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Episode 8


Cynthia and Nicholas announced they wanted to move out of the house together, much to Barbara’s dismay.

Creg swore to get revenge on Gabi for stealing his money

Luke stumbled upon info in his brother Creg’s bedroom. He was shocked to learn that it was Gabi who stole the dough. This perked his interest to learn more about why Gabi stole it behind Creg’s back in the first place.

Gary was furious when he learned his younger brother Brice was back in town. He went pale when Brice demanded he hand over Jackson Industries.

Keith woke in the morning next to Annie. His night of passion with her increased his guilt over leading Cassie on even further.



            Keith Hetricke gets up from the bed and stands up and scans the room for his pair of white briefs. He finds them and quickly slips them on. Annie Lansing is on the other side of the bed putting her clothes back on as well. He pauses and then says, "I just can’t bring myself to tell Cassie about what happened, Annie. She is going through too much as it is."

            Annie slips on a leopard-print halter top and black jeans and then responds, "I already told you, Keith. Let me explain it to her."
            Keith quickly objects, "No! I don’t want you to tell her a damn thing. Please. I’ll tell her all about us once things begin to look up with
Tom and when they hopefully find Melissa . Hopefully I will be able to."

            "Jeez, settle down already! Fine. We can sneak around behind her back. It will be so exciting." Annie says this as though she and Keith are going to go on a dangerous adventure together. 

            "Cassie is such a nice woman. She deserves so much better than me. I can’t believe I have to lie to her like this!" He yells as though he is pissed off at someone else but he is actually yelling at himself for getting in this situation.

            Annie goes up behind him and begins rubbing his shoulders, "Just calm down a little. It’s obvious that you are more attracted to me. Have you and Cassie even slept together yet?"

            "That’s none of your damn business, Annie!" Keith quickly turns around and looks her in the eye. "Besides, what in the hell does that have anything to do with what we were talking about?"

            Annie just rolls her eyes and then crosses her arms. "I know that you guys haven’t."
            "How do you know?" Keith questions.

            "She doesn’t seem like the type who would sleep with her boyfriends. Unless, of course, she wanted to hold onto him. Then she would try everything in the book."

            "Sometimes I don’t know about you, Annie. You have so many screwed up theories about things." Keith finds his white T-shirt on the floor and slips it on. "Are you trying to say that Cassie is extremely insecure about herself?"

            "Duh, of course! You can just see it oozing out of her body every time she’s around you. It’s like she’ll break into pieces if you’re not by her side."

            "You know, this isn’t doing anything to take away the extreme guilt I’m feeling, you know. It’s hard enough knowing I’m going to have to eventually tell her about us but it’s another thing thinking that she’s probably going to have a complete mental breakdown if I do tell her." Keith shakes his head in disbelief as he thinks of Cassie breaking down.

            "Well, as you said, we’ll wait till things cool down and get better with the big fiasco going on right now." She quickly gives him a peck on the lips, "In the meantime, I really have to get to Jackson Industries. I’ve come up with some killer clothing designs that I want to show off." With that, she is out the door leaving Keith to his thoughts and huge burden of guilt.


The door to the beach house comes swinging open and Nicole and Tara Smith happily enter holding various bags filled with clothes and everything else they could grab while they were at the Sunrise Bay Mall.

            "I didn’t know that shopping so early in the morning could make you feel so alive and awake." Nicole cheerfully says as she peaks through a bag of clothes.

            "Also all of the money you can save. They had so many sales in the morning. You’d think they’d make the better ones for later because there are more people shopping around in the evening. But it must be one of life’s great mysteries!" Tara says as she plops onto the couch and sets her bags onto the floor. "Maci’s spending the day with Derek today. He was going to take her to that new zoo they just put up in Roxford. I’ve heard a lot about it. It’s supposed to be pretty great."

            "Hmmm…why didn’t you go with them?" Nicole questions as she also sits her bags onto the floor.

            "Well, I thought I’d give the two of them some complete alone time together as father and daughter. I don’t think that he’s really done stuff like that with just him and little Maci. Besides, you and I haven’t hung out for the longest time. I’ve been a very neglectful sister!" Tara looks at Nicole and lets out a big smile and something seems to suddenly come to her mind, "Could you excuse me? I’m going to go and call
Eve and Carl to see if they’ve found out anything more about Melissa or Tom.

            "No problem. I’ll just sit here and daydream about Brice Jackson " Nicole says with a dreamy look.

            "Don’t even get started on this Brice guy again, Nicole. I don’t even think you realize how many times you brought him up today!" Tara ’s tone is sarcastic but her facial expression quickly turns to serious as she heads towards the kitchen to make the phone call.

            As the doors to the kitchen close, Nicole is left to laugh at herself, "I guess I really did go on and on about him today." She says as she realizes how lucky she is to have seen him at The Hangout.

            After Gary came in and Brice and he had a little reunion that didn’t last so long, Brice and her exchanged phone numbers. He told her to get into contact with him as soon as possible. She and Elaine chatted a little longer and had a fun time watching Gary drag a drunken Barbara out of the club.

