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Episode 17

Previously on Sunrise Bay...

*Gabi secretly listened outside of Creg's room to him on the phone with Detective Barnes, who had some incriminating information on Todd.

 *A tipsy Todd decided to tell Luke everything about the reasons behind Gabi stealing the money and the whole Alec Porter situation.

*Runaway thief Zachary Bennett realized Mason was holding someone captive after Melissa screamed for help from inside the cabin prison. A wrestling match ensued between an armed Mason and himself.

*Cassie was furious when she saw Annie and Keith together at the Seaside Cafe. She physically attacked Annie and Keith, causing Annie to get a bloody gash on her head. Annie told Cassie she needed to be behind bars, then fell to the floor unconscious.



"Get to the part with the incriminating evidence on Todd Lansing, detective!" yells an increasingly annoyed Creg. He doesn’t realize that Gabi is listening intently to each of his words.

Her eyes are wide in shock. I can’t believe this! Why in the hell does he want to find incriminating evidence against Todd? What did Todd ever do to him? Wait, maybe he knows…Oh no! He must know about how I stole the money for Todd! Shit, he never was supposed to learn that. Gabi then falls into a state of panic. "I should have covered my tracks better. What in the hell was I thinking?" whispers Gabi aloud.

She then realizes that Creg’s talking has come to a hault. She quickly turns around as Creg opens his door. The two of their eyes meet and Gabi can almost see the fury seeping from his pores.

She tries to act as nonchalant as possible as she says, "So who were you on the phone with?"

Creg just nods his head as a face of complete disgust overtakes his expression. "Why in the hell do you care, Gabi? Huh?"

Gabi just crosses her arms and rolls her eyes. "What do you mean, why do I care? I want to know because I am your girlfriend."

Creg lets out a laugh and he slowly walks closely to Gabi until he is not even a millimeter from her face. "Yeah fucking right, you’re my girlfriend. Get out of here now!"

"I’m not getting out of here until you tell me why in the hell you hired a detective to look up information on Todd!" She suddenly wishes she could have taken back those words. Now there is no doubt in her mind that Creg knows everything about the robbery and the reasons behind it.

"There is no use trying to deny anything anymore, Gabi! I know the truth about you and Todd. Let me ask you something, how damn long did you think it was going to take until I found out? Or were you a complete idiot and thought that I wouldn’t ever learn about the two of you? Huh, is that it? Come on, Gabi! Answer my damn questions!"

"I don’t know what you are talking about, Creg! All’s I know is that I am getting the hell out of here and never speaking to you again! Screw your damn money, I don’t need you anymore!" Gabi is now full of rage herself as she heads for the staircase.

Before another scream is let out, Nicholas appears at the top of the stairs and crosses his arms tightly as he gives Creg a mean glare. "Why are you yelling at my sister like that?"

"Oh, screw you! Your sister is nothing but a lying bitch! She has been sleeping with another man behind my back and now I never want to see her damn face again!" Creg keeps the enraging screams going.

"Oh fuck you, Creg! Believe whatever the hell you want but I am the one leaving right this moment. I am the one breaking up with your miserable ass so I don’t want to even hear a word that you are the one breaking up with me." She gives Creg one final nasty glare before rushing down the stairs and leaving the mansion.

Nicholas also gives Creg an angered glare, but he slowly heads down the staircase. Creg watches as Gabi’s little brother disappears and then a mischievous grin crosses his face. Nobody realizes it yet, but Creg is now armed with juicy information about Todd.

"You aren't rid of me by a longshot, Gabi" Creg smirks as he heads in the direction of his bedroom. "I've got a new revenge plan up my sleeve and the breakup of our pathetic relationship is just the first step of it!" He slams the door behind him.



"Good, tell me everything then." States Luke bluntly as Todd prepares to spill the beans.

Before Todd can say another word there is a sudden knocking at the door followed by the sound of his mother’s voice yelling. Nina doesn’t have a single bone of patience in her body and before Todd can get up to open the door, it comes swinging open with full force as she makes her way in with a flustered face. "Jeez, Todd. You took long enough! Too bad I’m already in the house."

She scoots past her son and into the living room. Her eyes light up when she realizes that Luke is sitting there.

"Mother, is there a reason you are coming barging in here this late at night? Did something happen?" Todd tries hard not to show it but he is relieved that his mother popped in when she did.

"Oh, do I have to have a reason to want to see my son? Is Annie brainwashing you against me now?" Nina rolls her eyes as she then frantically digs through her purse to find her pack of smokes.

"Mom, you know that it’s not true! Stop being so dramatic." Forgetting about the can of Zima he opened moments ago, Todd heads to his fridge and grabs yet another.

By this time, Nina is sitting very closely to Luke on the couch puffing on her cigarette. She gets a suggestive look on her face. "How about you and I go at it upstairs? Come on, it’s the 2000’s. Older woman and young men of your physical peak do stuff like that all the time. What do you think?"

