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Episode 25


*Annie happily cooked dinner for Keith and Jarrod. An upset Cassie called to harass Keith and Annie.

*Cassie stole Eve and Carl's credit card and headed to the mall to get a makeover. Her main goal was to shock Keith.

*Gabi and Todd had a heated discussion about their night of passion. A emotionally wrecked Gabi drove off. Todd was horrified when he heard her car crash in the distance.

*Elaine, Creg, Luke, and Cynthia shared a family dinner at the Seaside Cafe.



Annie and Keith’s naked bodies are as one as the two passionately make love. Annie screams Keith’s name in ecstasy as the two of them reach a climax. The two kiss just as passionately and then cuddle as they catch their breaths.

"Oh my…just oh my! Keith, I have never experienced such pleasure in my entire life!" Annie yells as she holds Keith tightly against her.

He lets out a huge grin and kisses her red hair gently. "Yeah that sure was something else. Wow…"

"Jarrod sure is giving us a lot time together. That was real nice of him to give us this private time. Your son is pretty kick ass." Annie begins to sit up on the bed.

"Kick ass? Well, I guess he is. Maybe I didn’t do such a bad job as his father." Keith says as he thinks of Jarrod thoughtfully.

"Of course you did a good job, Keith. Now if I could say the same for own damn dad. He was an ignorant asshole. No wonder he was murdered." Annie rolls her eyes at the thought of her dad AJ. "Then again my mother is also an ignorant asshole. They made the perfect pair."

"Well I’m sorry you weren’t given the best parents in the world. It’s not like we can choose who raises us. But what are you gonna do?" Keith adds matter of factly. His heart beat is still racing from the wild sex.

"Whatever. I don’t even want to think of it now. I finally feel happy with my life and it is because of you. Well that promotion at Jackson Industries doesn’t hurt things. Too bad our celebration was, well, interrupted to put it lightly." Annie flashes back to a raging Cassie flipping out at Seaside Café and then forces herself to push it from her mind. However, her head suddenly gets a sharp pain. It makes it pretty hard to forget about it when she’s "wearing the proof" on her forehead. "Damnit, I’m going to go take my pain pills and prescription. I’m definitely taking double what it says on the bottle."

"No, you shouldn’t do that. What if it fucks you all up?" Keith reaches for his checkered red boxers from the floor and slips them on and follows Annie, who is in a silky pink nightgown, out to the kitchen.

"Oh you’re kidding me, Keith. People take more of their prescription than is advised all of the time and they’re still here. Don’t worry." Annie lets out a big smile. He is such a cutey. I can’t believe he cares about me so much. Damn, Annie. How in the hell did you get so lucky to find a guy like him?

Keith wears an expression of frustration. "Look I just don’t want you to kill yourself or something."

"I’m gonna be fine, let’s leave it at that. OK?" says Annie as she opens the orange bottle that holds the pain pills and dumps four in her hand. She goes to the cupboard and fetches a tall glass and fills it with water.

"Whatever." Keith shakes his head and walks over to the sofa and takes a seat. He picks up the remote from the neighboring stand and flips on the TV.

"What are you doing? This is supposed to be our private time together. The TV is not a part of our relationship." After dumping the remaining water into the sink, Annie crosses her arms and stares at Keith with a half-grin.

Keith looks up at her and then gets a devilish grin. "Fine." He pushes power on the remote to turn the TV off. "Come and entertain me."

"Oh you bad boy!" Annie quickly runs into the living room and takes Keith by surprise by jumping on top of him. She hits with a little more force then she expected and the two of them tumble to the floor. The two of them laugh hysterically and then begin going at it on the floor.

Then, just as Annie rips off Keith’s boxers and throws them across the living room, the door to the apartment flies open. In walks Nina whose face looks as though she has been crying hysterically.

"Holy hell!!" Nina is overwhelmed with shock as she looks upon the scene of a naked Keith with Annie on the floor.


