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OCCUPATION: Doctor at Sunrise Bay Hospital


FAMILY: Wife Eve Jones, Daughters Melissa Jones Hetricke and Cassie Jones, Grandson Philip Hetricke, Son-in-law Tom Hetricke


PERSONALITY: Carl is a protector first and foremost. He is very caring and dedicated as well.




He met the love of his life Eve Jones when he treated her for injuries from a car accident. The two eventually got married and had twin daughters named Cassie and Melissa.

          His world was shook a couple years ago when the truth of his wifes affair with rich man Gary Jackson came to the surface. He was hurt more than ever. However, his sense of dedication won out in the end and he forgave Eve and promised to be loyal to her till the day he died. The two now are closer than ever.

          His main concern nowadays are his daughtersmainly Cassie. Cassie has had a history with mental issues and was once committed for trying to kill her sister. Carl has deep resentment for Keith Hetricke because he fears he is the reason that Cassie is getting driven to mental illness again. He is determined to get his daughter help before its too late.