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OCCUPATION(S): Photographer, Movie Director, Businessman


FAMILY: Brother Gary Jackson, Nephews Luke and Creg Jackson, Niece Cynthia Jackson


PERSONALITY: Brice a charming, sarcastic, intelligent, and conniving man




          Growing up, Brice and his older brother Gary have competed over everything. However, Gary always took the competitions more seriously than Brice. Brice sees most things in his life as a small obstacle that you have a fun time tearing down.

          Now that he is older, Brice is quite a renaissance man and can do almost anything there is to do. He is very talented in almost every aspect. His only true weakness is when it comes to women.

          Brice is determined to bring his brother down from the throne of power that their parents handed to Gary. He believes that Gary isnt fit to be in charge of over half of his parents billion dollar legacy.