"Mom, leave Luke the hell alone. Don’t you notice that he never called your number that was on the card you gave him? He’s not interested." Todd pops open the tab from his Zima and takes a big chug of it.

Luke’s face then immediately grows red as he rises from the couch. "Nina, I’m sorry. I guess you’re…you’re not my type. Sorry!" He then quickly gives Todd a funny gaze. "Anyway, Todd. I guess I’ll leave you alone to chat with your mother. By the way, I’ll call sometime so we can finish that chat we started."

"Those damn gays!" Nina suddenly yells out of nowhere as she holds the newspaper that was sitting on the adjacent stand by the couch.

Luke quickly turns and gives Nina a puzzled look, "Where in the world did that come from?"

"I said "damn gays"! Did you hear about this big gay pride march they are having tomorrow? It’s horrendous and completely disgusting. I think that a whole island should be made for gays so they can leave the rest of us normal ones alone!" She continues to intently read the front page article with a look of utter disgust.

Todd suddenly gets overwhelmed with a feeling of anger and he realizes that his mother’s bigot comments are making his heart race at lightning speed. What in the hell does she have against gays?

He suddenly finds himself firing comments towards his mother in a tone that sounds just a bit defensive, "Mom, leave your damn opinions to yourself. No-one wants to hear your close-minded views!"

Nina gets a overly horrified expression and then slams the newspaper on the adjacent coffee stand as she rises fromt the couch, "Excuse me, young man? Don’t you ever talk to me in a tone of voice like that! Are you trying to tell me that I raised a son who thinks it’s alright to be a homosexual?" She casts a judgemental expresson towards her son.

Todd's eyes darts from Luke's surprised expression and back to his mother's horrified one. He can feels his cheeks reddening.



The two men wrestle fiercely on the ground of the forest. Mason then punches Zachary straight in the nose knocking him onto his back into the other direction.

Immediately, Zachary ignores his now bleeding nose and darts back upwards knocking Mason backwards onto the ground and the two of them are once again engaged in an intense wrestling match. All of this goes on while the sirens begin to fade off into the distance. The gun still lies very close but is buried slightly under the leaves.


Melissa climbs on top of the nightstand so she can get a peak through the tiny window to see who else is outside. She stands on her tip toes and squints her eyes as she desperately tries to get a look of what is going on. Mason is definitely fighting with someone. Let’s just hope the other guy wins.

Then without notice, she loses her balance on the nightstand and goes flying backwards landing on her butt hard. The wind is knocked out of her and her butt now feels increasingly sore.

 After Melissa manages to catch her breath. She slowly rises from the floor. "I’m definitely going to feel that in the morning." states Melissa bluntly as she stretches herself out a bit and walks slowly to the door and turns the handle. It is, of course, locked. Next, Melissa quickly surveys the room for something to use that could help her get the door open. This is probably my only chance that I’ll have to be able to escape so I have to do this right.

Before she can think any further, the outdoors is filled loudly with the sound of a booming shot of a gun.

Her heart is now beating wildly as she frantically looks for something to use to get the door open. She knows that at any second either someone will be in here to save her or an out of control Mason will be in here holding a smoking gun to her head. Melissa can’t take any more chances. She decides to grab the lamp that adorns the nightstand as a way to beat the doorknob down or even use it as a weapon. Melissa rips the lamp from its place and scurries to the door knob and begins to slam it repeatedly with the object in her hand. Yes! It’s working! She thinks as a huge adrenaline rush continues to energize and fuel her each and every move.

The doorknob then suddenly makes a fall to the ground and hits hard. Next, Melissa excitedly kicks open the door and runs out frantically. As she makes an exit from the cabin, a pair of hands grab tightly upon her shoulders. Her screams then fill the night air as she turns to look into the person’s face…



"You're not answering me! Do you think it's OK to be gay?!", yells Nina.

Todd goes quiet but he is screaming on the inside. He then lets the screams be released to the outside world, "Mother, I want you to leave my house now! I’ve had enough of you!"

She is completely shocked. "I can’t believe this! Why in the hell are you acting like this towards me? You never did answer my question! Do you think it’s alright to be gay?!" Nina’s face is filled with betrayal and rage at the same time.

Luke stands on the sidelines watching. He is at a complete loss at what role he should play in this sudden argument so he decides to keep mum. Maybe I should just leave and let them settle this without me around. He then makes his way towards the door, "Look, Todd. I’m going to go. I’ll let you guys sort this thing out with me gone."

"Take her with you!" Todd yells before chugging down the rest of his bottle of Zima and heading to the fridge for another. He doesn’t care how rude that comment sounded towards Luke. He just wants his mother to be out of sight.

"He doesn’t have to take me. I’m leaving myself! I can’t believe I can’t even depend on my own damn children to give me comfort. I thought I raised you better, Todd. I don’t even know you anymore!" She quickly grabs her purse and exits the house with a slam of the front door.

