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Quick Story Summaries

Summary of Episodes 1-9

Things turned chaotic at the annual New Year's Ball when an assailant, hired by a man named Mason, shot Tom Hetricke and kidnapped his wife, Melissa Jones Hetricke. Melissa was horrified when she became conscious -- she was looking in the eyes of the man who raped her at sixteen and impregnated her. She also made the sad decision to have the baby aborted. Mason revealed that after all these years he was still in love with her. Melissa lied to her captor, claiming that their son was alive and named Mark. Mason was ecstatic and wanted to know more about his son…

Todd Lansing was burdened with thoughts of his emotionally abusive family and the regret that he left his life with boyfriend Elliot Parker behind in Hawaii. He continued to be deadset on keeping the secret that he was gay from the public eye. Meanwhile, friend and journalist partner Gabrielle Kane continued to be enamored with him. Her current involvement with the rich and arrogant Creg Jackson didn't stop this desire. Creg was enraged when he learned that Gabi stole money from his safe, and he came to believe that she stole it for Todd. Creg planned revenge against Todd and Gabi, under the belief that they were having an affair. Meanwhile, Todd became nervous when Gabi claimed she realized why he never gave into her advances…

After a horrible car accident, Cassie Jones had reconstructive surgery done that made her feel as though she lived in the shadow of her once identical twin sister. When she met Keith Hetricke, it was the best and worst day of her life. She ended up falling head over heels for him, but her friend Annie Lansing did as well. Having broken up in the past when Cassie discovere Keith's feelings for Annie and kiss shared between the two, Keith decided to another relationship with Cassie a try. However, Annie was persistent to convince Keith that she was the woman for him! Cassie began to suspect that Keith still had feelings for Annie, while unbeknownst to her Keith and Annie were having an affair. Due to her history of mental illness, Cassie chose to ignore her suspicions…

Nicole Smith was a model for Jackson Industries. She was very young at heart and a bit na´ve for her age of twenty-three. After getting her feelings trampled on by the first man she ever loved -- Creg Jackson -- she thought that she'd never trust another man again. However, a hunky photographer caught her eye and she felt like she had a high school crush! Her heart fluttered when she got to "officially" meet her handsome photographer at a local dance club. Color her shocked when he said that his name was Brice Jackson! Brice seemed very intrigued by Nicole, and she couldn't get him out of her mind…

Eve Jones felt guilty over the affair she had with Gary Jackson in her past. Her husband, Carl Jones, having already discovered the affair was able to forgive her. But her affair with Gary isn't the only secret Eve is hiding from her husband…

Single mom and nineteen year-old Lacey Ulrich did not have the greatest time waitressing for a very grumpy Cynthia Jackson and her boyfriend, Nicholas Kane. Not only would she rather be at home with her six year-old son, Connor, but she'd rather eat glass than work at Shirley's Bar and Grille. Lacey hoped they would never have to cross paths again.
Summary of Episodes 10-17

An imprisoned Melissa lied to an obsessed Mason that they had son named Mark. She also got Mason to talk of his past obsession with Keith's dead ex wife Shayla. After he freely told her stories of his past with Shayla and apologized as though she'd care, Melissa began to piece the possibility that Keith's son Jarrod may actually be Mason's! Later on, a runaway thief named Zachary Bennett stumbled upon the cabin prison. Mason held a gun to him and they got into a wrestling match. Inside the cabin, Melissa made a daring attempt to escape. A gunshot went off outside. Melissa opened the door to be grabbed on the shoulders by a mystery person...

Gabi didn't really know why Todd hadn't given into her advances all these years. This made a gay Todd relieved. However, Gabi still couldn't help but have feelings for Todd. Luke continued to be tied to the situation as he stumbled upon an envelope about the detective work Creg was having done on Todd. Because of his burgeoning friendship with Todd, he felt he had to get more information about the whole situation. He knew that Creg was and is just as ruthless as their father. Gabi eavesdropped on a conversation that Creg was having and was angry to hear that he was trying to get incriminating evidence on Todd. He ended up discovering that she was listening in and got angry. They both broke up out of anger. However, Creg secretly smiled, being that he was armed with a juicy piece of info about Todd now...

Meanwhile, Todd and Luke hung out together at The Hangout. Todd became embarrassed when Luke noticed him staring at him. Later on, the tipsy friends went to Todd's place and laughed about the fun time they had at the dance club. Things got tense when Luke straight out questioned Todd about the money Gabi stole for him. Todd suddenly decided to tell Luke everything about the whole situation. Before he could, his mother Nina came storming in the house. When she started making angry comments about an article she saw on a gay pride parade, Todd flipped out on her. She was mad that she raised a son that "supported homosexuals" and left. Luke left to but wanted to help an upset Todd out.

Cynthia and Nicholas were thrilled to find a house that was perfect for them. After Cynthia and Nicholas had a disagreement about who would pay for it, they decided to buy the house. The couple was thrilled that they'd finally be out in the real world on their own. Unbeknownst to them, they were now neighbors with the waitress Lacey Ulrich that Cynthia had a big disagreement with earlier.