With bag of CDs in hand, Jarrod makes his way through the crowded mall. He is eager to listen to the music by Jet, White Stripes, and Green Day. As he makes his way past Barnes and Noble bookstore he notices a brunette haired woman up ahead. Hmmmmm she's doesn't look that bad. Jarrod smiles as he hurries to get  a closer view. He then notices what looks like a pair of keys dangling from the pocket of her red dress and falling to the floor. This is my chance!, smirks Jarrod as he swoops to pick them up.

Jarrod gently taps the woman’s shoulder as he says: "Excuse me, miss? Are these your keys?"

She quickly turns to look at him eye to eye. Jarrod is bolted by complete and utter shock when the recognition sets in immediately. "Cassie?"

Cassie now wears a huge smile. "Jarrod? Why do you look so surprised?" Cassie then bites her lower lip and satisfaction immediately surges through her veins. Mission accomplished.

"Wow…because you look so—"

"Different?" Cassie wears a wide grin. "Yeah, I guess I do look a little different with brown hair. Then there’s this red dress—I am loving it! So Jarrod, tell me. Do you think I look better than I did before?"

"I…It’s not for me to say but this look definitely works for you." Jarrod is still in shock as his eyes scan a "brand new" Cassie. He looks at her eyes and something else takes him for surprise. "Wait a sec, weren’t your eyes brown before?"

Cassie lets out a goofy giggle. I can’t believe he noticed! "Why I thought you’d never say anything about them, Jarrod. You know those multi-colored contacts they have nowadays? Well, I picked up a pair. These blue ones go perfectly with my new hair."

Cassie’s new-found happy streak is almost so tangible that you could probably cut it with a knife. Jarrod can’t help but feel it radiating from her. However, he also can’t help but remember how Cassie called Annie’s apartment hours ago and how she was extremely upset. Jarrod never really was around Cassie all that much when her and his dad were together but from what he’s heard, he knows that Cassie is not the most stable person. The attack at the Seaside Café immediately comes springing to mind. However, all of Cassie’s history aside, Jarrod can’t help but realize how stunning she looks at this moment.

"Yeah, you look very very nice, Cassie. I’m glad you’re so happy with it as well." He lets out a grin and then scolds himself for checking out his dad’s ex-girlfriend. I can’t believe I’m checking her out but damn she looks hot!…

Cassie is well-aware of Jarrod’s wondering eyes and it is giving her a rush. She feels a sense of power at this moment like she could conquer the world. The attention is completely on her and she wants to eat it up forever. A guy with his girlfriend walks past and Cassie immediately realizes his eyes are on her. She laughs as she notices his girlfriend whack him on the arm. The other woman gives Cassie a glare. Cassie returns the favor.

Jarrod rises from the seat besides the fountain, with his bags in hand. "I better get going. My dad’s probably wondering where I’m at." He accidentally brushes her arm and his face quickly grows red. Their eyes meet for a brief second but Jarrod quickly swallows and breaks the contact.

"Wait, Jarrod." Cassie reaches for his left hand. "There’s something I really need to tell you…"

Jarrod’s eyes once again meet hers.


Outside of the fancy restaurant, nighttime has befallen the tropical town of Sunrise Bay. The inside of the establishment is filled with varied chatter, jazzy music, and the aroma of gourmet dinner delights. Elaine and her three children continue their night there and are happy when Rafael the waiter arrives with a platter of their meals. 

"Looks delicious." Smiles Elaine as she gazes at the shrimp alfredo that is now before her.

Everyone else has already dug into their food before she can even utter the last syllable of the sentence. She follows suit and begins to eat the pasta on her plate.

"You know I wish that they would give you bigger servings. Now, come one. Do you think this lobster is going to fill me up? We should complain to management or something. They’ll have to listen to us. We could have the place closed down." Cynthia points at her plate with her fork as she speaks.

"We are Jacksons. We could buy the place and give everyone as big of servings as we well pleased." adds Creg, with no enthusiasm in his voice.