            Man, she really was trashed. Thinks Nicole. But seeing her wasn’t the highlight of the night. It was definitely Brice. I can’t wait to see him again. A feeling of happiness and giddiness sweeps over her body. Nicole feels more content with herself than she has in a long time and she truly hopes it stays this way.

            Tara then emerges from the kitchen with a sad face and breaks Nicole’s daydreaming. Nicole quickly rises from the couch and questions, "So any good news?"

            "They had someone claim they found people matching the description of Mason and Melissa but it ended up being a dead end. I’m so worried, Nicole. What if they never find my friend? I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her." Tara looks down at her feet as she says this.

            Nicole quickly goes and embraces her sister tightly, "It’s going to look up for the better. We just need to pray and have hope."

            "Yeah, I guess you are right. Tom and Melissa have been through so much together and I know that somehow they’ll pull through this." Tara wipes a tear from her eye and then says, "You know what? I think I’ll go put on one of my new outfits! That should cheer me up a little." Tara reaches for her bags of "goodies" and heads towards the staircase. She pauses and gives her sister a curious face, "Are you going to come and put on one of your new outfits too?"

            Nicole slowly picks up her bags and gives a response: "Umm, yeah. That sounds like a good idea. Right behind you."

            "Wait, there’s something bothering you suddenly. I can tell. Come on, what is it? You seemed elated over the thought of Brice Jackson moments ago." Tara has worry written all over her face.

            Nicole pauses, while biting her bottom lip. "Ummm, I’m fine. I’m fine. I just was thinking about Creg for a moment there. Just stupid me. I shouldn’t even give that jerk the benefit of having a thought in my mind about him. But who cares? Come on, let’s go and get dressed up!"

            Tara can tell Nicole is forcing the happy face but she decides to not press the issue any further, for now at least. The two of them quickly head up the staircase in silence.


            "Oh my gosh! Uncle Brice?" Cynthia can’t believe her eyes. As soon as she opened the door to the mansion she was greeted with the view of her uncle and dad. She didn’t sense the serious mood, though.

            "Cynthia, come here you!" Brice wears a big smile as he embraces his niece. When they are done hugging he scans her. "You are sure growing up fast. I can remember when you were just starting to walk, you know. So what is this I hear about you abandoning this mansion here to try and go live in the big bad world with your boyfriend?"

            Cynthia gets a wide grin. "I can tell what you are trying to insinuate. You don’t think I know how to live in the big bad world, do you? You think I’m some spoiled rich girl who thinks everything should be handed to her on a silver platter! Just admit it."

            Brice raises his eyebrow and looks surprised. "Why yes I do think you could live in that big bad world as you call it. Well, as long as you have a chauffer to take you everywhere, a maid to clean up all your messes. Oh, and we can’t forget the personal chef! So yes, with those at your disposal, I think you’ll be doing just fine."

Cynthia rolls her eyes and shakes her head, "I don’t appreciate your sarcasm, Uncle Brice. This is extremely important to me, you know. I’m going to do this for the rich girls everywhere. I get awfully tired of the cliché that usmore fortunate girls are nothing but pampered and whiny bimbos who have a heart attack if they break a nail or if their hair isn’t just right."

Brice is amused by his niece’s apparent drive. Wow, she does have my determination in her blood. Now that’s what I love to see! "Well I wish you all the luck in the world. By the way, I really want to meet this Nicholas Kane that’s got you all twitterpated. He better not hurt you or he’ll have to deal with big bad Uncle Brice."

Cynthia smiles, "I’ll tell him that you’re dying to meet him. Don’t worry,Nicholas is the sweetest and most caring guy in the world. Speaking of Nicholas, I am meeting him for breakfast at Shirley’s Bar and Grille. In fact, I’m like ten minutes late!" With that, she pulls her uncle into a tight hug. "I’m so happy you are back in town! You better stay here for a while!" 

Gary watches the Niece and Uncle embracing with extreme annoyance as he goes to the counter where a pitcher of fresh cold orange juice sits. He is anxious for Cynthia to leave the room so he can go on to Brice about how absurd it is for him to even mention turning over Jackson Industries. He takes a big gulp of the orange juice. There is no way in hell I am giving that company to him. But there is also no damn way he can show those pictures and that article to the rest of the family…

            "Well I will see you later, Uncle Brice." She then grabs her purse from the kitchen counter and pulls out a small slip of yellow paper and a pen. She scribbles her cell phone number onto it and hands it to Brice. "Program my number in your cell phone. I’ll keep in touch with you on my progress. Now, I really need to get going before I don’t even have a boyfriend to move in with!" Cynthia makes her way from the kitchen just as quickly as she made her way in earlier.

             Once Cynthia is out of sight, Brice turns to look at his older brother. "So, where were we before that joyful catch-up with your dear daughter? Oh yes, it’s all coming back to me. We were in the process of you getting the paperwork made to hand me full control of your company"

            Gary gives his brother a piercing glare, "Over my dead body!"


