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Jasper Grey


Occupation: Currently seeking employment
Family: Cousins Tara and Nicole Smith
Personality: Jasper is a cocky, troublemaking, and insecure man.
Jasper Grey came from a single parent home where he never knew his father. His mom was a struggling alcoholic who would go through boyfriend after boyfriend. The only stability Jasper managed to find was in his cousins Tara and Nicole's home.
Jasper met Lacey Ulrich at high school when she was the new kid in seventh grade and they immediately clicked.  They started dating and about a year after he got her pregnant. Jasper's insecurities caused him to be a controlling and abusive boyfriend to Lacey. She gave birth to a baby boy and named him Connor. Per Lacey's adoptive parent's orders, she was to break off ties with Jasper. Lacey was forced to drop out of school and one night Jasper kidnapped baby Connor. He ended up being returned but Lacey held a permanent fear that Jasper would return to take away Connor.
Jasper has gone to Sunrise Bay to get reaquainted with his cousins and hopefully find a job to settle down. He has absolutely no idea that Lacey also resides in Sunrise Bay.