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OCCUPATION: Head of Jackson Industries, Caretaker of half of family fortune and dealings


FAMILY: Brother Brice Jackson, Daughter Cynthia Jackson, Sons Creg and Luke Jackson


PERSONALITY: Gary is a ruthless, stubborn, power-hungry, and insecure man.




          Gary and his younger brother Brice competed for everything while growing up, including women. Gary has always despised his brother and though he would never admit it to anyonehes jealous of Brice.

          Gary has led a life full of secret after secret. He once was married to Elaine Breese but she divorced him in wake of learning of the many torrid affairs he led behind her back. She also had enough of his ruthless and money-hungry personality.  Gary has a son hes never met as a product of one of his affairs. The affair was with an African American woman. He doesnt want his parents learning of this affair because they are fiercely racist and may cut him from his control of the family fortunes. Hed rather if hed never meet his long lost son because he sees the son as an extra burden in his life.

          Gary does care for his children Creg and Cynthia. However, he despises his eldest son Luke. Luke is against everything that Gary is for and Gary cant handle opposition to his views. Because of his stubborn nature, Gary is often depressed and unhappy.

          A woman by the name of Barbara Kane, who went to the same school as he, recently returned in the wake of his divorce with Elaine. The two of them clicked and have been together ever since. He suspects that Barbara is with him only for his money but he doesnt seem to care anymore.