad.” He starts kissing all over her face, bringing Tara closer against him.

Jasper gives the two an exaggerated scowl, “For Pete’s sake, get a damn room! There’s a relative in here, they don’t want to see any of that!”

Mentally agreeing with Jasper’s plead, Tara pushes Derek away once again, “What’d I just say? I don’t want you kissing me when you’re drunk. I’ll give you plenty of sugar, as you put it, once you sober up.”

“Oh come on, Tara! Can you cut a guy some slack?!” He once again moves toward Tara.

Tom suddenly feels the need to intervene as he steps between Derek and Tara. “Derek, aren’t you listening to her? She doesn’t want to be touched.”

Out of instinct, Derek pushes Tom to the side, “This is none of your business, Tom.”

“It is my business. You’re drunk and not thinking clearly. How about you go upstairs and get a shower and lay down or something? I’ll help you up the stairs if you can’t make it up there on your own.”

Derek raises his hands in defiance, “I’m quite OK, Tom. I don’t need you helping me up the stairs. What, are you gonna help me undress too?”

Tom can’t help but grin, “If you really need help doing it, I guess I won’t object but as long as you don’t get all lovey on me as you were doing with Tara.”

Derek bursts into laughter and pats Tom on the back, “You’re a good man, Tom. A very good man.” At that, he makes his way to the staircase, apparently wanting to follow Tom’s advice. He stands at the bottom of the staircase and looks at the length of it as it winds to the second story, an expression of fright forming on his face. He then glances over at Tom, “Tom? I may have lied to you, man. Come and give your buddy some help. This looks brutal.”

Tara gives Tom an amused grin and bursts into a giggling fit.

Tom points at Tara as disapproval forms on his face, “Hey, you’re gonna owe me one for doing this. Especially if he decides he needs help stripping down!”

“Oh, I don’t know about that, Tom. Just admit it, seeing Derek naked will be more than enough to make up for it. Especially since it’s long been of dream of yours!” teases Tara.

Jasper makes an expression of confusion, “Wait, is this Tom character a homosexual? Dude, don’t try helping me to the shower, I’ll make it there on my own, thank you very much! I don’t want any man taking advantage of me in my current state.” Jasper stumbles toward the staircase as Tom has Derek leaning against him, helping him up it.

Through her laughter, Tara manages to respond to Jasper, “Yeah, you better be careful around that Tom character. He’s been known to take advantage of a few men in his lifetime.”

“Hey, no more slander! Don’t make me ramble on about all your dirty secrets, Tara!” Yells Tom jokingly.

Well there’s no joking matter there. He’d definitely have a secret to spill, thinks Tara as her laughter fades. Though it doesn’t completely fade as she watches her cousin struggle by himself up the stairs.  OK, is Jasper planning on showering with Derek or what? Oh well, I’m sure Tom will sort out the arrangements. He’s always been good at figuring stuff out. “Too bad he couldn’t find a way to erase the pain we’re going to cause Derek and Melissa…” She whispers aloud.