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Episode 7


Cynthia and Nicholas announced they wanted to move out of the house together, much to Barbara’s dismay.

Creg swore to get revenge on Gabi for stealing his money

Gary was furious to learn that his younger Brother Brice was in town. Brice couldn’t wait to reveal his true reasons for coming back.

Keith lied to Cassie about someone else being in his apartment. Annie was hiding in his bedroom. Later Keith and Annie kissed passionately and fell to the couch.

Todd was furious at himself for ruining things with Elliot. He also continued to want his sexuality a secret and the incident with Alec Porter as well.



           " Cynthia , I’m really going to miss not having you around here when you’re off living with Nicholas . You better call a lot!" Luke gives his little sister a big hug.

            Cynthia squeezes her older Brother, "Don’t worry, I’ll be visiting constantly! Especially you, Luke. I always know I can talk to you about things."
            Luke breaks the hug and smiles at his sister. He then mocks that he is crying real hard, "My little baby’s growing up so fast! I just can’t believe it!" He acts as though he is brushing a bucket load of tears from his face.

            Cynthia playfully slaps Luke, "Don’t make a joke of this whole thing! I really am growing up and it is time for me to move out of this mansion and prove it. So many people think I have it made here and that I’m some rich snob who’s never going to leave and always enjoy the benefits of being a Jackson . I can make it without the maids and stuff. I’m going to get a real world job and prove to everybody that I can do this!"

            Luke smiles and continues, "And what do you see in the future for you and Nicholas?"

            Cynthia then gets lost in thought, "I don’t know. We get along so well so I see nothing but great things for our future." She smiles and then her mind wonders to Nicholas, "I think he went to his sister’s place to talk her. Maybe I’ll give him a call."

            "You do that. By the way, have you seen that little DVD player that Mom got me for Christmas? I got a new DVD and I’m dying to see it."

            Cynthia thinks hard for a moment then scratches her head and answers, "Yeah, after me and Nicholas used it to watch "How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days" I put it back in your bedroom."

            "Well it’s not in there."
Creg took it or his gold-digging girlfriend Gabi . That girl gets on my nerves. I’ve always thought it was pretty suspicious that the mother and daughter have moved in on our family. Barbara has snatched Dad, and Gabi has snatched our Brother. I know they are both in it for the money. No matter how much love they say they have for the two of them." Cynthia’s face now has a scornful expression.

            "Who knows? As long as Dad isn’t causing Mom so much pain I don’t give a damn who he’s with. And as for Gabi: Whatever rocks Creg’s boat. By the way, did you forget you are currently all lovey-dovey with Nicholas Kane?! That’s another one who’s moved in on our family. Now that I think of it, I’m the only member who isn’t exploring the nooks and crannies of a Kane family member! Too bad Bobbie Kane split Sunrise Bay with Roger Carson. Oh well, she’s bound to come back to town. I’ll work my Jackson charms on her and she’ll be mine in no time!"

            "You’re such a dork, Luke." Cynthia sighs and rolls her eyes at her older brother’s goofy remarks and then comments on her boyfriend, "Anywho about you bringing up to me that I’m also enjoying a member of the Kane family, Nicholas is different. I know for sure he is not with me just for the money. I can feel it every time I’m with him. He’s truly genuine."

            "Well I hope he makes you happy. Anyway, I’m sure you have a lot of packing to do so don’t let me delay you." Luke steers towards his brother’s room but first turns and says to Cynthia, "I really wish the best for you, Cynthia."

            "Thanks, Luke. It really means a lot to hear that from you. I don’t know if I ever said this but I respect you a lot. Though I love Daddy with every bit of my heart I know you two don’t get along at all and I respect you for standing up for something you believe in. I don’t agree at all with how ruthless Dad can be and the secret he hid from Mom about Kyisha Withers but you definitely didn’t keep your madness about the whole thing a secret." 

            Luke lets out a small nod. "Yeah, I’ll never agree with Dad’s ways. The last thing I want to do with my life is grow up to be like him." His tone is firm and sincere.


