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OCCUPATION: Model for Jackson Industries


FAMILY: Sister Tara Smith


PERSONALITY: Nicole is a well-rounded, determined, and young-at-heart woman




          Nicole and her sister Tara have always gotten along very well. They even decided to move to Sunrise Bay together.

          Creg Jackson noticed this beautiful woman and told her that she should try out for a modeling position at Jackson Industries. She did it and immediately gained popularity as a local and successful model for the company. She also fell for Creg Jackson in the process. They got very close one night to having sex and she stopped him and embarrassedly admitted she was a virgin. Creg didnt make her do anything she didnt want to do and stopped. However, behind her back he started an affair with Gabrielle Kane. She found out about the affair and kicked him to the curb. This whole event left her devastated and very apprehensive about trusting men. However, she longs to find her prince charming to take her away.