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Episode 45

"Under the Skin"
*In the middle of the hospital, Cassie and Annie got into a physical altercation. Jarrod struggled to break the fight up.
*Annie relayed the great news that Gabi was awake. An excited Todd immediately headed to the hospital, Luke coming as well. Being paranoid about someone learning of their secret relationship, Todd made Luke drive in a separate car. He also had the doors locked three ways. Luke thought that Todd was being ridiculous and showed that with facial expressions.
*Creg planned to shake up the big party Gary was throwing in his own way.

“Whatever went on between us, it’s not like I wanted you dead or anything.” Creg says apprehensively.
Gabi is taken aback by Creg’s show of emotion. Though coming from any other human being’s mouth, those words would be one step above appalling, but being that they are coming from Creg, their weight is multiplied.
Creg begins to pace, “Aren’t you going to say anything?”
Gabi clears her throat and then looks him straight in the eye, “Yes, I was just overcome with shock. I had to compose myself. If I didn’t know any better, you just admitted you care for me.”
Creg immediately looks flustered, “Gabi, why do you have to ruin moments like that? Huh? Can’t you just let me say what I feel without twisting my words around?”
Gabi goes bug-eyed out of complete frustration, “Oh my...oh my...someone give me my inhaler because I’m about to flip a bitch on you! I was stating what you were too proud to say!! Tell me Creg, who taught you that caring for someone was such a horrible thing?!”
Before Creg can answer, there is a series of knocks at the door. Gabi turns her head and is immediately looking into the face of the person she’s wanted to see ever since waking from her coma.
Oh, if it isn’t ambiguously gay duo.” Mutters Creg under his breath as his brother Luke and Todd Lansing slowly make their way in. It is obvious that their slow pace is due to seeing Creg in the room.
Todd seems to suddenly make the choice to ignore Creg’s presence as he darts towards Gabi quickly, wearing a wide smile. Gabi pulls him into a tight hug. Both of them are sincerely happy to be near each other again.
Creg puts on a fake smile and raises his voice a couple notches higher, seemingly impersonating a feminine gay guy, “Oh it’s a reunion! Oh, how I do love reunions!” He fans his face, mocking that he’s weeping. “Dear brother, you wouldn’t happen to have a box of Kleenex on you, now would ya? A tampon would also be nice!”
Luke gives him a “What in the hell?” expression. “Creg, are you running a fever or something?”
Creg brings his voice back to normal, “No, but I’m suddenly nauseous as hell because you two are here.”
Luke steps toward his brother, “What in the world is your problem?”
“My problem is my brother being around this fag 24/7! On top of it, him turning out to be just like him! It sickens me to death.”
Todd feels like a ton of bricks has been pounded at him. He quickly shoots a shocked gaze toward Luke.
“Creg! You’re really ruining this moment for me here.” Gabi yells as she casts Creg a nasty glare. “I happen to want to see these two, if you don’t like them, get the hell out.”
“I’ll gladly leave.” States Creg flatly as he gives the other two one last glare. He opens the door and slams it shut with all his might.
Luke notices Todd’s betrayed expression, “Todd, I know exactly what you’re thinking. I didn’t say a damn word to him. You know Creg and I are not close at all. I would never do something like that.” Creg obviously knows. How the heck did he find out about us?! Damn him.
Gabi is very confused and makes it known, “What exactly just went on here? What’s happened with you three while I was under? None of what went on made sense to me, especially Creg’s odd inspiration to impersonate a drag queen or whatever that was.”
“Don’t worry about it, Gabi.” Says Todd calmly. “Creg was just being a jackass, the only thing he knows how to be.”
Gabi just shakes her head and clasps Todd’s hands, looking him straight in the eyes. “You’re right. Anyway, you don’t know how happy I feel right now to be seeing you again. I had countless dreams about you.”
Luke quickly makes his way toward the door, “I’m going to give you two alone time.”
Todd slowly nods his head. “OK.”
After Luke leaves, Todd brings his attention back to Gabi, “Anyway, you dreamt about me? How sweet of you.”
Gabi smiles wide. “Yeah I did—as lame as that sounds. You can imagine my surprise when I woke up and found out that my dreaming didn’t have to be over.”
Todd is confused, “What do you mean by that?”
“Our baby, silly! You and I are having a child. This is definitely a dream I never will wake up from.”
Todd steps back from the bed out of instinct—a sudden knot in his stomach.