The doors to the large mansion come swinging open as a very drunk Barbara is pulled into the entrance room by Gary . He is increasingly annoyed by his girlfriend’s behavior at the dance club. After having a quick and angry reunion with his younger brother Brice all’s he wanted to do was leave The Hangout and get Barbara out of the place before she could cause any more embarrassment to the Jackson family.

            "I can’t believe that you got this trashed and acted like such a fool tonight, Barbara!" He is sick of having to hold onto her so he decides to place her on the ground. "What in the hell would my investors or business associates think if they saw that my girlfriend was acting like a drunken fool!?"

            "OH, SHUT UP! You have… You have no…uhh" Barbara tries to get her sentence out but is stumbling.

            "Cat got your tongue? Look, I don’t want to see any more of this behavior again!" Gary stands over her with a look of disgust, "Now get out of here and go upstairs and brush your teeth. Make sure you get the smell of alcohol out of your breath."

            The sound of the doorbell fills the room. Rose immediately emerges from the neighboring room to get the door. She gives Barbara who is still on the floor a confused glance. She opens the door and is greeted by an unfamiliar face, "May I help you?"

            "Yes, I really need to speak to…Why, there he is! Hey Brother Dearest!"
Brice Jackson looks at Barbara sitting on the floor, "I hope wasn’t interrupting anything." He tries to hold back a laugh. Gary has a very non-amused look on his face as he sees the look of amusement upon Brice’s.

            "Get upstairs, Barbara. My Brother and I have some talking to do." Gary says as he walks up to his youngest sibling.

            "You bet we do." Brice replies with a very satisfied tone.


Gabrielle Kane and Todd Lansing make their way down the sidewalk that extends past Sunrise Bay ’s popular dance club. Their meeting was chance when they happened to be walking in the same vicinity. Gabi couldn’t be more thrilled to see Todd, while Todd is unsure because he is positive Gabi will bring things up he doesn’t feel like discussing.

"Let’s sit right here, Todd. This is where we had that big talk last time. Don’t you remember? The talk where you suddenly got all pissed at me and ran off?" Gabi motions Todd towards the bench. "I think we were talking about the money I stole for you. I can’t believe I actually went through with that. By the way, you never fully explained why you needed that damn cash in the first place. Do you ever intend on giving me the full scoop? The journalist in me is about ready to investigate the heck out of it till I walk away with the real story."
            So she’s already bringing stuff up. Why shouldn’t I be surprised?! Thinks Todd as he absorbs her words and immediately switches to "hush mode." Flashes of Alec Porter’s face dance in his mind. He recalls the night Alec and him had a violent confrontation in the caves along the shore: the night that Luke was secretly listening in. Damn, I’m glad Alec didn’t mention what really went on in New York. If he did, Luke would know the truth about me and what was really going on with Alec. I just can’t have that.

            "Ok, this silence tells me you are still going to get all weirdoon me and not say a word. Todd, sometimes I truly don’t understand you.  Gabi studies his face intently, "You look real depressed about something. I can tell. What is it?"

            Todd lets out a big sigh, "You wouldn’t understand, Gabi. Please don’t make me tell you a big sob story. Tonight I just want to think happy thoughts."

            "Are you kidding me? Lay the whole sob story on me! Heaven knows I need some different company to listen to. You wouldn’t believe what Creg did to me today." She remembers her and Creg getting it on and him cuffing her to the bed. She is still furious with him and swears to herself that she is not going to talk to him for a while.

            Todd finds this the perfect occasion to take the subject off of him, "So what’d Creg do?"

            While the two of them chat away, they don’t realize that they are being spied on— Creg Jackson himself is hearing every word. He comfortably hides in neighboring bushes. So Gabi, you’re pissed off at me for teaching you a lesson? Well, what the hell right does that give you to go running your mouth off to Todd about us? I swear, I am going to find the most perfect damn way to get revenge on the both of them! What the heck gives Todd the notion that he can’t be all over her ? That ass has another thing coming. He arranges the branches of the bush so he can get a better listen to what the two of them are saying.