The whole house is now filled with an eerie silence. Luke’s eyes are locked on Todd, who now has his back facing him. "Todd? Are you alright, man? Your mother must have really upset you."

Todd tries his hardest not to let his true emotions come to the surface and he keeps his back to Luke while he continues to drink the alcohol very fast.

"Luke, I’m fine. Could you please just leave and give me some time alone? I really need it right now."

Luke pauses; I should just listen to him and not press the issue. "Of course, Todd. I’ll leave but I want you to call me if you ever need to talk about something, OK? See you around." Luke gives Todd one last scan before heading to the front door and leaving.

As soon as it closes, Todd turns around. There are tears welling up in his eyes. I didn’t want Luke to see me starting to cry. Then he’d know the truth. I just can’t have that.

He finishes off his latest Zima and slowly trudges for his third one. Images of his childhood come racing through his mind at every angle. He sees his father yelling that he never was going to amount to nothing, his mom yelling that a real boy doesn’t cry, and his parents screaming and cursing to each other. These burdens have weighted him down his entire life and what his mother said has brought all of the bruises to the surface once again. What in the hell am I supposed to do?

A rapid knocking fills Todd’s house. He turns and looks at the door with fury, "Mother, go away! I’m not in the mood for you!"

"It’s not your mom! It’s me, Gabi! Please let me in."

Todd takes a long sip of his alcohol before setting it on the counter. He can already feel the effects of the alcohol setting in but he has come to like that feeling more than ever, he realizes.

Todd lets out a sigh before he slowly opens up the door. He immediately realizes that Gabi was crying because of her red and puffy eyes. "Gabi, you OK?"

"No, I’m not okay! Everything is so wrong with my life. Can you please just hold me and tell me that everything will be alright?" Gabi immediately hugs Todd tightly and falls into another fit of tears.

Todd returns back the hug and also squeezes her tightly. For some reason, there is something extremely comforting in a distraught Gabi wanting him close.


Annie raises her hand on her forehead and looks at her finger that is covered in blood with pure disgust and anger. "That is it! I am pressing charges on you Cassie. There is no fucking way you are going to get away with this!" Annie rises from the ground and looks Cassie straight in the eyes.

Almost on cue, Officer Tyson approaches the group of them. "The restaurant security called me and told me to get the hell over here. May i ask what is going on?"

Annie quickly fills Tyson in: "What is going on is that we have a psycho who needs locked behind bars!" Suddenly Annie grows very dizzy as the pain increases tremendously in her forehead. Before being able to utter another word, things go black and she falls to the floor.

"Annie!" Keith immediately darts to the ground and holds Annie’s head up. He looks Cassie straight in the eye with a shocked look, "See what you did, Cassie? If you would have just calmed the hell down this would not be happening!"

Cassie is still shaking violently and she looks over Annie’s unconscious figure with a mixture of satisfaction and pure anger. "She deserves it!"

"Don’t say that, Cassie!" Eve says as she gives Cassie a scolding look.
By this time, Carl is in doctor mode as he kneels on the floor and tries to get Annie to come to. Keith helps by holding her head up.

While watching the men at work, Eve holds her daughter’s hand tightly as millions of dark thoughts hit her mind. This is the last damn thing this family needs! Haven’t we endured enough hell? If Keith would have just been honest with Cassie this would not be going on!

Suddenly she is overcome with guilt of her own as her mind quickly recaps how so many years she hid her affair with Gary Jackson and the big blow-up of unpleasant things that occurred once Carl finally learned the truth.

All of the patrons of the restaurant surround the scene and have mixed emotions about everything that occurred before their eyes tonight and that keeps playing on: The incident with Keith getting covered in cake, Cassie later spotting Annie and Keith together, and her flipping out and using physical violence which eventually led to Annie lying unconscious on the floor.

"She’s coming to." Carl says in a neutral tone as Annie’s eyes flutter open slowly.

The red head then slowly rises to a sitting position. "What in the hell just happened?" she says weakly.

"There is a bloody gash in your head that knocked you out, Annie. I think you should be alright now, though. I just want to get you to the hospital so we can examine you with the proper equipment and get it bandaged." Carl acts as though he is telling any other patient his prognosis. He is trying as hard as possible to remain neutral though he knows very well that this woman involves his daughter greatly.

As Annie rises from the ground things seem to all quickly come back to her as she places her cold stare to Cassie. "Well, I’m glad a police officer is here because he is hauling your ass out of here and getting you to a jail cell where you belong! Go ahead, officer Tyson. Take Cassie away!"

All eyes then focus on Cassie Jones’ emotionally drained face, including Officer Tyson’s eyes.

Everyone watches as Tyson pulls out a pair of handcuffs. "I’m afraid I am going to have to do just that, Cassie. There is no denying that you were responsible for the injuries cast upon this woman." The African American man makes his way over to Cassie and Eve has no choice but to release the grip on her daughter’s hands as she is handcuffed.