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Episode 6


*Nicole couldn’t help but think of a hunky photographer, who she never got the name of.                                                                                                                          

*Barbara got completely depressed when Nicholas and Cynthia filled her in that they had plans to get a house together.

*Annie swore to get Keith’s mind off of Cassie.

*Cassie couldn’t help but wonder if Keith still had feelings for Annie.

*Melissa continued to fear for what would happen to her, while she remained as Mason’s captive.



* I just can’t get you out of my head

Your lovin’ is all I think about

I just can’t get you out of my head…*

  The Kylie Minogue song pounds in the background while Nicole makes her way into the crowded dance club. It seems as though from every direction she can see a body. Most of the bodies are moving swiftly with the beat and having a good time. Nicole makes her way to the front at the bar and has a seat on one of the stools.

            "What can I get ya?" questions a tall brunette man who has the name tag Jax on his black and white shirt.

            "Hmmm…How about a Bloody Mary? Easy on the ice please." Smiles Nicole. He’s not that bad looking.

            While the bartender is busy getting her drink, she surveys the crowd of people. Over at the other end of the bar she spots someone familiar. Hmmm, I think that’s Barbara Winthrop . Yeah, that’s who that is. She moves her head and suddenly her eyes fall onto another very familiar face. "Oh my…It’s him." She softly whispers as she realizes it’s her photographer she had a couple of weeks ago who struck a strong liking towards her. She grew a strong liking towards him as well. He’s looking over here! I hope my hair and everything looks right.

            Suddenly the bartender makes her jump as he delivers her drink. "Are you OK?" questions Jax the bartender.

            Nicole takes her drink and puts on a big smile, "Yes, I’m fine."
Fine, except for the fact that the hottest photographer who ever walked the face of the earth is on his way over here! Jeez, Nicole. You sound like a giddy schoolgirl!

            The photographer has indeed spotted her and is making his way through the energized crowd toward Nicole. Nicole drinks her Bloody Mary and acts as though she doesn’t see him.

            "If it isn’t the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen! Nicole, right?" He reaches out his hand as he approaches her.

            She acts as though she just noticed him and lets out a surprised sound. "Wow. It is a small world! Yes, I’m Nicole. By the way, I never got your name." He is shaking her hand as she finishes the question. What a strong hand. She thinks

            "The name’s Jackson . Brice Jackson ." He says as he impersonates James Bond.

            Nicole is in total surprise. "Did you say Jackson ?As in the richest family in Sunrise Bay Jacksons?"

            "Yes. My brother hasn’t even known I’ve been in Sunrise Bay , actually. Let’s just say we don’t get along so well but yes I am Gary Jackson’s youngest brother."

            "I just am very surprised. The reason I am is because I…well I used to go out with Gary’s son Creg. " Nicole let’s the info spill out of her quickly as she still tries to process the shock of her being attracted to yet another Jackson family member.

            "You got to be kidding me! You dated my nephew? This really is a small world." He states as he smiles fully. Nicole doesn’t realize how she is staring at the dimples that adorn his cheeks.

            The two make complete eye contact and Nicole suddenly lets out a big giggle. "Sorry! I’m just in a state of shock right now!"

            "Very understandable." He laughs as he motions the bartender to his direction. "You see this beautiful young woman right here? I want you to put every drink of hers on my tab because someone as pretty as that should not have to pay for her drinks."
            The bartender gives him a nod and walks to the other end of the bar as Barbara calls him in her direction.

            "You don’t have to do that. Really, I’m not as hot as you’ve been making me out to be and my looks definitely shouldn’t grant me free drinks!"

            "Don’t even say that! I have been smitten with your looks since the first time I laid eyes on you. So if I say you deserve free drinks then you do!"

            Nicole lets out another goofy giggle. For Pete’s sake, Nicole! Could you act like any more of a dork?! Nicole then takes a sip of her drink and then questions, "So when are you planning on telling your family that you’re back in Sunrise Bay ?"