            "What did Creg do?" Gabi repeats the question Todd just asked between her clenched teeth. "Well, apparently my asshole boyfriend has now taken a liking towards practical jokes! Well if ‘practical’ is the word for handcuffing your woman to the bed after having sex with her!"

            An elderly couple walks past just as Gabi lets out those words. They get a shocked look on their face and walk on. Gabi suddenly erupts into laughter, "If they couldn’t have walked past at more of a perfect time!"

            Todd has a very similar shocked look on his face as he says, "New subject! Forget I ever asked." He erupts into laughter over the whole thing. "Did you see their faces? That was some great shit."

 Both Gabi and Todd’s legs unknowingly touch at that moment of laughter. Creg’s eyes seem to magnify the scene of touch. It is taking every inch of self-control for him not to jump from the bushes and murder Todd.


Cynthia hugs her Brother again and then says, "I know you’d never resort to some of the things Dad does. Don’t worry, you’ll grow up to do bigger and better things."

            "Grow up? Why, I can’t wait to grow up and live out my dreams, Grandma Cynthia!" Luke says sarcastically to his little sister, "No, I know what you mean. I am never to going to be as ruthless and selfish as Dad has been. His behavior has really hurt our family and it seems as though he believes we should be just fine with it. Well I sure as hell am not fine with it."

            "OK!" Cynthia throws her hands in the air. "Enough about all the horrible things Dad has done. I really need to finish packing and go and meet Nicholas. He, I, Jarrod, and some girl Jarrod just started seeing are going to have some fun at the bowling alley tonight."

            "Well I hope you have a great time. In the meantime, I am going to go search Creg’s bedroom for my DVD player. I bet he’s the one who stole it." Luke heads back towards his Brother’s room while Cynthia heads in her own direction.

            He slowly opens the door and is greeted with a mess all over the floor. "Looks just like it used to when he was a kid." He says under his breath with a chuckle. Luke scans the room for the laptop-sized DVD player but doesn’t see it with a first scan. He heads over to his Brother’s dresser and opens up the top drawer. He immediately finds the handcuffs and keys that Gabi and Creg were having such fun with earlier, "What in the hell does he use these for?"

He then uses his imagination and manages to come up with a slight idea. "Yuck.I hope that’s not what they’re for."

He moves a few things out of the way and is greeted by a large yellow envelope. He notices the name of Detective Barnes on the top left side of it. Why does Creg have a detective? He immediately opens the envelope and looks at the contents inside. There is an official document that is a summary of Detective Barnes look at the fingerprints found near Creg’s safe. Suddenly things come rushing back to Luke-- the money that was stolen from Creg’s safe. Luke always wondered why Creg seemed to keep that incident so "under the table". Maybe Creg found out who stole his money…

Suddenly the name Gabrielle Kane pops into Luke’s view. Wait, there’s no damn way! Gabi is the one who stole his money?! Holy shit! Why hasn’t he kicked her to the curb? There is no damn way he just forgave her like that. Creg has to be concocting some grand plan of revenge against her. This just doesn’t make sense! Luke reads the rest of the report and it provides no further insight into his questions. He quickly puts the paper inside the envelope and back into its place. Why would Gabi even steal the money from him in the first place?! She’s always buying things left and right. He’s her sugar Daddy. Obviously, she used that money for something she didn’t want Creg to know about. Hmmmm…this keeps getting more interesting! I have to find out more about this. I’m just too damn nosy, I can’t help it!

             Luke knows that unfortunately his Brother’s mind works much like his Dad’s and that when his Dad wants revenge-- he doesn’t stop until it happens. I am going to have to keep close tabs on my Brother. He thinks as he makes up his mind that his DVD player is not in his Brother’s room."Gabi better watch out, that is all that I have to say."  States Luke dryly as he opens the door to his younger sibling’s bedroom and makes an exit.


  Creg continues to listen in on Gabi and Todd. Their bodies are too damn close for comfort. I swear I’m out for blood…, Thinks Creg as he clenches his fist tightly.

            Gabi and Todd manage to stop laughing about the goofy looks on the couple’s face and Gabi continues the conversation, steering the subject to her attraction to him, "I swear you have the nicest dimples I have ever seen on a guy, Todd." She pinches his cheeks.