Annie tries to hold her rage but is having trouble doing it. She steps toward Cassie, “You don’t know a damn thing about me so I’d advise you keep your mouth shut.”
Cassie makes a mocking face, “Oh, did I strike a nerve, miserable slut?”
Annie gives into the rage and slaps Cassie square across the face. Cassie immediately lunges toward Annie pushing her toward the floor. Both of their arms go flailing in every direction as they both slap each other repeatedly. Jarrod tries to break the angry women off of each other. Lacey and Amy watch in complete shock.
Cassie has Annie pinned on the floor while Jarrod is trying to pull her off.. “You are going to get what you deserve, Annie!! I hate you!”
Just as Cassie lunges toward Annie’s throat in an attempt to choke her, Jarrod finally manages to pull her off and restrain her. “Cassie, chill the hell out!”
Annie quickly jumps up and rubs her neck where Cassie’s red finger marks reside. “Why are you not in a mental ward?! WHY?! I swear, if I have to make it my duty in life, I will make sure you are permanently committed!”
“Annie, just go somewhere else! Both of you need to calm the hell down!” screams Jarrod as he continues to hold Cassie back.
Amy and Lacey exchange glances, “Wow. That’s all I can say.” Says Lacey as she is glued to the commotion. “I feel like I’m in high school right now watching two bimbo cheerleaders fight over some pathetic jock. This is what I always tell you, Amy. Men aren’t worth it at all. I wish you would learn that. Hopefully after what Jarrod did to you, you have. I’m still surprised we’ve been showing him so much support through this whole thing.”
Amy gives her best friend an annoyed expression, “Lacey, I never asked for your take on how I’m handling this situation. Last time I checked, you were here with me showing support to Jarrod.”
Lacey sighs, “Guess you got me there. On a random note, I can’t believe Annie Lansing supposedly stole a guy from this Cassie freak.”
“Oh because Annie Lansing is an award winning fashion designer and award winning fashion designers don’t do that!” Amy states in an exaggerated sarcastic tone.
“Hey, you’re mean. I can’t help that I think the woman is a fashion genius. I can’t believe I served her at the restaurant and forgot to give her the desert menus twice. I’m such an idiot. There goes my chances of ever breaking in the business.”
Amy rolls her eyes, “Lacey, you’re so funny sometimes, I swear. Besides, if you haven’t already put two and two together, Jarrod’s dad is dating Annie. Now at the risk of sounding like we’re using Jarrod, this could definitely be to your advantage.”
A light bulb goes off in her head, “He’s dating Annie? Oh my gosh... You’re right.”
Meanwhile things with Cassie, Annie, and Jarrod have calmed down. Jarrod has let Cassie break from his grip.
She defiantly glares at Annie, “Now if you’d excuse me, I’d like to pay Keith a visit.”
“Not so fast, Cassie.” States Jarrod firmly. “I need to have a big talk with you.” He quickly glances at Amy and then back at Cassie. “I think you know what it’s about.”
Cassie looks in the other direction, crossing her arms, obviously not wanting to discuss anything.
“Damnit!” Cynthia sits in the driver’s seat of her stalled car, wearing a pissed expression. “What in the hell was that noise?! I don’t even want to know.”She wipes her forehead and then grudgingly makes her way out of the convertible.
Cynthia doesn’t notice a shirtless Jasper Grey watching her from the yard. He is busy hosing off Derek’s car. While watching her, he gets the sense he’s seen her before. Hmmm, she’s not bad looking. Oh man, I can hear her cursing like a sailor a mile away. Wonder if I should go help her? Nah, this is much more entertaining.
Cynthia notices the culprit of the horrific car noise when she notices her rear tire looks as though it was put in a blender. She bends down and apprehensively she reaches her hand out to touch it. “Now how in the hell did this happen?” She immediately jerks her hand back when she realizes a black substance is now covering her hands. “Gross!”
She stands up and scans her surroundings, immediately noticing Jasper staring at her from the yard. As her eyes catch with him, he quickly turns his head and starts scrubbing the window.
“Hey you!” she screams from her spot about 14 yards away. “You look like you know something about cars! Can you help me?!”
Jasper decides to have fun with her and act like he can’t hear what she’s saying. He points to his ear and shakes his head, “Can’t hear ya!”
Cynthia rolls her eyes and begins to cross the road towards the yard. A speeding car suddenly comes out of nowhere, scaring the hell out of her. She bolts as fast as she can to the other side of the road, narrowly missing being hit. “WHAT AN ASS!” She flips off the car that is long gone in the distance.
“Holy shit." Jasper says as he drops his hose, watching Cynthia almost get slammed into by the speeding vehicle.
She picks up her pace till she is next to Jasper. “Did you just see that idiot? He could have killed me!”
“Yeah, too bad I didn’t get his license plate number. Anyway, do you need help with something?”
Cynthia points toward her car, “Obviously I do. Don’t you notice the broken down convertible on the side of the road?”
Jasper notices the bitchy tone to her voice and his eyes widen as he pretends to just have seen her vehicle. “Wow, you’re right, there is a broken down car on the side of the road. What do you want me to do about it?”
“Well, my tire is broke or something. You wouldn’t happen to know how to fix tires,  would you? I’d be very grateful if you could help a girl in need.” She proceeds to put on a puppy dog look.
“Well I’m actually in the middle of my own car issues right now if you didn’t notice.” Jasper states in smug tone as he once again turns on the hose.
Cynthia crosses he arms. “Are you serious? You’re not going to help me? Come on! I left my cell phone at home and my tire is somehow in shreds down there.”
A grin forms on Jasper’s face, “Well...there is one thing you could do that would inspire me to look at your tire.”
“Oh my gosh, I’d do anything! What would you want?” Cynthia says, not catching Jasper’s naughty tone of voice.
Jasper is having the time of his life teasing with her, “First, give me your name.”
“Oh, I’m Cynthia. What’s your name?” She says it with a cheery tone but in her mind she’s overcome with annoyance, Why does this dude want to make small talk? I swear he’s hitting on me.
“Oh the name is Jasper.” After reciting his name, he immediately focuses all his attention back on washing Derek’s car.
Cynthia begins waving her hands in front of his face, “Um, hello? Earth to Jasper! What are you doing?”