            He pauses and then responds, "Well I am very shocked none of them have run into me yet. Especially since I’ve been a photographer at my own family’s company! I find it rather amusing, really."
            "Yeah, that is pretty funny isn’t it? Well, have you met Barbara over there?" Nicole points towards Barbara who looks as though she is getting pretty drunk.

            Brice looks at long black haired woman and gets a puzzled look. "Is that the Barbara that my older brother is seeing? If so, no I’ve never met her. I’m still pretty shocked that Elaine and my older brother got a divorce."
            "Brice. Is that you?" The voice comes from behind him.

            Brice and Nicole both turn quickly and see the woman that Brice mentioned seconds ago-- Elaine .

            "Elaine! We were just talking about you!" Brice says as he stands to give her a big hug.

            "All good things I hope!" smiles Elaine as she glances at Nicole. "So you and Nicole Smith know each other?"
            "Actually I photographed her a couple of weeks ago, Elaine."
            "A couple of weeks? You’ve been in Sunrise Bay that long and didn’t get in contact with any of us?" Elaine seems a little confused.

            Brice suddenly gets a serious look on his face, "Well, I do have my reasons. My brother and I don’t get along so well. Which reminds me, what in hell’s name happened with you guys?"

            Elaine moves to a stool next to him and then responds, "Let’s just say things were building up over the years and I learned something that was the last straw."

            "Last straw, eh? What happened?" 

            Elaine pauses in thought, If Brice knew that Gary had an affair with some black woman he’d probably slip into the hate side of things towards his brother!  "Let’s just say, I learned something he didn’t want me to learn." Elaine leaves it at that for the lack of better words.          


Barbara chugs her latest drink and immediately gets the craving for yet another one. Just drink the pain away! That’s what I’m doing! Yeah, feels so good! Feels so good!

Another obviously drunken woman makes her way towards where Barbara is sitting. She seems to have a flash of recognition in her eyes as she smiles wide. "Why hello Marcia! It’s me—Carrie Swenton! We haven’t seen each other in so so long!!"

Barbara wipes her eyes to try to get a better view of the other woman who claims to know who she is. She doesn’t recognize her at all.

The woman has medium length brown hair and a pair of glasses adorns her face. She commands that Jax give her a martini and looks angry as he apprehensively starts making the drink. She then returns her attention to Barbara, "Marcia, how is your Finding Nemo shirt doing? I just can’t believe I found it at the store. I know how much you love that movie!!! I can’t believe that my friend Leeza came last weekend. You remember Leeza, right?? Marcia, are you drunk? You seem really really drunk! I can’t believe that you are drunk. You never got drunk that much back in the day when we always hung out together. I’m just so happy to see you! I missed you so so much!" Suddenly the mystery girl embraces Barbara in a tight hug.

Barbara just goes along with it. Who in the hell is this crazy woman and why do I feel as though she’s hitting on me? Oh well, it’s better than being at the lonely mansion where my son is going to abandon me! Just drink! Just drink!

"That Finding Nemo shirt was half-priced at Wal-Mart. I love sales. I couldn’t believe it but the other day they had these adorable little shoes for a cheap price of 30.00 at Payless! I know the store is called Payless and that the shoes are supposed to be less all the time but I think they are quite expensive. Wouldn’t that be considered false advertising? I don’t know. I’m just still in shock over Leeza visiting me. I just can’t believe she came. Leeza really looks like she lost some weight. Have you seen her at all lately? Anyway, I’m still in shock over her paying me a visit. I just can’t believe it!"

Barbara decides to mute the rambling girl out and focus on her drink. Watching the bubbles in the liquid bounce around is intriguing her more than hearing about Leeza or whatever the heck that girl’s friend’s name is.


"What are you doing here?" Keith questions as he opens the door to see Annie ’s face.

