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Amy Slater


OCCUPATION: Part-time bartender at The Hangout, babysits Connor for Lacey
FAMILY: Jacqulyn and Noah Slater (Parents, not in town), Elliot Slater (Older brother, also not in town)
PERSONALITY: fun-loving, bold, bubbly, spontaneous, and caring
Amy grew up in an average middle-class home in Roxford. She and Lacey Ulrich befriended each other in the fifth grade and have been almost inseparable ever since. Amy shares a passion for trying new things out and seeing what life has to offer. Some say she got this love from her daredevil/stuntman father and world traveler/actress mother. She would do almost anything for the people she cares about but watch out if you scorn her. She shares a deep hatred for Jasper Grey after watching Lacey endure a long lasting abusive relationship with him. Amy feel a strong desire to try and be a protector of her best friend and that's why she chose to move in with Lacey when she moved to Sunrise Bay.