“What’s it look like I’m doing, I’m washing a car.”
“You’ve got to be kidding me! What kind of guy are you? Guys are supposed to help a woman out when she needs it! You said that you’d fix my tire and then you ignore me the next second. Jasper, what is the deal? Also, what in the hell kind of name is Jasper?”
Jasper wears an exaggerated appalled expression, “Don’t you go dissing my Mom’s choice of name! Oh man, I’m definitely not going to help you with your car after that.”
Cynthia lets out a loud “grrr” sound, “I’ve only known you for like 5 minutes but I find you to be absolutely intfuriating!” Cynthia stomps her feet and walks toward the beach house, “Is there any decent person inside? I’m going to give my dad a call. At least my father is a gentleman!”
Jasper can’t help but burst into laughter. “You are quite the piece of work, Miss Cynthia."
"Well, you're quite a jackass!"
Jasper feigns betrayal while turning off the hose. "Fine, you got me. I'll go take a look at your car."
Cynthia stops dead in her tracks and turns around. "You know what I think? I think you just wanted to argue with me." She begins walking in the direction of her car, Jasper following behind.
"Well there's nothing like an argument with a woman to get the adrenaline pumping."
Cynthia gives him an eye roll, "Whatever, you're strange. Anyway, I have a big party to help set up. Get me back in motion."
Jasper just shakes his head and bends down to look over the shredded tire.
Creg is about to step through the automatic doors to exit the hospital until Luke pulls him around with a hard yank of his shoulder.
"What in the hell was that all about in there?" questions a furious Luke.
Creg pushes Luke back, "What do you think it was about?"
Luke shakes his head, casting him a disgusted glare. "What is your problem, Creg. Seriously! You always have a stick up your ass!"
"Ohhh no, now there's where you're off. It's you who has a stick up your ass....among other things." Creg's expression makes it appear he has to vomit.
Luke crosses his arms firmly. It is apparent to him that Creg somehow found out about his secret relationship with Todd. Every innuendo and joke Creg seems to make leans toward it.
"Don't worry, Luke. I'll keep your vomitworthy secret hush hush...for now."
Luke feigns ignorance, "What secret?"
"I can see right through you. Don't play dumb with me. I know of you and Todd's little lovefest going on."
Luke no longer has to wonder. Creg's words confirm his knowledge. He swallows hard. He knew it would come out sooner or later but never expected someone to know so soon.
"Cat got your tongue? Oh, never mind, Todd's tongue does. I can't believe you're my older brother, no wonder Dad is so ashamed of you. He probably sensed you were nothing but fairy all along."
"I don't give a damn what Dad thinks!" Luke's raised voice emits glances and whispers among the surrounding people.

Creg grins as he realizes him and Luke are causing a commotion. He raises his voice a little louder as he continues: "Well it's not only Dad that you're gonna have to worry about. Anyway, speaking of Dad, he just called me. It seems he'd like his favorite son help with the finishing touches of tonight's gathering. Be sure that you and your boyfriend Todd make it to the event. I have a feeling you'll be in for a fun time." At that, Creg finishes his path out the main doors and into the humind afternoon air.
Luke just stands in the same spot with his fists clenched. His heart is racing. A feeling of dread overcomes his body. Creg was planning something, he could feel it in his veins. Screw him! I don't feel threatened by him. Todd and I are going to that party tonight just as he wants us to and we're gonna face whatever is up his sleeve. I'm not letting my asshole brother have the satisfaction of getting to me.