            "What a wonderful way to greet your visitors, Keith." Annie says sarcastically. She is carrying a bag in her left hand. "I came over to check in on you. I saw how distraught you were at the ball over your brother getting shot. How is he, anyway?"
            "His condition hasn’t changed. They think that he may have slipped into a coma, actually.

            "That’s horrible. Look, you can tell me anything that’s on your mind. Just let it all out, Keith. You know that I’m here for you." She puts her right hand on his shoulder and looks him straight in the eyes.

            Keith swiftly moves her arm and says, "Annie, what’s in the bag?"
            "I bet you are just dying of curiosity, aren’t you?" The red head slips past him and makes her way into his apartment. Keith just rolls his eyes and heads back into the apartment right behind her.     

"I knew you would be in the dumps so I went out and bought stuff that will cure anybody who is not feeling so well." She puts the bag onto his kitchen counter and begins to remove the contents of it. There is big bottle of champagne, two crystal glasses still in the box, and a bottle of rubbing oils for a massage.

            "I thought champagne was for celebrating something, Annie. I sure as hell am not celebrating that my twin brother is lying dead in the hospital and that my sister in law is missing."

            "Look, who said it has to be strictly for celebratory occasions!? We are going to drink this whole damn bottle together whether you like it or not and it will at least make you forget things going on for the time being."  She lets out a big smile. Keith, I am going to make sure you know that only I can take away any pain you may ever be in. Not that damn tart of a blonde Cassie .

            Keith looks apprehensive but suddenly feels the urge to give into what Annie’s telling him. Maybe she’s right. Alcohol might be the only answer to take away some of the anger and pain I’ve been feeling.

            Annie is already on a roll and pouring the two glasses. She glances at the box of oils and thinks, I think I’ll give him a little massage while he’s drinking his champagne..I’ll give him a nice relaxing rubdown and he won’t be able to resist me!

            Keith grabs one of the glasses and immediately chugs down the contents of it. He firmly sets his glass on the counter, "Another please."

            She immediately pours him some more champagne and then questions, "So where is your ever so sweet Cassie in your time of need?"

            "Annie, she’s with her damn family. Where else would she be? Her family is hurting real bad wondering what in hell happened to Melissa and hoping that Tom will pull through."

            "Sorry, I guess I wasn’t thinking right. Of course Cassie is with her family. That’s where she should be. I’m sure they all need the most support possible."

            "They do. I was at the police station earlier with Eve and Jarrod. I was ready to pound the fucking brains out of the guy who shot my brother but they had him in the back for questioning. You just wait till I can talk to him. I feel like tearing out his damn throat." Keith’s eyes flash with anger as he finishes off his second glass.

            "I can imagine what anger you are feeling towards him, Keith. For starters, you already have that anger problem and he did something to hurt your family. I know how much family means to you." Annie takes a small sip and looks at Keith’s face intently. He is so damn hot when he’s angry!

            "You wouldn’t know the half of the anger I am feeling, Annie. But I really am trying to control it."

            "Maybe you need to try to channel your anger into something else…" Annie lets her tone extend near the end of the sentence leaving Keith to get the point of what she’s saying.

            Keith notices it and quickly checks her body out from top to bottom. Damn does she look fine.But Cassie…

            Annie grabs the oils from the counter and motions Keith towards the bedroom, "What would you say to me giving you a nice massage? Come on; don’t tell me you don’t need something to calm you down."
            Keith studies Annie’s eyes and then glances at the door to the bedroom, "I guess…I guess a massage would help a lot."

            Annie is two steps ahead of him as she motions towards his bedroom. "I promise to make you forget about everything…for the time being. I don’t think you’ve ever got one of the famous Annie Lansing massages, have you?" He’s mine, all mine! She thinks wickedly as she drags Keith into the bedroom and shuts the door.


