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Episode 30


*Cassie went running to Jarrod for comfort. She had Shayla's diary in her purse, hoping to use it in her plan to turn Jarrod against his father.

*Cynthia insisted that she'd get a job just like an "everyday citizen".

*Luke tried his best to comfort Todd through the sadness he was feeling over Gabi's car accident.



"What’s in your hand, Cassie?" Jarrod questions curiously as he makes his way out to the kitchen.

"If you would like to know so badly, Jarrod. It’s my phone number and address book." She slips Shayla's diary back into her purse. "Look I think I’m going to leave because it is ever-so-obvious that you don’t want me here." Cassie lays it on thick as she grabs her purse from the counter and makes her way towards the front door of the apartment.

Jarrod rolls his eyes. He can’t help but think that Cassie has some hidden agenda. However, a part of him feels real bad for Cassie. After all, it was his own father who caused her all the heartbreak she is feeling now. Maybe he should do something for her to help her feel better about things. But what is he supposed to do?

"Cassie, wait. Don’t leave." He rushes up to her and extends his hand to touch her shoulder. She stops in her tracks and slowly turns around and looks the young man in the face.

"Why would you want me to stay? I’m nothing but a big pain to you." Cassie says in a slightly childish voice.

"Of course you’re not a pain to me, Cassie. Can’t you understand why I’d be so taken by surprise that you showed up here to talk to me? Look, I want to help you in any way I can. So what can I do for you?" Jarrod’s tone is sincere.

So far it’s working…. Cassie pauses and looks at her hands with an unusual amount of attention. She eventually lets her eyes meet the young man’s again.

"Look, there is something I need you to keep secret. Please, you gotta promise me that you won’t tell anyone! Do you swear not to? Because what I have to say cannot get out in the open."  A single tear trails down her face as she says this.


Cynthia enters the crowded restaurant and is greeted with the sound of the breakfast crowd at full throttle. Varied chatter is mixed in with a light acoustic tune as background noise. She meanders through the various patrons of the restaurant enjoying conversation, and the ham and cheese omelet special. After spotting her desired spot, she makes her way through the smoking section, letting out a deep cough on her way through. She glares at an older aged man who is puffing away on a cigar and who she swears is checking her out.

Cynthia arrives at the front and wipes her watered eyes. How am I gonna deal with these addicted imbeciles? Oh well, Cynthia. You can do this. You are going to get a job just like every other American citizen.

She spots a blonde waitress busily cleaning off a table and decides to call her attention, "Excuse me? Can you tell me who to talk to about getting a job?"

Lacey Ulrich wipes the last dirty spot on the table and immediately recognizes the voice’s source. If it isn’t my neighbor’s bitchy girlfriend. She puts on her usual fake smile and approaches Cynthia, "Hi neighbor. Would you like me to give you a resume to fill out?"

"Wait, did you just call me neighbor?" Cynthia wears a confused expression.

"Yes, I don’t believe we’ve been formally introduced. Your boyfriend Nicholas came over and introduced himself to me. I’m Lacey." Lacey reaches out her hand.

Cynthia slowly reaches for it and briefly shakes it before pulling back. "So Nicholas went over to your house and welcomed himself to the neighborhood? I swear, he does such weird things sometimes."

Lacey wipes her hands on her apron, "Well I thought it was sweet of him. Anyway, you still want a resume?"

Did I ask if what Nicholas did was sweet? And look at her hair, does she look at herself in the mirror in the morning? Cynthia then breaks from thought, "Do I really have to fill one of them thingies out? Look, I know how to walk back and forth and write down orders. It can’t be that hard."

Whoa, bitch mode switch is definitely on again. Is this girl for real? "Um, I’m sorry but you can’t just be hired by saying you have the skills required. We all have to fill out a resume. I didn’t make up the rules." Lacey’s patience with Cynthia has quickly gone back to zero.

Cynthia rolls her eyes, "I assumed that you didn’t make the rules of the restaurant. I just thought you could maybe bend the rules a little, neighbor." She puts emphasis on the last word.

Lacey lets out a chuckle, "Oh my gosh, I’m a waitress. Do you think I’m the one hiring the people here? I can’t bend any of the rules–even for my wonderful neighbor."

