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Episode 41

"Sound The Alarm"
*Todd and Luke confessed their feelings for each other and sealed the deal by sharing a very passionate kiss, both falling onto the couch.
*After Cassie showed Jarrod proof of Keith's lies via Shayla's diary, she seduced him into a passionate kiss. Jarrod, full of hurt and betrayal, moved the kiss to the couch.
*Melissa noticed that Tom and Tara were acting strangely.
*Creg learned that Gabi was pregnant and that he could be the baby's father. He also overheard Luke and Todd discussing plans to discuss "a reaction" at Todd's place.

Annie brings the steaming hot coffee to her lips as she surveys the moderate-sized crowd filling the small restaurant. After setting her cup down, her eyes look across the table at her younger brother.

"So, Todd. What's got you in such a cheery mood today? You look like you are going to combust with excitement."

A dimpled grin forms on Todd's face as he flashbacks to the previous night and the passionate make-out session him and Luke shared. Yesterday was phenomonal for him. He finally came clean about his sexuality to someone. He now feels on cloud nine after losing the heavy shackles of his secret. Besides for the nagging knowledge that he could be the father of Gabi's baby, the world is perfect for Todd Lansing.

He finally speaks: "Yeah, I guess you could say I'm in a good mood. My early shift at the Sentinel went awesome. I finally completed this huge article I was doing for Elaine Breese about the official opening of Javas Shores."

Annie nods her head and gets a a calculative expression in her gaze. "So that's it? How disappointing. I was hoping you'd say there was a new hot girl in your life."

Todd shakes his head rapidly while the image of Luke Jackson continues to dance around in his head. More like new hot guy! Oh man, I can't wait to see Luke again.

"I seriously don't get it, Todd! You are such a hottie! How in the hell do you have such a hard time finding somebody?"

"I have no idea. Don't ask me." Todd tries to feign confusion at the state of his "desolate" love life.

"You know what? I've had enough of seeing you constantly solo. It's an injustice to all the single women of Sunrise Bay! Todd Lansing, you are going to be leaving this restauarant with a woman's number and I don't care if I'm the one who has to get it for you!"

Todd's heart jumps, "No, Annie. Please don't tell me you're..."

He cuts his sentence short while watching Annie signal toward an incoming Lacey Ulrich.

Lacey looks toward Annie, "Can I get you something else?"

"Funny you should ask, Lacey. Lacey, what a pretty name that is."

"Um, thank you. First time I've ever had a customer compliment me on my name." How many crazy people go to this restaurant? Does this woman have a point? She then turns her head toward Todd. At least the guy she's with is eye candy.

Annie motions toward Todd, "My brother here was just telling me how attractive he found you."

Todd's eyes bulge. "Annie!" Immediate red washes over his face.

Lacey lets out a high pitched giggle and then tosses her hair. Wow, this could be your lucky day Lacey. If you stop giggling like a heyena that is! "Oh really? Your brother, you say?"

"Yes, could you do the honors of giving him your number?" Annie eagerly questions while cradling her coffee mug.

Todd decides to play along and casts Lacey a wide grin, "Yeah, would you mind sparing it?"

Oh my god, look at the dimples on him! She proceeds to pull out her order pad. "I usually don't do this but what the heck--" Lacey writes her telephone number across the top and rips it out. "I also expect the same from you, if that's not asking too much."

"You read my mind." smiles Todd as he forces a wide grin. Annie, why do you do the things you do?! He grabs a napkin from the middle of the table, flashing his sister a quick expression of disapproval. He gives Lacey the napkin with his digits scrawled on it.

"Why thank you...um, I never got your name."

Todd briefly hesitates but spills out his name to the young woman: "Todd. It's Todd Lansing."

"Well I'm Lacey Ulrich. Hope to hear from you soon, Todd. Anything else I can get you two?"

Annie's eyes look to Lacey's empty hands, "A desert menu would be nice, being that I did ask for it the last time you were around here. It seems as though you never can remember that menu when I'm here. However, being that you made my brother's day, I can forgive you."

"I'm so sorry I forgot it! I'll be right back." exclaims Lacey as she gives Todd another glance and heads off.