"I always found it so ridiculous to use our family name to get something that we want. Jeez, I think we can deal with the small servings and live another day. It’s not like we can’t go back to our mansion and have the cook prepare us something." Luke states firmly before taking a bite of his steak.

Cynthia just rolls her eyes and then crosses her legs. "You’re no fun sometimes, Luke. You have to take advantage of what you got and put it to use. We were born into a filthy rich family, we can’t help that."

"How about a new topic? How about you, Luke? Have you been friends with Todd Lansing since you and Annie started dating? Which reminds me, are you guys back together? You two did go to the New Years Ball together.." Elaine almost needs to catch a breath after he long string of questions and statements towards Luke.

"Well, to start, no, me and Annie are not back together. We’re still remaining friends and I like it that way. Secondly, yeah, Todd and I first met when me and Annie were dating. At the disastrous Hawaii trip, actually…" Luke pauses to reminisce about the worst vacation in history. That trip is when he overheard Annie discussing with Keith a passionate kiss that they had shared. He was furious and immediately ended things with Annie. However, the only light to that trip is meeting Annie’s brother Todd. "Yeah, Annie didn’t even know that Todd was staying there. So, yeah, that’s where I met him and just recently we’ve become pretty good friends."

Creg looks at his brother in the eyes when Luke finishes his statement. With the wine glass to his lips, he thinks intently: I wonder if my bro knows all about Todd being a fag? Hmmm, I don’t know about Luke sometimes. Maybe he’d like it! Fuck, Creg. Don’t think like that. If Luke was gay, I’d disown him as a brother. I’d also beat him to a pulp.

"Well I think it’s always great to make a new friend. You know what, Luke? I’m very proud of you. You never let the money thing go to your head all of these years. You’re very humble and that’s going to get you far in life." Elaine gives her eldest son a warm smile before continuing to eat her food.

Luke can feel his cheeks slightly redden. "Uhhhh, thanks mom." He then chows down on the remainder of the steak that is before him.

Cynthia gives Creg a look and rolls her eyes. They silently acknowledge Elaine’s great praises of Luke as annoying. The two siblings always suspected that their mother showed favoritism towards Luke. Without even uttering a word to each other, the eye contact confirmed another "example" of this favoritism, at least within their eyes.

Both Elaine and Luke are oblivious to the shared expression between the siblings. Elaine then starts into another new conversation topic: "So, what do you guys honestly think of Barbara? Being that I’m now living in a new house, I haven’t got around to asking you guys about how you are handling living with her."

Suddenly Cynthia drops her fork down. "Don’t even get me started on her! I can’t stand her. I know she only wants daddy for his money. I don’t care how many times she claims to have genuine feelings for him. I know she’s Nicholas’s mother but he already knows my deep dislike for her."

"Yeah, Barbara’s a pretty damn annoying person to live with. I just ignore her and that fake accent she tries to use. There’s nothing I can do about her being there. If dad’s happy with a wench like that, then so be it!" Creg states firmly before reaching for his wine glass.

Surprisingly, Elaine doesn’t comment any further on Barbara. Though she won’t admit it, she does harbor a slight resentment towards the woman even if she has no wishes be with Gary again. Elaine then clears her throat and moves onto yet another question: "How about Brice? Have he and your father finally resolved their ridiculous feud they have going on?" Elaine is just bubbling to the top with questions.

"Did you hear about what happened right in the mansion kitchen? Dad punched him full-force in the face. I thought it was pretty damn funny. It’s safe to say that the feud between them two is never going to end. I actually hope it never ends. It’s such a great source of entertainment!" Creg cracks a smile and nods his head as he recaps his father punching his uncle.

Elaine lets out a small gasp. "I can’t believe Gary would do such an idiotic thing! Does he have no shame? I think the whole feud is very immature if you ask me. In fact, I think it’s your father who’s initiating the whole thing.

