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OCCUPATION: Associate at Jackson Industries


FAMILY: Sister Cynthia Jackson, Brother Creg Jackson, Father Gary Jackson, Mother Elaine Breese, Uncle Brice Jackson


PERSONALITY: Luke is an outgoing, fun, and selfless man who will do anything to help somebody out.




          Luke has always despised his father for the ruthless and controlling man he is. Gary has despised his son Luke for not being that way. He has always been close to his sister Cynthia and has sadly watched as his younger brother evolved into a younger version of his father. His mother Elaine is especially proud of the man Luke has turned out to be. Cynthia and Creg always talk of how their mother plays favorites with him.

          Luke went out with Annie Lansing for a few months and broke up with her after learning that her and Keith Hetricke had developed feelings for each other. In Hawaii, one night while he was drunk, Luke admitted to Annie that he was bisexual. She promised to keep it a secret.

          Luke ended up befriending Annies brother Todd Lansing. Recently, he was shocked when he witnessed a man beating the crap out of Todd. However, Todd swore to him that he wouldnt have to worry about it again. Luke still has his doubts about the situation and is keeping a lookout for his new friend.