            Cassie walks up the hall and towards Keith’s apartment. She has a million things rushing through her mind as she does. She reaches up to knock on the door and then pauses before hitting her hand on it. I shouldn’t have to knock; I’m his girlfriend for Pete’s sake! Instead, she opens the door. Her eyes immediately wonder to the counter where a bottle of champagne and two crystal glasses are sitting. "Why are there two glasses?" Herinterests is now fully peaked as she glances around the seemingly empty apartment.

            "Keith! Are you here?" Cassie yells. "Keith!"

            Suddenly his bedroom door goes flying open, "Cassie!" It’s Keith and he looks very shocked to see her.

            "Is there someone else hear with you, Keith?" Cassie questions as she crosses her arms and stares directly into his eyes.

            Keith is overcome with guilt like he’s been hit by lightning. I can’t let her know that Annie’s in my bedroom. He thinks as worry takes over him.


            "Don’t worry, Melissa . You are going to have a very happy and completely brand new life with me!" Mason places his hands around hers. "You’ll realize that I am so sorry about what I did to you 11 years ago and see that you really do love me!"
            Melissa tries to stay as calm as possible knowing she is dealing with a very unstable man. She answers calmly, "Mason, I’m sorry but we can never be together again. Especially not after what you did."
            "I just said that I was sorry for that! Melissa, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you. When I realized that you were living in Sunrise Bay I was ecstatic and knew I had to find you and make you realize that you still loved me." He tightens his grip on her hand. "I truly do love you."
            Melissa swallows hard. What in the hell am I going to do? I know that there has to be a search party or something out there for me. They have to find me. They just have to! I don’t know how much more of this I can handle!

            "I want you to promise something to me, Mason."

            "What is it? I’ll do anything for you."

            "I want you to promise me that you’ll never try to…try to…rape me again. If you truly loved me you wouldn’t have done something like that."
            Mason goes quiet, "Melissa, you should have wanted to express your love for me like that. I thought you truly loved me. That’s what people in love do!"
            "People in love do not rape and force the person they love to have sex with them! That just isn’t right! Do you know how much internal torture you have caused me because of that! Did you know I got pregnant?" Melissa quickly stops. Oh no, I think I told him too much.

            "You were pregnant? Wait, you had our child? Where is he?" Mason eyes are bright and look as though he hasn’t heard such happy news before in his life.

            Melissa knows that she can’t let him know about her abortion because there is no telling what he would do to her if he realized she had their own baby killed. "The baby? Well, of course he’s not a baby no more. He’s all grown up now."

            "I can’t believe it! I have a son! Please, please Melissa, tell me all about him!"

            Melissa can’t believe that she is about to lie about a son that she never had. Suddenly sadness has swept over her body. I don’t even know if it was going to be a boy or a girl…


"Yes, I will be there at 11 AM on the dot. I wouldn’t miss this investment chance if my life depended on it." Gary says with a sly smile as he sits at his desk on the phone. This is a chance of a lifetime!

            He hangs up the receiver with a smile. His mood has now changed from very annoyed to very happy. There are big bucks riding on how the meeting goes and he knows he has to make sure things will go smoothly and fall into his benefit.

            His mind then wonders to earlier when Nicholas and Cynthia revealed their plans to move in together. He decides that he is going to let go of his daughter and let her do as she pleases. He was always very fond of Cynthia and the two of them were always pretty close. Though their relationship was dangerously close to being broken off when he and Barbara got serious, it seems as though the air is cleared and all is forgiven.

            My peanut is growing up and I have to accept it. He thinks thoughtfully. Creg is definitely making his dad proud by following in my footsteps and as for Luke… Where in the hell did I go wrong with him? It seems as though that kid is against everything that I stand for-- money and power. I don’t think he’ll ever come to his senses.

            He contemplates the papers that scour over his desk. "Now I just need to finish these documents so I’ll be completely prepared for tomorrow’s big meeting."
            Suddenly the shrill sound of the phone’s ring pierces the air. He swiftly picks it up, "Hello. Is this something important?" He doesn’t want any interruptions.

