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Melissa Hetricke


OCCUPATION: Business Associate at Jackson Industries


FAMILY: Husband Tom Hetricke, Son Philip Hetricke, Brother-in-law Keith Hetricke,  Nephew Jarrod Hetricke, Father Carl Jones, Mother Eve Jones, and Sister Cassie Jones


PERSONALITY: Melissa is a compassionate and sometimes nosy woman. She cares deeply for her friends and family and wants to help them whatever way she can.




            At age 16, Melissas innocence was lost forever when her boyfriend Mason Heights raped her. She learned she was pregnant and made the excruciatingly hard decision to have an abortion. She came clean about everything to her mother and father and they were there to console her.

            For years she closed up and refused to date any man. That is until she met Tom Hetricke. She eventually opened up to him, though she kept her rape and abortion a secret. They fell in love and ended up getting married. They had their first child, a son, and named him Philip. She recently came clean with the whole story to Tom about her ordeal. He was hurt that she felt she couldnt have opened up about it sooner and is now trying to cope with that and be there for Melissa. In the meantime, Melissa has been being stalked by a mysterious man who everyone believes is Mason returned. Melissa and everyone is in fear for what the man is capable of doing.