As soon as Lacey is out of earshot, Todd reprimands Annie, "I can't believe you just did that!"

Annie shrugs her shoulders, "Hey, I'm sorry if I'm hungry for a little desert. Besides, I'm not the one who's forgetting menus for my customers."

Todd rolls his eyes, "You know what I'm yelling at you about."

Annie gets a wicked expression, "I did you a favor. That girl could be my future relative, if you catch my drift." Just after saying the sentence, Annie's eyes pick up on a familiar older man across the room. "Oh my god..."

Todd notices his sister's sudden change in demeanor, "What's wrong, Annie? Who are you looking at?"

Annie's heart rate rapidly increases as she swallows hard. She casts Todd an expression of pure fear, "We have to get out of here right now."

At that moment a beaming Lacey Ulrich approaches the table with the desert menu. Confusion plasters her expression when she notices Todd and Annie quickly jump from their seats. "Not interested in desert anymore?"

"I'm real sorry about this, Lacey. Something real important just came up." Annie quickly digs through her wallet in search of money. She quickly pulls out a fifty and places it in Lacey's hands. "You can keep the change."

"Wow, thanks. You two have a wonderful day." Lacey says as she notices something is sticking to the fifty. She is about to say something about it but realizes that Todd and Annie have made a very fast exit already. She realizes the sticky piece of paper is a business card declaring Annie's position as head fashion designer at Jackson Industries. Wow, that was Annie Lansing?! I can't believe I didn't make the connection. I have been following her work for the longest time. A surge of excitement rushes through Lacey's veins. Well if things don't work out with her brother, there's no harm in befriending Annie, is there?


Melissa Hetricke's high heels click through the long hallway as she carries a financial report for Jackson Industries. Her mind is running amok with thoughts about last night and this morning. Tom wasn't acting the same last night and Tara sure wasn't as well. Her worry increased a half hour ago after recieving a voice mail from Tom saying that the two of them needed to have a serious talk when she got home from work. What could be so urgent? I was hoping for a quiet evening once I got back since Mom and Dad are keeping Philip overnight. Sounds like that won't be happening. Blah!

Melissa notices an approaching Luke and Creg Jackson and a warning sign goes off in her head: Dammit! I'm supposed to be heading to that important meeting right now. She gives the two a slight smile, though she tries to gear it towards Luke only. Creg is such a sick pig. I can't stand to look at him!

"I think you're heading in the wrong direction, Melissa." Creg says dryly. "As I recall, the meeting is being held this way." He points toward the door that lies at the end of the hall behind her.

Melissa gives him a cold expression, "I don't need directions. I was going to get a quick drink from the water fountain before going, that's why I'm headed this way."

Luke speaks before Creg can come up with another cocky statement, "No problem, Melissa. There's no rule against getting a drink before an important meeting. Actually, I'd advise it. Our biggest competitor is in there and we're all going to need to have our speaking voices in top shape."

"Exactly. I'm glad you and I are on the same wavelength, Luke." says Melissa as she quickly makes her way toward the fountain.

Creg and Luke continue their route toward the meeting room. "Melissa Hetricke is such a bimbo. Why is she still working here? If I have to see that lost look in her eyes any longer-- I swear I'm going vomit." mutters Creg with an annoyed tone.

Luke glares at Creg, "What the hell is your problem anyway? Melissa Hetricke has done alot for this company. I swear you need to go on Prozac or something. Actually, deflating your ego might solve the issue."

Creg gives Luke a furious glare, "Give me a break "holier than thou" Luke. If anyone has an ego, it's you. I'm surprised that you can have any pride after what you did." He immediately clenches his fist and shuts his mouth. Watch it, Creg! You can't let Luke on to what you know. Speaking of vomitting, I don't know how much longer I can look at him after witnessing him make out with Todd Lansing last night.

Luke gives Creg a confused expression, "What I did?! What in the hell are you talking about?" Luke can't help but raise his voice. "If I remember correctly, I'm not the one who got someone pregnant and then broke up with her."

