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Episode 28


*Nicole and Brice shared their first kiss.

*Melissa found Shayla's diary on her kitchen floor.

*After having a run in with Jarrod at the mall, Cassie decided to use Keith's son in her plan to get revenge.

*Much to Annie's chagrin, Keith kept feeling guilty about what they did to Cassie.

*Amy swore she saw Lacey's dangerous ex boyfriend Jasper Grey in town.



Cassie hesitates. She doesn’t know if it was a good choice to come over. However, she is dying to shock her family with the new look. Then again, her parents may have realized that she stole the credit card. She’s not in the mood for a huge argument. The night breeze blows through her hair as she contemplates whether to knock.

After more consideration, Cassie decides that she’d rather surprise everyone and deal with her parent’s possible anger toward her tomorrow. She slowly begins to make her way off of the porch. She then makes a detour once on the bottom step. It leads her toward the front window which gazes into the kitchen. Lifting her head high, she peaks in. Inside, Melissa has just hung up the phone and is walking into the living room

Hmmmmm, Melissa looks freaked out about something. I wonder if they’re all worrying about me. Yeah, right. I’m sure I’m the last thing on their mind–just like I was the last thing on Keith’s mind while he was screwing Annie. Cassie scans the part of the kitchen she can see. A blue book with what looks like silver engraving catches her eyes and she immediately has a sense as though she’s seen it before. What is so familiar about that book? She stares at it long and hard, noticing that the side has a small gold square on it–what looks like a place for a small key to fit in. Wait, that has to be a diary. Whose is it? I don’t think Melissa keeps one. If she does, why would she leave it randomly lying on the kitchen counter? Suddenly the reason behind its familiarity hits her:

"Shayla used to keep a diary." Keith says in a low voice as he leans against Cassie. "She was soo damn secretive about it too. Nobody was aloud to read it but her. I know that diaries always should be personal but she was strongly opposed to even letting me near it."

Cassie puts her hands through his dark hair, "Maybe Shayla was hiding some deep dark secrets that she never wanted a soul to know."

Keith lets out a slight grin, "Yeah, I’m sure that’s why. Actually, I’m sure she was spilling her guts out in it about the affair she was having so you’re probably not that far off." A deep thoughtful expression forms on his face. "I wonder what happened to that diary. I remember what it looked like so well–It was dark blue and she had her name personally engraved on it in silver lettering. She even had this gold square lock on the side of it for security precautions."

Cassie kisses him on the cheek, "I guess you’ll never know, Keith. Maybe it’s for the best that you didn’t even get to read it after her death. It could have made it all the more painful."

Keith absorbs her words and then looks her in the eyes. "Maybe you’re right..."

Cassie flashes back to the present and her heart rate has immensely increased. There’s no damn way... She squints hard as she tries to take in every detail she possibly can from her angle. That’s when she notices it–the silver lettering, a distinctive capital ‘S’ starts the engraving out. I have to get my hands on that diary. This is too good to be true!

Cassie doesn’t hesitate the second time around as she makes her way toward her sister’s front door. Knocking rapidly, a quick plan bursts through her mind. There has to be something in that diary I can use to my advantage. I’ll do anything to get revenge on Keith...anything.


Nicole and Brice walk along the sandy beach, hand in hand. The sound of the crashing ocean waves serve as a backdrop to their romantic night. After sharing the steamy kiss on the boat, Brice extended his hand and placed it within her own and commented that they should take a walk. Nicole didn’t refuse as Brice led the way off the boat and toward the beachy shores.

"Sooo, Brice. Tell me some more about your childhood. Besides when you were fighting with Gary, what did a kid like you do to pass time?" Nicole questions with curious grin.

"Oh come on, fighting with Gary was a full-time job! I had no time for anything else." jokes Brice before continuing into a response: "What did I do to pass time? Well, besides for studying Latin and every other subject with my personal tutor, I really enjoyed eating and sleeping. Oh, the good old days of eating and sleeping. As a kid, you have it all."

Nicole is slightly taken aback, "Did you really study almost constantly? If you did, that is just wrong. Kids are supposed to have fun and let loose."

"Oh, trust me, I managed to let loose from time to time. One time I played the biggest prank on my personal tutor. When she left for a restroom break, I set it up to look like I fell off this big ladder we had in the library to reach the books that were too high. I remember dousing myself with this fake blood left over from a Halloween party we had. Oh man, she went completely pale when she came back and witnessed me in a contorted position beneath that ladder with blood gushing from my head. Of course when I started laughing hysterically she wasn’t so pleased. I remember, she made me do double the mathematics homework that evening. Oh well, it was worth the laughs I suppose." Brice shakes his head and wears a nostalgic smile over his face as he concludes his story.

