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OCCUPATION: Does whatever father tells him to do, Works at Jackson Industries


FAMILY: Father Gary Jackson, Mother Elaine Breese, Brother Luke Jackson, Sister Cynthia Jackson


PERSONALITY: Creg is an arrogant, confident, selfish, and conniving man.




          Creg has followed in his fathers footsteps and is damn proud of it. He doesnt take crap from anyone and will get revenge on anyone who double crosses him. His favorite pass time is teaching people a lesson. The only thing that he didnt inherit from his father was the insecurity. He is as confident as they come and has a warped sense of power over everyone.

          As soon as Creg saw the beautiful Nicole Smith he was enamored with her. During their relationship and growing to care for her he started to turn into a more decent person. However, temptation won out in the end and he ended up sleeping with Gabrielle Kane behind Nicoles back. Nicole eventually found out and dumped him.

          After the breakup, Creg immediately descended into being meaner than ever. He and Gabi have continued their relationship together but he has thought of her mostly as an object he owns. Things really reached a turning point when he learned that Gabi had stolen money from him to help Todd Lansing with something. Since then, he is dead set on getting revenge on both Gabi and Todd for doing this behind his back.