            Todd decides to lighten up his mood a bit and jokingly flirts with Gabi for the fun of it. "And you have hottest ass I’ve ever seen!" He gives it a big slap and erupts into laughter. In a split second, he’s decided not to depress himself over thoughts of Elliot and he loosens up.

            Gabi is shocked that he slapped her rear and at the same time is a having a big thrill. "You just can never keep your hands off of me, can you?!" She says in a sarcastic tone. She then stares deep into his eyes. She suddenly jumps up from the bench and pulls Todd’s arm and body up from it. "Come on,let’s go for a walk along the beach. It’s such a nice night. Maybe we can find a spot in the caves and have some hot sex to release my animosity towards what Creg did to me today."

            If only she knew the truth about me!, thinks Todd as Gabi drags him towards the beach before he can let out an answer. What the hell? I’ll just play along with it. At least it will get my mind off of Elliot and what an idiot I am for losing him.

            The two scurry off into the distance as Creg emerges from his hiding place in the bushes. "Oh, there is hell to pay now. Todd will wish he never came to this damn town once I am through with him." Fury dances within his two eyes as Gabi and Todd happily walk towards the shore.

He reaches into his pocket and pulls out his cell phone. "Hello? Detective Barnes? This is Creg Jackson. I have someone that I want you to investigate the hell out of. I want to know every damn thing he’s done and what’s happened to him since he was a fucking newborn!"



            "First of all I want to know why you are back in Sunrise Bay , Brice. You never told me you were coming." Gary questions his Brother.

            "That’s the funny part, Gary ! I’ve been in Sunrise Bay for two weeks now and I even did a photo shoot for your company and you never even knew I was back in town! I think you need to keep better tabs on the happenings at Jackson Industries. If you did, you wouldn’t have been overcome with shock when you spotted me at The Hangout."

            "I’m not as amused by the irony of the situation, Brice. I have been very busy with other business dealings lately to monitor things so closely at Jackson Industries. So I want you to get straight to the point. Why are you back to Sunrise Bay ? We all know that you are here to get something from me."

            "Glad you mentioned that. Hold on a second." Brice reaches into his jacket that he is wearing and pulls out a white envelope. He lets out a small chuckle while opening it up, "I know you tried to hide this from the family but guess what. I’m more in tune with the fuck ups of Gary Jackson and I managed to get my hands on dirt you tried to hide so damn hard from the press."

            Gary clenches his teeth and then yells, "Where in the hell are you getting at?"

            "Stop the act, Gary ! I know all about your African American love Kyisha Withers you had all those years back. You thought that you managed to pay the press and everyone off good enough that this story didn’t break out nationally but you underestimated the snooping skills of your youngest Brother." He holds up a paper that shows a picture of Kyisha Withers and a full article on the reveal of it. "Now what would mother and father do if they got word of this? They wouldn’t be that impressed with it, would they? They are racist as you can get and would be horrified to not only learn that you had an ongoing affair with her but also got her pregnant." He continues to chuckle as he puts the paper back into the envelope.

            Gary swallows hard. "You wouldn’t dare!"
            "Oh yes, Brother dearest. I would!"

            Gary manages to resist the urge to lunge at his Brother and beat the hell out of him. He knows how his parents would react if they learned about the whole situation. They probably would go as far as taking all of his money that he had and finding every way possible to destroy everything he’s worked for.

            "But there’s a way that I will stay hushed about the whole thing. You are going to really like this…" Brice smiles with delight.
            "What? What in the hell do you want?" Gary asks with fury in his eyes.

            "I want Jackson Industries." Brice says flatly with a very serious tone.

            Gary ’s face loses its color.


  Cassie is tossing and turning while she sleeps. The night has consisted of her waking up and falling back to sleep for an hour or so. The stress of not knowing where her sister is and the whole entire ordeal has really taken a toll on her. Still sleeping, Cassie pulls her thick blue flower blanket to her chin and she begins to toss about the bed as a nightmare sneaks in on her:

She is walking through a long hall that seems to stretch for miles and miles. There is no end, she thinks. Cassie suddenly gets the sudden dread that there is going to be something ghastly at this tunnel’s end. Maybe I don’t want this long stretch to end. I can just feel that something horrible is going to be there.