            "Yeah, this is Jax Demeter from The Hangout. I’m calling about Barbara Winthrop. She is totally drunk down here and there is no way I am letting her drive in this condition. Mr. Jackson, either you or someone else is going to need to come pick her up."            Gary is overtaken with anger and annoyance. So is Barbara becoming a drunk now?  "I can’t believe this. Whatever. I’ll be down there to pick her up." He slams the phone down as Jax is thanking him. "I can’t believe this bullshit", says Gary aloud as he moves up from his desk. "This better never happen again." He slams the door behind him.


"Maybe I should go introduce myself to my brother’s new lady though she looks as though she’ll never remember my name tomorrow morning." Brice glances over to Barbara who is in a complete giggling fit as she almost falls off of her bar stool.

            Elaine rolls her eyes as she processes Barbara’s drunken condition. "That woman gets on my last nerves, I’m telling you what."
            "I bet she gets on your nerves. It’s not always common that the ex gets along with the new woman in a guy’s life."
            "You know what, Brice? I really hope she has a lovely life with Gary and I am not shedding another tear about me and Gary ’s divorce so me disliking her has absolutely nothing to do with her being with Gary now."

            Brice suddenly turns to Nicole, "I hope you don’t think I’m ignoring you, pretty lady but I haven’t seen my sister in law, well, ex sister in law for so long."
            Nicole just lets out a big smile and says, "I completely understand. Don’t worry. I’ll let you talk all you want to her. It’s no big deal." I’m sitting next to you, which will suit me just fine. She looks over his figure once again. Jeez, there you go again Nicole with your giddy schoolgirl thoughts!!

            Brice then glances as Nicole’s lessening drink, "Order yourselfanother. Remember what I arranged already. You’re not paying a single penny for any of your drinks." He motions for Jax to come in his direction. "Give her another drink, please."
            Jax nods his head and gets to work on Nicole’s Bloody Mary.

            "Still the charmer you always have been, Brice?" Elaine smiles as she glances at Nicole. "You always did know how to make a girl feel special."

            "Women are the most magnificent creature known to man. Of course I’m going to make them feel special, it’s man’s duty!"
            Nicole’s heart flutters, "I wish every man thought that way, Brice. Specifically your nephew Creg." She suddenly remembers that Creg’s mother is sitting mere feet away.

            Elaine hears this and quickly says, "I’m really sorry about how Creg hurt you, Nicole. I was ashamed when I heard what he did to you."

            Brice is confused and he turns his head towards Nicole, "What did my ever so sweet nephew do to you, Nicole?"

            Nicole just rolls her eyes. "You don’t want to know. Besides, it was over a year ago and I’ve left it in the past."

            "Well I’m going to have a big talk with Creg and set him straight. I can tell by looking in your eyes that he hurt you bad." Brice says in a sincere tone.

            "What in the hell are you doing here, Brice?" The voice comes from behind. The three of them quickly turn their heads and lay eyes on a newly arrived Gary .
            "Brother Dearest!" Brice says with a forced grin as he rises from his bar stool. Nicole and Elaine both exchange looks as they know that Brice and Gary don’t get along so well.

            "You haven’t answered my question. What in the hell are you doing in Sunrise Bay ?" Gary ’s tone is of anger.

            "Let’s just say that I had some business to take care of." Brice says with a calculating grin. I can’t wait to fill Gary in on the real reason I came!, he thinks.


"Answer my question, Keith! Is someone else here with you?" Cassie’s glare pierces Keith’s eyes.

            Keith clears his throat. He is overcome with guilt knowing that Annie is in his bedroom. "No, no one is here with me." He opts to straight out lie to her.