"Well what started this whole feud between them in the first place? It had to of started somewhere." Cynthia questions.

"It all began with this fight over a woman I believe. They were both in love with her or most likely just using her as a pawn in their latest competition. There is so much to the story that I don’t even know. I just think its time for Gary to get over it."

Before anyone else can comment, the sound of Luke’s cell phone pierces the air. Luke looks at the caller ID and sees Todd’s name. He immediately answers it. After a little bit of speaking with Todd he gives Creg a serious expression. "Gabi? Damn. Is it really serious?"

At the mention of Gabi’s name, Creg’s curiosity is peeked. As soon as Luke hangs up his cell, he asks: "What in the hell was that call about? Something about Gabi?"

Luke’s face is very grim and serious. "Gabi was critically injured in a car crash tonight, Creg. She’s in the hospital fighting for her life."

Creg swallows hard and crosses his arms. As much as he doesn’t want to even see Gabi’s face, something inside of him is dying to go and see if she’s going to be OK.

"Look, I am going to get to the hospital to be with Todd and Gabi. At least someone cares for Gabi." Luke’s expression is set longest on Creg’s face as he rises and heads to the door.

"Wait, Todd’s with her? What in the hell is he doing there?" Creg quickly stands and pushes in his seat. "I’m going to the hospital with you."

Elaine and Cynthia exchange expressions. Elaine wipes her mouth with a napkin before grabbing her purse and standing, "We can all go together."

Cynthia hurriedly takes a bit of her lobster before following suit with the rest of her family members.


Both Annie and Keith quickly dart upwards. Keith covers himself and rushes across the room to grab his boxers. He quickly slips them on but can’t seem to hide his "excitement". Completely embarrassed, he rushes into the bedroom to fetch the remainder of his clothes.

Annie looks at her mother with complete anger. "Why in the hell would you just burst in here like this? What in the hell is wrong with you? Haven’t you ever heard of fucking knocking?!!"

"Don’t talk to me like that, young lady! I’m not the one who’s screwing someone else’s boyfriend on the floor! How much more wrong can you get than that?

"First of all, he is not someone else’s boyfriend and second, don’t call me young lady!!!" Annie’s face is red with anger and almost matches her hair color.

"Look, let’s just stop this yelling right now!! I didn’t come over here to waste my breath yelling with you for all your damn mistakes. I came over here to discuss something very important that can’t wait."

"What is it? Make it quick. You’re interrupting me and Keith’s private evening plus the less I hear from you the better." Annie sits down on the couch. She can’t help but notice that her heart beat is running a million miles an hour. Her mother always has had the effect on her that she is about to have a heart attack.

Tears begin flooding Nina’s eyes as she pulls a purple handkerchief from her leather purse. "Annie, it’s awful! Just plain awful! I can’t even say it!"

"Don’t give me this BS. Just spit it out!" Annie darts from the couch and heads to the kitchen to fetch another glass of water. She needs something to distract her from her sudden bout of anger.

"It’s about Todd! He’s….He’s…oh no I can’t even say it!" She brings the handkerchief to her nose and begins blowing real hard after wiping her teary eyes with it.

"Wait does this have something to do with Gabi being in the hospital? If it does, he called me a while ago and filled me in on it." She hesitates before sitting besides her mother on the sofa.

"Gabi’s in the hospital?? Why wouldn’t he call his own mother?! I can’t believe this! But that is not what this is about. It has to do with Todd himself."

"Then say it already! What could be so damn horrible about Todd that has you worked up like this?! Todd is an awesome person so I better not hear any made-up bullshit." Annie then takes a big gulp of her water.

"Annie, brace yourself for this—Todd is…he is, well, he’s just gay!!! There I said it! I said it! Your brother is a raging homosexual!" Just as the words leave her mouth with their dramatic tone, Nina bursts into another crying fit with her accompanying purple handkerchief.