Cynthia crosses her arms and shakes her head, "Fine, get me a resume. Do you have pen? I guess I’ll fill the stupid thing out right here."

Meanwhile, The door to the kitchen comes flying open and owner Shirley Ducane steps out. She is a middle aged woman with curly red hair. Freckles decorate almost every inch of her pudgy face. Her green eyes are drawn to where Cynthia and Lacey are standing. Cynthia’s identity immediately clicks within her brain. For years, Shirley has found herself highly intrigued by the very rich Jackson family. Every event and piece of gossip concerning them is known to her. She even saves newspaper clippings that have anything to do with them, whether it be a charity event Gary is hosting or the latest modeling convention for Jackson Industries.

She quickly rushes over to where they are standing and gives Cynthia a worried expression while holding out her hands, "Oh my god, is your boyfriend’s sister OK?"

Cynthia is taken aback, "Who are you and why do you want to know?"


"Come on, give me my twinkie! You stupid thing." Luke yells at the snack machine as though it will listen to him. He shakes his head in disgust. Damn thing ate my dollar!

He then surveys the hospital cafeteria to make sure that nobody is watching. He then gives the machine a swift whack and miraculously it spits out his snack.

"So you like abuse, eh?" He smiles as he reaches for his twinkie. As he is unwrapping it, he spots Todd coming towards the same machine. Todd is wearing a tight white t-shirt which shows his defined muscular figure, along with a pair of decently tight blue jeans that look as though they are Calvin Klein’s to Luke. Todd’s eyes then lock onto his. He realizes Todd notices he was checking him out. Luke quickly turns his head

"You alright?" questions Todd. I swear Luke was just looking me over.

"Umm, yeah. Of course I am." Luke says quickly. He had to of noticed. "So has Gabi’s condition changed?" He hopes the abrupt subject change doesn’t seem obvious to Todd.

"Well, no. I really wish it would though. I can’t take this waiting anymore." Todd’s intensity returns in full throttle. He quickly forgets his suspicions that Luke was checking him out.

"Todd, you really need to stop blaming this on yourself, man. You are way too damn hard on yourself." Luke takes a big bite of his twinkie and unknowingly it leaves cream on the side of his mouth.

Todd’s eyes focus in on the stray cream at the side of Luke’s mouth. He is hearing the words but for some reason he can only focus on the filling of the twinkie. He begins to feel an uncontrollable laughing urge coming on. He has been in strict "serious mode" for eternity it seems and suddenly the sight of the cream has thrownhim into laughing mode.

Luke gives Todd a confused look. "What is so funny, Todd?"

Through his giggling fit, he can only point to the side of Luke’s mouth. He realizes that this laughter is uncalled for but he can’t control it.

Luke seems to catch the bug as he catches Todd’s drift. He raises his right hand and wipes the stray cream. "Jeez, Todd. You look as though you are going to laugh yourself into cardiac arrest! It’s only stray twinkie cream. Nothing too hilarious."

 However, Luke falls into the laughter as well. People all glare from their various tables at the two grown men laughing like little children.

After both of them catch their breath they share brief eye contact and a wide smile, "Wow that was way more laughter than the situation called for. I’m telling ya." He then pulls out some quarters from his pocket. "I’ll be sure not to get the twinkies."

"Yeah. We wouldn’t want to embarrass ourselves again in front of all these people." Luke says sarcastically. "Hey, about what I said before the laughter fit. Don’t you agree with me? You are too hard on yourself."

Todd puts in a quarter and then thinks intently about Luke’s claim. "Well I think I should be hard on myself, Luke. You are not in my shoes. You aren’t the one who screwed with one of your best friends’ head by sleeping with her when she had deep feelings. On top of that, I got her all worked up and that is what ultimately led to her getting in that accident. I deserve to be in that hospital bed."

"Come on, don’t say that."

Todd doesn’t respond and seems preoccupied while he hits the button to get a Milky Way and nothing comes out. "This damn machine better give me my candy bar. I need a chocolate fix really bad."

"Ah, look, I know the trick." Luke moves right next to Todd and gives the machine a whack—out comes Todd’s "fix" of chocolate.