Brice Jackson was back in Sunrise Bay to take over everything that his brother Gary was in charge of because he thought his older bro was too incompetent to be in charge of the Jackson fortune. After many fights and physical altercations, the situation got messier and messier. Nicole began to think that Brice wasn't as sweet of a man as he made her believe. Brice took his nephew Creg by surprise when he got furious about how he (Creg) and Nicole had ended things because of his completely disregard for her feelings and affair with Gabi. Brice told Creg that he better give Nicole a full apology that suits how he'd hurt her. Creg wondered why Brice was concerned with Nicole's life and called his uncle a psycho.

Keith, overwhelmed by guilt, lied to Cassie saying he was sick and that she couldn't visit. Meanwhile, he accepted an invitation at the Seaside Cafe with Annie, after she got word she was promoted to head fashion designer. Later at the fancy restaurant, Keith was horrified to see Eve,Carl, and Cassie has chose the same night to dine there. Cassie needed to use the restroom which was right next to Keith and Annie's table. Her parents watched helplessly as a furious Cassie saw the two together and completely snapped. Cassie knocked Annie to the ground, where she slammed her head and got a bloody gash. Annie demanded that the cops put her behind bars before passing out from her wound. Officer Tyson was called by the restaurant security and had no choice but to handcuff and arrest Cassie. Carl was angered about the heartache Keith had caused his daughter while they took her away...

Summary of Episodes 18-31

Melissa was rescued from Mason's clutches because of runaway thief Zachary Bennett. She excitedly thanked him and was intrigued when she discovered a blue diary among the leaves and brush. She realized it was Shayla's, Keith's late wife, diary. Hoping it would answer the nagging question of whether Jarrod's actual father was Mason's, she grabbed it and ran to the police to tell them how Zachary rescued her. Mason, critically injured after being shot by Zachary, was taken to the hospital and fell into a deep coma.

Derek was thrilled to learn that his brother Jake had awoke from the coma he had been in for almost 4 years. However, he was sent into worry when the hospital told him that Jake wasn't the same person he used to be. Derek and Tara planned a trip to Miami to go and visit with Jake and learn what exactly was meant by "not the same person." The night before the trip to Miami Tara and Derek were thrilled when Tom also awoke from his coma. When Derek was out of the room, Tara and Tom shared a brief conversation about feelings for each other that they had kept secret. It struck a nerve with Tara a good deal and she insisted to Tom that they shouldn't talk about what happened betweent them in the past. That same night, Derek also revealed how Melissa had been rescued. The next morning, Derek and Tara headed to Miami to visit with Jake. Derek and Tara were shocked when a doctor revealed that Jake was having blackouts during which he'd have psychic visions. Derek refused to believe it but Tara believed in the psychic visions and was chilled to the bone. Jake had a blackout while they visited where he screamed that someone they knew was going to die. Later on at a hotel, Tara was horrified after Derek fell and slammed his head. He was alright but this made Tara believe even more in Jake's vision of impending death.

Tom and Melissa shared a wonderful reunion. Though Tom was happy to be back with his wife, the medication the doctors put him on made him have a vivid memory of him and Tara sharing a passionate kiss. He tried his hardest to push the memory from his mind. Melissa told her husband of her suspicions that Jarrod was not Keith's son. Melissa revealed to Tom that she had found Shayla's diary. However, she was worried because in the excitement of being reunited with her family, she had misplaced it. The two agreed that they hoped it wouldn't get into the wrong hands. Unbeknownst to them, Cassie had found it. Melissa ended up confronting Keith at the park over whether Jarrod was really his son. Keith was furious with her and demanded that Melissa mind her own business and left her sitting by herself.

Cassie was put in jail after physically attacking Annie and Keith at Seaside Cafe. Keith, overwhelmed with guilt, tried to apologize to Cassie, who was behind bars. Cassie was devastated and verbally lashed out at him. Carl came in furious and demanded Keith leave and never go near his daughter again. Annie tried to alleviate Keith's guilt by insisting how Cassie deserved to be in jail because of her "psychotic" actions. Keith flipped out on her saying that he was sick of her constant bashing of Cassie. Annie ended up leaving in anger. The next day, Keith came over to apologize to Annie and they ended up making love. Annie was thrilled that she finally had Keith and that Cassie was out of the picture. One night when Annie, Keith, and Jarrod were having dinner together, Cassie called and Keith answered. Cassie told Keith that he better enjoy it while it lasts and hung up. Annie threatened to have Cassie turned into the police for harassment.