Annie chokes on her water and gives her mother a stunned expression. "What!!???"

Keith has re-entered the room just as the "raging homosexual" bit has been uttered. Well I can safely say that me and my exposed member are definitely not at the forefront of Nina’s mind!


"What is it that you want to tell me?" Jarrod swallows as his gaze is re-fixed upon Cassie.

Cassie smiles and then thinks, Jarrod Jarrod Jarrod. You naughty boy. I see you checking me out. I bet you want to know what I have to tell you…

She then clears her throat and says: "Well…it’s about your father."

"What about him?"

"Look, I just wanted you to tell him that I’m over him and that I hope him and Annie have a good life together." She then feels herself forcing a smile.

Jarrod absorbs the sentence for a couple of seconds then with a doubting tone to his voice responds, "Cassie, I’m going to have to disagree with you on that one. Look, I was at Annie’s place whenever you called earlier. How am I supposed to believe that you are over my dad whenever you were going to call Annie to harass her? I know that phone call wasn’t for any other purpose."

"Look, Jarrod. You don’t know the situation so you can’t tell me what that phone call was for, alright? Secondly, I think I know if I’m over someone or not." Cassie slowly feels her uplifting mood from her makeover fading. Flashes of her emotional crying earlier blink in her mind, including the images of her repeatedly stabbing Keith.

"I just don’t think I can believe you. I know it’s probably not that fair being that I don’t know you that well but I heard what happened at the Seaside Café a couple days ago as well. Hell, they printed a newspaper article about it! You can’t tell me that you are over my dad. There’s just no way."

Cassie is quiet for a few seconds. She knows that Jarrod is completely right. Of course she’s not over Keith. Hell, the resentment and anger towards him is at full throttle. There’s no lying to his son about it. He can see right through her.

 She then breaks her quietness, using a very defensive tone: "I was very upset when I saw Annie eating with your dad. I guess you could say I was acting a little irrational. But we all get like that sometimes, don’t we? I do regret flipping out like I did but I can’t change the past. And as for you telling me that I’m not over your father, who are you to say something like that? Are you in my body and thinking with my mind?"

Jarrod can’t believe he’s getting into a conversation like this with his dad’s ex-girlfriend. Strangely enough, he finds something intriguing about it. He then responds to Cassie’s latest comment: "No, of course I’m not in your body or able to think how you do. However, I know how long it takes to get over someone." His ex-girlfriend Remi Vincent suddenly pops in his mind and the lasting effect she had on him after she skipped town. He talked to her about twice after she left town and hasn’t heard from her since.

"Are you speaking from experience?" Cassie questions as she looks Jarrod straight in the eyes.

"I am, actually. So you can’t tell me I don’t feel partly how you do. I’ve gone through falling for someone and having that taken away."

"Well, you’re too young to understand how complex things really are. I don’t even know why we are having a conversation like this. There’s no use in trying to argue about me getting over my feelings for you dad with you, anyway. I know how I feel and that’s that." She picks up the bag that she had setting on the ground besides her. Mom and dad are going to kill me once they realize how I paid for all of this. Oh well, it’s not like they haven’t given money to Melissa for something. At least I actually put the money to good use. And what’s up with Jarrod? Why can’t he leave his damn opinions to himself? Wait a second. Man, I never realized how much he looks like Keith…

"What? What is it? You were just looking at me funny." Jarrod gives Cassie a strange look.

"Uhhh, nothing. I wasn’t looking at you funny. What are you talking about?" Cassie suddenly can’t bring herself to look him in the eye.

He studies her for a moment and then lets out a grin. "Well, whatever you say. Look, I really have to get going. So maybe we’ll…bump into each other again some time?" He turns to pick up the bags that sit upon the bench by the fountain. I know that she was looking at me funny. I just don’t know why she was. Stop it, Jarrod! You’re checking her out again! I just can’t believe how damn different she looks with those contacts and brown hair!