Todd chuckles, "Hey, thanks." He immediately opens it up and takes a huge bite of the chocolate covered nougat and caramel. "That really hits the spot."

"Nah, I’d rather have a Snickers bar. I’m all for the nuts." Says Luke with no tone of sarcasm.

Todd doesn’t miss a beat, "All for the nuts, are we?"

Luke quickly catches the drift and then shakes his head in embarrassment. "You know what I meant!"

"Oh man, it was too easy." Todd brings the chocolate candy to his mouth. Freudian slip maybe?


"Cassie, I won’t tell a single soul. What is it?" questions Jarrod.

Cassie then clears her throat and once again plays with her fingers. She then lets out a deep sigh. "Can we sit down?"

"Sure. Sure." Jarrod moves over to the couch that sets in front of the entertainment center. A television sets in the center of it. Surround sound speakers are on each side.

He sits close to her and his leg touches hers. He then turns to her, "Now tell me this big secret…."

"You are not going to like what I have to say but it is the truth. You deserve to know the truth, Jarrod. It has to do with your dad and…", tears begin to once again stream down her face, "I’m just gonna say it. It’s so awful to say but I have to!"

"Cassie please just tell me already." Jarrod states with an annoyed tone.

"Fine Jarrod. Your father abused me! He beat me up all the time! I don’t know why I loved him so damn much. I must be screwed up in the head or something. But now that I’m broke up with him and have my head more straight I just wanted to tell somebody of the horrible pain Keith caused me--mentally and physically!" She breaks down and begins to hysterically cry as she embraces the young man tightly.

Jarrod wears a face of total shock. He doesn’t feel the river of tears drowning his T-shirt.


"How do I know you? Come on, I can't believe you'd ask such a thing. You are only from the richest family in Sunrise Bay! I know you are Cynthia Jackson!" Shirley exclaims with pure enthusiasm. To her, it's as though she's just met one of her favorite movie stars.

Lacey's eyes widen. Richest family in Sunrise Bay?!

Cynthia's face reddens, "Yes I am Cynthia Jackson, you're right. However, you're treating me like a celebrity or something. Anyway, as for your question. My boyfriend's sister's condition is still the same."

Shirley has a face of complete compassion, "I'm so sorry to hear that. I was actually thinking of sending her a gift basket. Oh my, where are my manners? I never asked you why you're here at my humble establishment."

Cynthia gives Lacey a quick diapproving glance before focusing her gaze back on the middle aged woman, "I wanted to get a job here actually."

Shirley wears a confused expression, "Now why in the heck would you need a job when you're filthy rich?!"

Oh my gosh, this woman is so annoying and strange, Cynthia tries her hardest to maintain a kind composure. "Even filthy rich people, as you call us, like to get normal everyday jobs from time to time. It's not like all day I get pedicures and make the cook serve me desserts."

"Well I would if I were you. Do you know how lucky you are? I've worked my hands to the bone my entire life and all's I got to show for is this restaurant. Pedicures and desserts sure sound like a mighty fine life to me." Shirley's tone wears resentment. I always did like Cynthia the least out of the Jackson clan...

"Look, can I have a job here or not? I promise I won't disappoint you. I am a very hard worker and I'll prove it to you." Cynthia sounds determined.

Lacey calculatively studies the other woman. So I might have to work with this rich bitch? Hmm, maybe she'll lend me some entertainment during the day.

Shirley goes behind the counter and pulls out an apron and hands it to Cynthia. "Your shift starts now. I really hope you don't disappoint me."

Cynthia slowly takes it from Shirley's hands and is already beginning to regret choosing Shirley's Bar and Grille as her "everyday citizen" job. She then realizes she's not even sure how to put the apron on.

Lacey is already amused.

Shirley watches the young woman very impatiently, "Lacey, show her how to put the damn thing on. Oh by the way, Cynthia. I'm also putting you on dish duty. I'm taking you up on that hard working thing."

"What? Um, OK. I can handle it." Cynthia says as she tries to mask her frustration.

Shirley stares as Lacey has to physically put the apron onto Cynthia. A calculative grin is plastered on her face, Ha, this is my dream come true. I now have power over a member of the Jackson family! I'm going to make her life a living hell.