"Brice, I can’t believe you would try to scare your tutor like that! That’s so mean! I think I would have given you double the homework too. I would also given you some extra points for creativity." Nicole laughs and then clasps her other hand into his. The two stop and share the same eye contact they have shared off and on throughout the night.

Brice quickly leans in to plant another kiss upon her lips. Their two lips fit perfectly and both of their tongues entwine. Electric sensations run through both of them as the passionate embrace continues.

Suddenly the sound of a man’s voice startles them out of the kiss, "Nicole?! Is that you?"

Nicole’s heart jumps as she hears the man question her. Recognition immediately settles in and before Brice knows it, she is running and embracing the other man into a tight hug.

"I can’t believe you are here!" Nicole excitedly says as she continues their tight embrace.

Brice clears his throat loudly, "Nicole, are you gonna tell me who this man is or am I going to stand here and jealously watch as he takes you away from me?"

Nicole breaks the hug and laughs. "Sorry about that, Brice. I’m just shocked to see him. Brice, I’d like you to meet my cousin Jasper. Jasper Grey, to be exact."

Jasper extends his hand out to Brice. Brice does the same and the two share a firm handshake. "Nice to meet you, Jasper." says Brice as he calculatively studies Jasper.

"Right back at ya." Jasper responds, before putting his hands into the pockets of his jeans.



In the kitchen, Eve pours orange juice into a tall glass. She sighs and then brings the liquid to her lips for a long sip. What are Carl and I supposed to do about Cassie? She thinks long and hard about her daughter. Lately, it has been stressing her out more than anything. After the long wait for her to return the previous night and her shocking new look when she reappeared it really sent Eve’s mind into a frenzy over what was going on with Cassie. Was this big makeover of Cassie’s a sign that she was moving on or her desperate attempt to change who she was before she went over the edge?

A knock from the living room door immediately breaks the train of her thoughts. Eve quickly takes the pitcher of freshly squeezed orange juice and heads to the fridge, placing it on the top shelf next to a gallon of 2% milk. Outside of the kitchen, she overhears Carl getting the door. Then she hears the raised voices and she immediately scurries out to the living room to see what the ruckus is all about.

"What in the hell are you doing showing up at our door? I don’t want you near my daughter. Haven’t you caused her enough agony?" Carl gives a newly arrived Keith an angry stare.

"Carl, please hear me out. I didn’t come over here to cause a big scene. Look, your wife invited me. I thought she told you."

Carl’s gaze immediately looks upon Eve. She is forcing a smile because she knows Carl is not so pleased with her at the moment.

"Hon, I think it’s time we got the air cleared between the two of you. Whether you like it or not he is Tom’s brother and that makes him part of the family. We can’t allow this grudge to go on." She gives her husband a hopeful look.

"Eve, how could you do this?! I am your husband. Do you know how badly he hurt Cassie? Why would you want to invite this cheating liar into our home? There is no air that I’d like cleaned between us."

"I never agreed with what he did to our daughter and that isn’t what this is about, Carl. It’s about not having our family torn up over this whole thing." Eve says in response.

"Look, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…" Keith says as he looks as though he’s ready to make a run for it.

"Yes, you bet this isn’t a good idea! You are the ignorant one who caused a rift in our family and there is no way in hell that I’m going to forget how you lied and cheated on Cassie. She is madly in love with you, or so she thinks. Do you think I’m going to forgive you and act as though you didn’t shatter her heart?" Carl states with venom in his tone.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps make their way from upstairs. "Dad, stop yelling at him."

Keith’s eyes quickly dart towards Cassie’s figure. He is awestruck when his gaze is met with an almost completely different woman. Cassie is wearing her beautiful red dress and a pair of golden circular earrings. She gives Keith a brazen smile and makes her way down the remainder of the steps. "I think it’s good that Mom invited Keith I’ve wanted to have a good talk with him."

"Cassie…you’re—you’re…wow…" Keith can’t keep his eyes off of her face. She looks stunning.

"Cassie, I don’t think it’s a good idea. He’s going to end up leaving you more upset than ever. Trust me, it will only end up worse!" Carl pleads.

"Leave, Dad. Give Keith and me some privacy. I’m a grown adult now and I will make my own choices. I choose to talk with Keith—alone…" She crosses her arms as she gives her father an impatient expression.

Carl is obviously frustrated as he gives Eve a peeved look and then briefly returns an angry look towards Keith. "I’m telling you, Cassie. He’s only going to end up upsetting you again so I don’t want you running to me when he does!"