"We don't even know if I'm the father, dumbass. Shut your mouth. You are conveniantly forgetting that your best buddy Todd could also be the dad!" Yeah, best buddy, more like butt buddy! How do I share the same genes with this freak?!

Melissa approaches the two arguing men with full caution. "Creg? Luke? You might want to keep it down. Your dad is on his way and he doesn't look so peachy. Come to think of it, your father hasn't looked peachy in a long time."

Creg winces at Melissa, "Glad you're studying his behavior. Whatever, we'll finish this fight later, Luke." He quickly makes his way into the room where the meeting is being held.

Luke turns to Melissa, "I'm sorry about Creg's attitude towards you. I'm sure you've learned by now that Creg thinks he's the only person on the planet."

Melissa nods. "Yeah, I learned that a long time ago. The first clue was when he callously cheated on my best friend's sister."

At that comment, Gary Jackson intercedes Melissa and Luke. "Let's get this meeting rolling. We have a huge party to plan and I want everything perfect to the very last detail."

Luke and Melissa exchange confused glances. The fact that a party is needing to be planned is news to them.


I slept with my dad's ex girlfriend. What in the hell is wrong with me?!

The thought has been eating away at Jarrod Hetricke's mind and soul ever since it happened. It was a moment of complete weakness and irrationality that he wishes he could take back. It was the last thing that should have happened, especially considering the situation.

The doorbell interrupts his string of thoughts. It is followed by a series of hard-hitting knocks. Next, Jarrod feels a nervous dizziness as the cry of an upset Amy fills the air. He slowly opens the door, preparing for the worst.

Amy's tear-stained and pitiful face comes into his view. "You are like every other man, aren't you?!" She proceeds to slap Jarrod full force across the cheek, leaving behind an immediate red welt as proof.

Jarrod brings his hand to his face, "What in the hell are you talking about, Amy?! Chill out!"

"Don't tell me to chill out! Cassie Jones told me everything about you having sex with her! I can't believe I thought we had some kind of deep connection! You are nothing but piece of rotten scum!"

Cassie turned around and told Amy?! Jarrod doesn't even feign innocence with Amy, knowing that he's sick of lies, especially considering the fact that he learned of all the lies his dad has been telling him his entire life. Jarrod lets out a big sigh and swallows hard.

"Just admit it, Jarrod! You slept with her, didn't you?!"

Jarrod slowly nods, "Yes, we had sex. It only happened once though, I swear."

"Oh, how wonderful, only once! Do you think I'm going to forgive you just because it happened one time? You're so pathetic, I can't believe I opened up to you."

Jarrod feels tears rushing to his eyes. The weight of everything that's happened within the past couple days has finally taken it's toll on him. Each ounce of anger, guilt, shame, and betrayal is hitting him full force like a ton of bricks.

Amy watches as Jarrod begins to bawl. She is taken aback by his sudden burst of emotion and apparent despair. She walks back a couple steps out of instict, her stare focused on the pathetic scene of Jarrod crying his eyes out. She feels a twinge of empathy stir inside her as much as she doesn't want to give him any remote piece of remorse. After all, she's the one who got stabbed in the back. Still, a part of her has realized Jarrod hasn't been himself the past couple of days. She can't deny the urge to question him about why he hasn't been himself and what brought on his current emotional outpour, highly doubting the tears stem from him being confronted about cheating.

Jarrod glances at her through his watery eyes, "Why are you still here?! Huh? You shouldn't even want to look at me. I'm so sorry, Amy. I'm nothing but a fuck up who hurt someone he truly cared about."

Amy steps closer to him and begins to rub his shoulder, "Look, Jarrod. I'm still infuriated with you but I have too much of a conscience to leave you outside of the apartment like this. I can tell that something has been eating away at you. Let's go inside and talk. You need to get it off your chest."

Jarrod is stunned as Amy leads him into the apartment. What kind of girl slaps a guy for cheating and then a few minutes later offers comfort to that same guy? A perfect and selfless person, that's what kind of girl.

Amy motions Jarrod to sit down on the sofa. She sits next him and continues to rub his shoulder. "Tell me, Jarrod. What happened to you?"