"Uhhh, yeah sure. Bump into each other again. Look," Cassie reaches into her purse and pulls out a yellow post-it-note. She digs a little further and manages to find a pen. "—how about I give you my number? Then we won’t have to wait to bump into each other again. Maybe you were a little right about me not being able to get over your dad. I don’t know, I guess it’d help to talk things out with you." Cassie quickly writes down her phone number and hands it to him, being sure that her finger touches his hand.

"OK, sure." Jarrod apprehensively gazes at the digits scrawled upon the post it note. He can’t believe she is giving her number to him but it excites him in a way. He then wonders what his father would think about all of this. Nevertheless, he folds it and puts it in his pocket. "I guess I’ll give you a call sometime and we could talk about it. I know that it helps to talk things out with somebody else when you break up with somebody. It’s such a sad time."

"Yeah, you’re right about that. Especially being how your dad lied to me that he was sick and then went off on a date with Annie. Not that I want you to think any less of Keith but he is the one who was secretly seeing Annie behind my back so, yes I’ll admit it. I am very shocked and hurt about everything." That’s definitely putting things lightly. I’d like to rip Annie’s eyes out her sockets and stuff them down Keith’s throat.

"Yeah, I don’t agree with how my dad lied to you like that all. In fact, I never thought my dad would ever do something like that. But I better get going. We can talk about this another time. I guess I’ll see you again another time."

"Sure. Can’t wait to hear from you. Bye Jarrod." She lets out a wide grin as Jarrod begins walking towards the exit of the mall. She watches his departing figure and the wheels start turning in her head. So you thought you were rid of me, Keith? You thought you’d get to live happily ever after with Annie? Well someone’s about to disturb your peace…me! Not only will I make your eyes glued to me with my new look but I’ll make your eyes bulge when you find me hanging around your very horny and impressionable son. We’ll see who gets what in the hell they deserve…


"This can’t be happening." Todd wipes his teary eyes as he gazes inside the hospital room that Gabi is in. "And it’s my entire damn fault. I’ve made a fucking mess of everything!"

Todd knows the whole situation could have been avoided if he’d laid off of the alcohol but even though he hasn’t wanted to admit it to himself, alcohol has been playing a big part in his life lately. Come to think of it, Todd would give anything to have a case of Zima right now—or any type of drink. Then again, alcohol is what started the entire mess.

"Todd! Hey, I’m here, man." This is Luke. Creg, Elaine, and Cynthia follow behind.

"Hi, Luke. Thanks for coming." Todd’s gaze briefly connects with Creg’s eyes. Todd immediately senses fury within Creg so he quickly breaks the contact.

"So how'd this big car accident happen?" Luke questions.

Todd feels some tears rushing on and he quickly wipes his eyes. "Gabi and I had a big discussion and she was extremely upset. She drove off and I heard her car crash in the distance. I don't know the specifics. I’m just so upset right now. Gabi…she’s such a close friend..."

"Maybe you should sit down, man." Luke points Todd toward some seats that are lined up by the wall.

"What have the doctors said about her condition? I’m Elaine, Luke’s mother, by the way." She walks toward the two men.

Todd swallows hard. "All’s they’ve told me is that it’s very serious and that she has lost a lot of blood. I’m waiting right now on any further details. It’s nice to meet you, by the way."

Creg walks over to the glass that looks into where Gabi is being treated.  See, you’re always getting yourself in a shitload of trouble. If you’d only…If you’d only not been such a bitch! He then turns to look at Todd. Both Elaine and Luke have taken a seat on both sides of him.

Cynthia approaches Creg, "So aren’t you worried about her, Creg? You can play your act all you want. I know that you care deeply for Gabi. I can see it in your eyes."

"I could care less about her, Cynthia. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Of course, I’m not going to wish death on her or anything." Creg stops looking through the glass and places his hands in the pockets of the khaki pants he’s wearing.