After having an intense cry and fantasies of murdering Annie and Keith, Cassie came to a realization. She decided to change things about herself in a last effort attempt to get over Keith. She proceeded to steal her parent's credit card and head to the mall and get a complete makeover. She had her hair dyed brown, bought blue colored eye contacts, and bought a new red dress. However, her thoughts quickly geared to what Keith's reaction would be concerning the makeover. It evolved into a mission to have Keith be stunned by her new look and she was dead set on getting revenge. She ran into a shocked Jarrod at the mall. He was surprised when he realized how attracted he was to his dad's ex girlfriend, especially with her new makeover. Cassie jumped at the opportunity and decided to use Jarrod in her quest of revenge against Keith. They had an intense conversation about how her and Keith broke up. Cassie gave Jarrod her number. The next day after Cassie and Keith had a heated encounter at her house, Cassie flipped on her dad and went running over crying to Jarrod. Jarrod was surprised that Cassie came to him when she was upset. However, he was very suspicious of her. Cassie eventually dropped a bombshell on him claiming that his father physically abused her during their relationship! She even had marks and bruises as her proof. Jarrod couldn't handle anymore and demanded she leave the apartment. She left, in hopes that Jarrod would change his mind and go running after her. He sat at the recliner in a state of shock of what Cassie just told him, wondering if he really knew what kind of man his father truly was.

After Luke and his mother left, Gabi arrived at Todd's house, fresh from her breakup with Creg. She was an emotional wreck and turned to Todd for comfort. He offered her alcohol as he was also emotional over his huge fight with his mother. She accepted one while he continued to drink down a few more bottles himself. Gabi admitted to Todd how much he meant to her and in her mind she realized how much she truly loved Todd. Todd grew livid after hearing how much Gabi cared for him but continued to offer Gabi comfort. The two heard a loud noise from upstairs and went to investigate. Somehow his bookcase got knocked down. By this time, Todd was visibly drunk. He fell downstairs and hurt his back. Gabi offered to give him a massage. After finishing his latest bottle of alcohol, he told Gabi to have at it. Eventually, Gabi convinced Todd to take off his shirt. Gabi decided to take this chance and proceeded to seduce him. For some reason, Todd felt himself attracted to her and slept with her. The next morning he woke up and completely regretted it. Meanwhile, Gabi thought she finally snagged the man of her dreams. He tried his best to gently let her down and told her the night before was a big mistake, still stubbornly keeping the secret that he was gay. Gabi broke down emotionally and left to talk with her mom Barbara about what happened. Barbara told Gabi that she refused to see her daughter like this and not to let Todd "get off the hook." Gabi agreed and headed back to confront Todd about their night of passion. Barbara and Gabi didn't realize that Creg was listening in on their conversation the whole time. It was then revealed that Creg had hired someone to spike Todd's alcohol with an elixir that made him sexually attracted to women. Creg had a twisted plan of revenge to have Gabi get pregnant with a gay man's child.

Gabi once again confronted Todd at his house. Todd apologized and insisted that what went on between the two of them was a big mistake. Gabi declared how she felt used because it was nothing but a drunken fling. She brought up the years her and Todd spent in New York City and all the rough times they've been through together. Eventually, she had to leave Todd's house cause she couldn't handle seeing his face any longer. On her way back she got in a serious car accident. Todd blamed the accident on himself, Luke was there to comfort him and the two men kept growing closer. However, Todd kept pushing the possibility that Luke was interested in him from his mind. An emotional Barbara flipped out on Todd right in the middle of the hospital freely mentioning him and Gabi's drunken fling. Elaine, Cynthia, Nicholas, and everyone else eventually watched on as Todd tried to comfort a distraught Barbara. Later, Creg spotted Luke and Todd sitting close together outside the hospital and wondered in digust if his brother was also gay and something was going on between him and Todd.

Lacey was put into a state of panic when her best friend Amy called her and told her that she spotted her ex-boyfriend Jasper Grey in town. Jasper is the father of Lacey's son Connor and had once tried taking him from her. Lacey jumped when someone knocked on the door, in fear that Jasper had discovered where she lived. Instead, she was greeted by her new neighbor Nicholas Kane. She recognized him from the restaurant and she recalled how bitchy Nicholas's girlfriend Cynthia was to her. The two exchanged words quickly before a paranoid Lacey went back in her house and locked her doors.

Brice finally asked Nicole out on the date, while Creg was present. Nicole got satisfaction out of Creg being present when she gladly accepted Brice's offer. She was on cloud nine and called her sister Tara gushing about the date. She also went to lunch with Annie where Annie said that she needed to meet Brice so he could get the "Annie seal of approval." At 6pm, Brice took Nicole out for dinner and to his boat where they shared champagne and stories about themselves. Brice got playful and jumped off the side of his boat. Nicole thought he was crazy as Brice taunted her to jump into the water with him. She eventually did and they swam together in the water, having a fun time. After drying themselves from the swim, Brice and Nicole shared a special moment and a passionate kiss. The two went for a romantic walk along the beach hand in hand as Brice told a story about his childhood to her. The two shared another kiss but it was interrupted by a man's voice. Nicole was excited to realize that her cousin Jasper was in town. The next morning Jasper met Derek for the first time. Derek immediately didn't like something about Jasper. When Derek left the room, Jasper questioned Tara and Nicole why Derek seemed to have an attitude with him. Tara chastised Jasper's bad attitude. Jasper then revealed how he didn't have a place to stay and asked Tara if he could stay. Tara snidely said that it would be up to Derek and that he had to ask him. Jasper did ask him and Derek said that Jasper could stay if Jasper helped him work on things that needed done around the house. Tara watched on in amusement.