            Echoes greet her ears with each step. Darkness extending and the dread begin to encompass her mind and body. What am I going to find at the end? That’s when she sees it-- specks of blood leading through the miles of hall that stretch ahead of her. The blood drops seem to be leading her to some dreadful conclusion. Though she has this sense of impending horror, she continues to follow the blood.  Her heart is pounding and sweat sweeps over her body. Suddenly echoes that sound like her screaming in anger reverberate all around her as she walks. What in the hell is going on?She questions frantically as she feels herself begin to run full speed. The screams get louder and louder the quicker she feels her body moving. Suddenly things come to complete stop and Cassie stares in absolute horror at the scene in front of her: She sees herself standing with a butcher knife clenched tightly and globs of blood dripping from its blade. Right next to her feet is a body that is unidentifiable since it is covered in so much blood. Cassie screams at the top of her lungs…

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screams Cassie as she bolts upwards and falls off of the bed. Her pulse is racing so fast that she feels as though her heart will burst out of her chest. "NO!!" She has to gasp for breath as the image of her standing over a brutally stabbed body vacations in her mind.



The morning sun pokes through the windows of Keith’s master bedroom. The light shines onto the stand that neighbors his bed. Upon it is a gold colored lamp with a white shade. Besides the lamp sits a picture adorned in a bright red frame. The picture depicts a very happy father and son smiling for the camera. Keith often looks at the picture of him and Jarrod and wishes that he could always hold that smile but he sets it back down and gets to the reality of how nothing in the world can be perfect or positive all of the time. Over next to the stand that holds the lamp and picture is Keith’s King Size Bed. On it, Keith and Annie lay under the covers very close to each other. Their naked bodies are touching as Keith opens his eyes and immediately remembers the night of passion that he and Annie shared.

            Annie begins to wiggle around and she then lies completely on top of Keith’s body. She then quietly says, "I love you, Keith. I love you so much."

Keith hears this whispered statement and wonders if Annie is saying this within her sleep or if she’s fully awake. He decides to check, "Annie, are you awake?"
            Annie moves her hand across his chest and into her red hair. Her eyes flutter open, "Keith, I knew that was you."
            He decides that what she said was something brought on by her sleeping but he can quickly feel stabs of guilt from every angle. How am I going to come clean about this with Cassie? There is no way I can hide this from her. I already haven’t told her about Annie and me sleeping together the last time. But there is no way she can know after everything her and her family is going through! It’d tear her to pieces!

            Annie moves off top of Keith and then looks at the ceiling with a smile and says, "Last night was so amazing, Keith. I seriously have never had that good of sex." She then erupts into satisfied giggles and turns her body back onto his, "And I have no problem with experiencing it all over again this morning!" She puts her lips upon his but he breaks the kiss. "What, what’s wrong? Is this about Cassie?" questions Annie with an annoyed look upon her face.

            "Yes. Of course it is. I feel so damn guilty to be doing this with you behind her back."

            She kisses his cheek, "You’re so hot when you are guilty!" Annie can’t seem to ever find a point where she doesn’t think that Keith is hot.

            Keith shakes his head and stares at the ceiling intently, "There is no way I can break something like this to Cassie right now! Her family is going through so much right now. So am I. My identical twin Brother got shot, for Pete’s sake."

            "Well, you are going to have to break this to her sooner or later. How about you let me break the truth? Let’s just say I have a way of words with Cassie." She sits upright on the bed but still has her gaze locked onto Keith’s unshaven face and messy hair.

            "You would get too much pleasure from telling Cassie about us. Don’t think I don’t see right through that, Annie. I know how you are."
            "The truths the truth, right? What difference would it make if I told her or you did?"
            "Lots of difference. Cassie has so much faith in me. Who knows what she would do if she found out about us." States Keith as a chill goes up his spine.