Suddenly a frantic Barbara enters the waiting area. "Do you guys have anymore news on her? Is my little girl going to be alright? Cynthia, where is Nicholas at? Does he even know that his sister is fighting for her life?"

Cynthia bites her bottom lip and quickly responds, "No I don’t think he knows anything about it. I’ll give him a call for you." As much as Cynthia dislikes Barbara, she isn’t a heartless monster.

"Is my daughter alright?" Barbara questions through tears.

"We’re waiting for more info from the doctors. The doctors said that she lost a lot of blood and we just have to hope for the best news." Surprisingly, it’s Elaine who gets up and talks with Barbara about Gabi’s condition.

Barbara hears this and quickly focuses on Todd. "So you were with my daughter when this happened? You’re going to tell me exactly what happened! If she is in that hospital bed because of you, I swear that I’ll make your life a living hell!" The conversation with an upset Gabi earlier is still fresh in Barbara’s mind. "And as for you, Creg Jackson. I don’t even want to lay eyes on you. I heard how you treated my daughter like a piece of shit on the ground."

"What? Barbara, you need to take a big reality check. Your daughter is nothing but a shallow and manipulative… I’m not even going to say it!" Creg clenches both of his fist and tries to keep his temper in check. He walks off toward the cafeteria but not until he gives Todd a noticeable glare before heading off. Luke, Cynthia, and Elaine can’t help but notice it.

"So what in the hell happened today, Todd? Tell me!" Barbara’s worked up and she is not missing a beat.

"Look, as much as I feel guilty as hell for Gabi being in there fighting for her life, I’m not the one who did it to her! She drove off very upset and crashed down the road. I don’t know exactly how the accident happened but I know she was an emotional wreck."

"What was she so worked up about?" This is Elaine who is consumed with curiosity.

Both Luke and Todd exchange glances. Luke gives Todd a sympathetic expression knowing that Todd might as well just come out with him and Gabi’s drunken night of sex.

Todd then clears his throat, obviously not wanting to expand on the situation but realizing he’ll have to. Before he can utter another word, Barbara cuts him short. "Oh, stop with the nervous fidgeting already! I know all about how you used my daughter for sex! She was nothing but a vulnerable woman who was upset about a breakup and that’s when you played on her emotions and got what you wanted! You’re nothing but a slime ball like most men are!"

Both Cynthia and Elaine are completely stunned. Their first impression of Todd is not one of a squeaky clean image.

"I didn’t use your daughter, I swear! Look, she was the sober one last night! I was drunk! I didn’t even remember a damn thing about what happened." I can’t believe this is happening right now! If only I were having a fucking nightmare. This is just not right.

Creg stands in a shadowed corner with a small smirk briefly forming on his face. That elixir, whatever the hell was in it, sure did what I wanted it to do. Now let's hope Gabi's unborn baby isn't affected by this whole accident. That is, if she actually got pregnant by the homo.

"So now you are saying that Gabi used you? Give me a break! I can’t believe she is wasting feelings on such a low piece of scum like you!" Barbara is now completely furious.

Luke suddenly bolts from his chair and stands in between Barbara and Todd. "I’ve had enough of this! Look at you guys! Barbara, your daughter is in that room fighting for her life and all’s you can do is flip out on Todd about a big mistake that never should have happened? You should be worrying about if Gabi’s ever going to wake up again! This is very pathetic!!"

Barbara is slightly surprised at Luke’s boldness but it immediately hits her that he is completely right. "I guess your right, Luke. However, Todd, you are definitely not getting off scot-free with me." Her voice is very shaky and she can feel tears returning. Barbara walks over to the window and gazes in at Gabi hooked up to the machines helping her live. There is a large cast around Gabi’s head and she’s barely recognizable. Barbara then gives in completely to the emotion and breaks down crying uncontrollably.

Everyone is surprised as Todd slowly approaches an emotional Barbara. They are even more surprised when Barbara accepts Todd’s offer of support and cries into his white t-shirt, staining it with tears.