Jarrod wipes his puffy eyes, "Amy, why are you being nice to me? I'm nothing but a jackass, I don't deserve any of your time."

"I know you are nothing but a jackass. I couldn't agree more with that name. However, I also know that something hasn't been right with you. Tell me about it." Amy is completely sincere. She looks Jarrod straight in the eyes, awaiting his response.

Jarrod lets out a deep sigh and glances to the ground, noticing his deceased mother's diary is lodged between the sofa and coffe table. At the sight of it, words come spilling out of his mouth: "My Dad has been lying to me my entire life. Everything I've thought to be true has been nothing but a lie."

Amy slowly nods as she absorbs his words, "What did your Dad lie to you about?"

While Amy asks the question, they both don't notice Keith slowly opening the front door.

Jarrod tries to fight a new stream of tears but loses the battle. He chokes a response through them: "He isn't my real dad. My whole life I thought he was. In fact, he isn't even the man I thought he was. No, it turns out he likes to abuse women and down alcohol in his free time. So Amy, you shouldn't be so surprised at what I did to you. Look at who I was raised by."

Keith swings the door the remaining distance and quickly enters the living room of the apartment. He speaks up over Jarrod: "You were raised by somebody who loves you, Jarrod. Please, don't ever doubt that!"

Jarrod jumps from his spot by Amy, wearing a look that is a mix of anger, hatred, and betrayal. Amy gets a chill as she watches him look his father straight in the eye. "I can't believe you. How dare you say you love me when you hid something like this."

Keith feels speechless, not knowing how to respond. Amy feels overcome with worry, sensing that this is going to end up ugly.


Completely ignoring the speed limit, Annie speeds the car down the winding road through downtown Sunrise Bay. Fear still lingers in her eyes and Todd absorbs his sister's expression, still baffled by their sudden exit from Shirley's Bar and Grille.

"Annie, when do you plan on telling me what in the hell happened back there?!" Todd questions with a loud voice as he's overcome with frustration by her sudden "silent mode."

Annie swallows hard, appearing to focus every ounce of energy to the road ahead. After a few more moments of muteness she finally speaks up: "I saw someone there that I didn't want to see. That is it, Todd."

Todd shakes his head, "You know that's not good enough of an answer. Who did you see?"

Annie tightens her grip on the steering wheel as the image of the familiar man flashes through her mind. She inhales deeply, "Todd, it's nobody you know."

Todd swears he sees Annie's eyes begin to water. "But it's obviously someone you know and this person scares the hell out of you!"

Annie presses down on the brake as they arrive at a stop light. Her eyes worriedly scan the scenery outside of the automobile. "Come on, you damn green light. Hurry the hell up!"

Todd studies his sister in silence. I've never seen her so freaked. I have to figure out who she saw.

The light finally turns green, allowing Annie to accelerate forward. Relief washes over her expression as she picks up the speed once again.

"You better slow down." Todd states as he grips the side of his seat.

She completely ignores him, pressing even harder on the gas pedal. Moments later, police sirens fill the air while a police car appears behind them. Her speeding doesn't cease. She drives faster, a look of fear plastered over her eyes, appearing to ignore the persistent sirens.

"Damnit, Annie! Now you've got yourself a speeding ticket." Todd mutters in frustration. "Pull over already! Why are you driving faster? Are you nuts?"

"Shut up, Todd! Just shut up! You don't know what that horrible man did to me! I was just a little--" Annie stops in mid sentence, tears flowing. A shaky tension decorates her tone. She abruptly slams on the brakes and pulls over to the side of the road.

Todd stares at his nerve-ridden sister in disbelief, "What did that man do to you? Oh my god, Annie. Look, we'll talk about this after you get your ticket and we get back to my place."

Annie wipes her eyes, nodding slowly. Her heart is racing a million miles a second. She watches in her rear view mirror as the police officer exits his car and walks toward her own vehicle. However, she isn't there getting  a speeding ticket, she's in a world of disbelief and anger with frenzied thoughts eating at her: I thought he was dead! Why couldn't he be dead? I thought I killed that bastard...