"Carl! Please stop this and give your daughter some privacy like she’s begging of you. Come on, I’ll make you some oatmeal with those new strawberries I got the other day." She motions her husband toward the kitchen.

Carl sighs deeply but eventually follows his wife’s lead. He gives Keith yet another cold glare before disappearing into the adjacent room.

"So, where you would you like to start this talk?" questions Keith as he turns to look at Cassie, after nervously scratching his forehead. He is then caught by complete surprise as Cassie moves real close and then reaches her arms around his sides.

She gazes deep within his eyes, "How about we start where we left off the last time we were this close to each other?" She moves her lips closer to his as she feels his breath on her face…


Nicole puts a plate piled high with pancakes in the middle of the kitchen table. She then proceeds to take the pan of sausage links off the oven and scoop them onto a plate that she had waiting.

"Wow, Nicole. You should come over more often and cook breakfast for us. This looks amazing." says Derek as he begings to dig into the feast before them. There is an array of breakfasts items besides the pancakes and sausage: In addition there are scrambled eggs, toasts, and even a bowl filled with grapes and strawberries.

"It's no problem. I love to cook. Doesn't Tara ever cook you big breakfasts like this?" questions Nicole with a playful smile as she sets her gaze onto Tara.

"Hey, I may be kitchen impaired but I can do other things for Derek!" She leans in and gives her fiancee a big kiss on the cheek. "He knows exactly what I'm talking about."

"Nah, Tara, I think I'm going to leave you for your sister. I need a wife who can put a delicious meal on the table after a long hard day of lifeguarding." Derek says with a very serious tone.

"Hear that, Nicole? You can have Derek all to yourself and spend your life cooking for him. Wouldn't that be an honor?" Says Tara, looking up as Nicole busily scrambles more eggs.

Nicole turns her head slightly. "Actually, as wonderful as that offer sounds I am already taken. My cooking talent will be used on a man named Brice Jackson." As she mentions his name, images of her amazing date with him pop in her mind. At the thought of their magical first kiss, she gets goosebumps.

The kitchen door comes flying open and in walks Jasper Grey. He is a tall and athletically built young man. His dark hair compliments his piercing blue eyes. Jasper takes a satisfied whiff of the aroma. "Smells awesome. I came back to this town just in time."

Derek studies the cousin of Nicole and Tara's that he met very early this morning after him and Tara returned from Miami. Derek hasn't been able to put his finger on it but there is something he doesn't like about the young man. However, being that it's Tara's family member, he's going to do his best to get along.

"Grab a plate cousin Jasper." smiles Tara as she hands him a plate.

"Sure thing, cousin Tara." mocks Jasper as he sits down at the table and proceeds to pile his plate high with scrambled eggs and sausage links.

Tara brings a bite of pancake to her lips and studies him. After chewing and swallowing, she questions: "So, what have you been up to these past three years? What are you now, 21?"

Through a mouthful of eggs Jasper responds, "Yeah, I turned 21 on February 3rd. As for what I've been doing...well...not getting in trouble of course." He flashes a wide smile. I swear that Derek guy is eyeing me up. What exactly is his problem? He cast Derek a quick glare that both Tara and Derek catch.

Nicole is oblivious to the looks, "Of course you're not getting in trouble. Why would you do a thing like that?" She finally takes a seat to enjoy the "fruits of her labor."

"I need a place to stay." Jasper abruptly states while cutting a piece of sausage in half. "From the looks of this place, you have plenty of room. Can you help a family member in need out?"

Tara cast Derek a worried look, sensing that Derek wouldn't be OK with her cousin staying. She quickly tries to make it appear that she's not worried and looks Jasper in the face with a forced smile, "Umm, I'm sure we can work something out. What do you think, Derek?"

Derek is about to open his mouth to speak but the sound of his cell phone pierces the air. He looks at the caller ID. "It's the hospital, this is important. I'll be right back." While exiting, he gives Jasper a stern look.

After the door closes Jasper immediately starts up. "What in the hell is your fiancee's problem?!"

Tara and Nicole both exchange glances.


Cassie’s lips get closer and closer to Keith’s. He suddenly pushes her away and turns around, "Cassie we are supposed to be talking. Besides why in the hell would you want to be messing around with a guy who has shattered your heart? Cassie, you deserve somebody so much better than me."

Cassie sighs deeply and then feels overcome with pain. Keith, I still want you. I still need you…

Keith turns around to look her in the eyes, "Are you going to answer me?"

He is confused when Cassie completely changes the subject: "Don’t you think my new look fits me perfectly? I was looking at myself in the mirror when I got home last night and wondered how I could have gone on so long looking like I did before."