            Luke Jackson is standing by the bathroom door thinking to himself. I have to have a talk with Creg and see what info I can get out of him or if I can get any hint of his plans of revenge on Gabi . There is no way he isn’t cooking up a scheme of revenge. He’s like Dad and he’ll find a way to do something for payback.

            Suddenly Creg emerges from his bedroom. Luke notices that he looks as though he has been thinking about something intently.

            "So what have you been up to lately, Creg?" Luke questions. "Have you spoken with Uncle Brice yet? I’m pretty surprised to see him back in Sunrise Bay ."

            Creg looks his brother in the face and has an expression like he is surprised that Luke is talking to him. After a slight pause he responds, "Yeah, I talked with Brice for a bit. He never was my favorite uncle to begin with so it was nothing much."

            Luke searches his mind for a way to steer the subject to Gabi and the robbery. He then decides to be blatantly direct about the matter. There is no need to beat around the bush.  "So what ever happened with the whole deal when your money got stolen? Did you ever find out who did it?"
            Creg’s face seems to grow a tad angered, "Yeah, I found out who did it and…well…let’s just say the bastard has another thing coming." Creg’s expression is now very intense. Angered at the thought of
Todd and Gabi having an affair behind his back is eating away at his mind. No one gets away when they screw with someone in the Jackson family.
            Luke continues to press the subject on to see how much info he can get out of his little brother, "So you are not bringing up the robbery with the police, Creg? Are you planning on some type of revenge?"
            Creg gives his older sibling an annoyed look, "Of course, what else? Luke, we are Jacksons . We have to live up to our name of money and power. Do you think I would let the jackass that did this get off the hook with nothing? Of course I am planning some type of revenge. It’s all in the woodwork. Don’t worry; I don’t need your help either. At least I know and use what the Jackson power is very well capable of doing." Creg then turns towards the staircase, "On that note, I am fucking starving." He disappears downstairs.

            Luke crosses his arms and thinks intently: What should I do? Should I do anything? Whatever Creg is planning on doing must be something big. I saw the look in his eyes, he is angry as hell…


Todd yawns as he groggily reenters his home, with a pile of mail in hand. His sandals flip-flop along the floor as he heads to his kitchen and puts it on the counter. He scratches his bare stomach as he heads to the fridge and pulls out a gallon of orange juice. Realizing that he has no clean dishes, he does what any other man would do: He drinks it straight from the jug. After a few satisfying gulps, he places it back in his fridge in its previous location between a jar of mayo and pickles.

After shutting the door to the large appliance, he gets lost in thought. Oh man, Todd. This place feels so damn empty! If you weren’t such a dumbass, you could be waking up under the same roof as Elliot and seeing his adorable face every morning…

 He forces the depressing thought from his mind as his eyes scan the adjacent living room as he stands within the kitchen. He realizes he never shut his computer down as the screen shows a Microsoft Word application still sitting patiently for him to close the program. It is an article he is writing for the Sunrise Sentinel on the latest details of the ordeal at the New Years Ball.

Suddenly, the sound of the doorbell fills the house. For a couple moments, it doesn’t make the dwelling seem so lonely. Todd slowly heads to the door and opens it. Gabi is standing there with the hugest smirk adorning her face. The smirk only grows when she realizes that Todd is shirtless. "Why good morning gorgeous! I thought I’d drop you a surprise visit. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention—I brought snacks!"

            Todd looks through the bags that she has in her left hand and is delighted to see that Gabi picked up some packages of Oreos--his favorite. "Gabi, for what reason do you come bearing gifts? Did I do something special to deserve them?"

            "Why does there have to be a specific reason? Come on, Todd. I remember those long work hours in New York City and how you’d chomp down on these things nonstop." She places the bags upon his white kitchen counters and begins to remove everything.

            Todd goes right next to her and brushes against her side as he pulls out the Oreos. "Well I’m glad you are thinking of me. Though this is really spoiling our breakfast. How about I cook us something special?"

            Gabi looks him in the eye and smiles wide, "Let me guess. You are in a very good and cheerful mood? It’s rare that you offer to cook me breakfast. Not that I’m complaining, Todd. I’d love to see your sexy ass laboring over that hot stove!"

            Todd lets out a laugh, "I can’t believe you still have the hots for me after all of these years."

            Gabi walks up closer to him, "How couldn’t I? You are the cutest thing I have ever seen!" Before Todd can put a cookie into his mouth, Gabi pulls him towards her and presses her lips against his. Todd quickly registers her tongue pushing past his lips and immediately breaks the kiss. "Gabi, what in the hell do you think you’re doing?"

"I’m kissing you, what else?" Gabi looks flustered. "Todd, why do you always resist my advances? Is there something wrong with me? Come on, tell me straight out. What is it that you find so repulsive about me?"

            Todd studies her face. If you only knew, He thinks before saying, "Look, Gabi. I don’t think we should be anything more than friends. It’s not that you repulse me at all. You’re beautiful." 

            Gabi looks doubtful and studies him in the eye. "I’m not buying it. There is another reason that after all of these years you have rejected me and I think I know what it is..."

            Todd swallows hard. Has Gabi finally figured out the truth about him?