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OCCUPATION:  Fashion Designer for Jackson Industries
FAMILY: Brother Todd Lansing, Mother Nina Brockwell
PERSONALITY: Annie is a very fiery, outspoken, and determined woman who knows exactly what she wants in life.
                 Annie and her brother Todd didn't have the best parents growing up. Her mother Nina and father AJ were constantly at each other's throats.  Her mother was and still is extremely overbearing and would never give Annie a compliment if her life depended on it. Annie would rather have nothing to do with her mom if she had any say. However, Nina does love Annie and Todd in her own twisted way.
                 Annie came to Sunrise Bay a few years ago in the wake of the murder of her father. It was eventually revealed that Elaine Jackson did the deed. Elaine Jackson felt so guilty that she granted Annie an importan job at Jackson Industries as fashion designer
                She befriended Cassie Jones but their friendship was destroyed as they both fell for Keith Hetricke. Since the reveal that he also shared the same feelings for her on a trip to Hawaii, Cassie has been determined to hang onto Keith.
               Annie is more determined than ever that Keith is now with Cassie out of guilt. Annie is deadset on getting Keith get away from Cassie for good. Her task doesn't seem that difficult since it seems Keith can't get his mind off of her...