Keith answers her question anyway, "Yeah, you look real nice. The brown hair suits you well. Your eyes are very pretty too."

Cassie giggles and it reminds Keith of a giddy school girl. He swallows hard and then wonders if Cassie got the whole makeover to try to impress him. This whole prospect leaves him worried.

Before Keith can steer the conversation to what they should really be talking about, the ring of his cell phone goes off. He answers it and is surprised to be hearing Melissa’s voice: "Keith, look, are you busy right now?", says Melissa on the other end of the line.

He glances at Cassie, "Actually I’m having an important talk with your sister at the moment."

Cassie’s interest is immediately peaked. Why in the hell would Melissa be calling him?

"Sure I’ll meet ya at the park. Yeah, no problem. I’ll meet you there. Bye Melissa." Keith then turns off his cell. He looks at his phone thoughtfully as his mind tries to pinpoint what Melissa wanted to talk to him about that was so important. However, he turns around and returns his full attention to Melissa’s sister.

Cassie gives him a calculative look, "So why is Melissa calling you? Is there something going on that I don’t know about?"

Keith wears a puzzled expression, "Cassie, there is absolutely nothing going on between Melissa and I. She just called to tell me that there is something real important she wants to talk with me about. Nothing more than that. Now you and I need to get back to what we were talking about."

Cassie looks down at her feet and then swallows hard. So you want to talk with me about how I want to murder you and kiss you at the same time? I need you Keith. I NEED YOU! If I can’t have you, nobody can—especially that bitch Annie!

"Look Cassie, you know how I deeply regret lying to you like I did. It was so damn wrong and selfish of me! I know I’ve said this a million times before but I don’t deserve a woman like you—"

"—Stop it! Please. Just stop it." Cassie looks as though she’s about to cry. "Yes, Keith. You really did hurt me and I was infuriated whenever I saw you and Annie at the Seaside Café. I am madly in love with you and want you more than anything I have ever desired! Don’t you understand? I just can’t turn it off. I can’t, Keith." She begins to move closer to his body once again. The desiring within her eyes is so great. "You told me that I looked pretty. That meant the world to me. It made me realize that getting this makeover was truly worth it."

Keith is completely caught off-guard. He expected Cassie to scream in agreement at how furious she was for him deceiving her so greatly. Actually he hoped that she reacted in that manner. That way he would have been able to start his life with Annie knowing that Cassie despised him. Instead, his guilt is growing with each word of desire Cassie is speaking of.

"Cassie, you’re just confused. You need time to sort this whole thing out in your head. Once you do you will realize that I’m nothing but an idiot and you won’t have a speck of desire to be with me again. Trust me; you getting over me will be the best thing for everyone."

Cassie lets Keith’s words penetrate. She stands in silence as tears start to stream from her new blue eyes. "The best thing for everyone? Keith, you are so damn wrong! NO, it will not be the best thing for me or anybody if I get over you. I will choose what’s best for me! Not even you can choose for me, Keith Hetricke!"

Suddenly the kitchen door goes swinging open and a furious Carl Jones runs out. "Cassie, see, I told you! Keith is causing you nothing but more heartache! Keith, leave my home now!" He points at the door to further drive his point.

Eve stands behind her husband and gives Keith a sympathetic expression. Keith sees it and still wonders why Eve seems to feel such sympathy for him. He then remembers how Eve had an affair with Gary Jackson years ago. He concludes that she must know how it feels to know that you’ve crushed a loved one’s heart. You want to take back everything you did but you can’t go back in time and change anything.

Keith doesn’t oppose to Carl asking him to leave. He simply gives Cassie a sad glance and walks towards the main door. "I’m sorry for upsetting you again, Cassie. I just wanted you to know how sorry I feel." With that, he opens the door. A rush of breezy air fills the home with a tropical scent.

Cassie stares a couple seconds at the closed door and then turns around and gives her father a spiteful expression, "Dad, you had no damn right to kick him out! I can’t stand how you act like I’m a little girl needing protected! Get away from me because I can’t even stand the sight of you right now!"

Carl is overwhelmed with shock as Cassie verbally lashes out at him. Eve is too. Their daughter may be an adult but right now she acts like an out of control teenager. The two of them wonder where they could have gone so wrong.

Cassie then heads to the coat rack and grabs a light green jacket. She grabs the keys to her car.

"Where are you going?" Carl questions with worry.

"None of your damn business!" screams Cassie as she swings the door open and slams it as hard as possible.

Eve and Carl exchange glances. Both are overwhelmed with nagging helplessness. Where is Cassie going and what does she plan on doing?