            Cassie then points at the two glasses on the kitchen counter, "Then why do you have two champagne glasses sitting on your counter?"
            He glances at the glasses and then back at her, "I…I had them ready just in case you were to come over. And I am so happy that you did, Cassie." He scurries over to the counter and begins to pour two glasses of champagne. " Champagne should calm you down. You have to be stressed out from all that is happening." He walks to Cassie and hands her the glass. She has to know that I’m lying. Wait, Keith. Why are you lying to her in the first place? It’s not like me and Annie were having sex in there…

            Cassie studies his face, "Are you sure that no one else is here? You just seemed so jumpy when you came from your bedroom."
            "I was just surprised to see you, Cassie. I expected you to be with your family all day."

            She takes a small sip and then says, "Look, I’m sorry I accused you of having someone else here. You just don’t understand how important you are to me, Keith. I know I can always count on you to make me feel better and I don’t want anything else in the world to jeopardize that." Tears come to her eyes. "This is just so hard. Melissa is gone and we have no idea where she is. Tom is in a coma at the hospital. Nothing’s right! The only thing that I know is right is that  I can count on you, Keith." She puts the glass on the counter and walks up to him.

            Keith’s every bone aches with the pain of guilt. He knows that he has feelings for Cassie but he can’t deny the extreme attraction he feels towards Annie. It’s only a matter of seconds before Annie comes bursting out of that bedroom getting sick of pretending she’s not there. Maybe I should just come clean with Cassie. It’s doing me no good lying to her.

            "Kiss me, Keith." Cassie puts her arms on his shoulders. "Make me feel like nothing in the world is wrong."
            Keith leans into her and their lips unite in a passionate kiss. Cassie pushes her body against his. He knows that she wants more but he also knows that there is no way he can do something like that with her while Annie is in the neighboring room.

            Meanwhile, in the bedroom Annie leans her head against the door. What in the hell is going on out there? Why did things suddenly go silent? "They better not be kissing. That’s just wrong." Annie begins to pace. "Why am I acting like I am not here? I should just jump out of here and give Cassie the surprise of her life. But no. I need to stay on Keith’s good side so I’ll listen to him and stay in here and not make a sound. Besides, it’s only a matter of time before Keith’s guilt boils over and he admits everything about his feelings for me to her. There is no way in hell that she would give him another chance after hearing something like that. But who knows, she is quite the blonde nut head." Annie goes back to the door to listen in on the happenings outside.

            Back in the living room, Keith and Cassie are still in a lip lock. Keith’s mind is working quickly to find a way to get Cassie to leave before Annie makes her presence known. Suddenly the ring of the phone fills the room. Good, this is my chance.
            He breaks the kiss, "I have to get that. It could be your mom with news about Tom or Melissa."
            "Yeah, you better get it.", Says Cassie.

            Keith reaches for the phone and pushes the talk button, "Hello?"

            "Hello, Keith? It’s Eve."
            "Do you have any news on Melissa or Tom?" As Keith says this Cassie stands by him and rubs his back.

            "Yes, actually and it’s not so good. Carl just called from the hospital with really bad news. Tom has officially slipped into a coma and he said it’s a very deep one. He has no idea how long it could take for him to come out of it." Keith can tell that Eve is trying to hold back tears. "The police can’t get any information from this guy about where Mason or whoever was behind this horrific shooting and kidnapping is. I just can’t believe that this is really happening."
            "Eve, I’m real sorry. You know how much I want to kill the people behind this but I promised to try to keep my temper in control. It won’t do me any good to be ranting and raving like a lunatic."

            "Yeah, we just need to stay strong and pray for a miracle. Anyway, is Cassie over there? Please tell her I really want her to come and see me. I just want to talk to her and hold her, don’t you understand?"
            "I understand completely, Eve. Yes, she’s over here." Though still full of guilt, Keith is relieved that Eve asked Cassie to go and see her. The last thing Cassie needs is stress put on her by realizing that Annie is hiding in his bedroom.

            Keith says bye and hangs up the phone. "Your mother really wanted you to go over and see her. She was very upset. Who blames her? I guess Tom has officially slipped in a coma and they still haven’t got any info from the jackass who shot him about Mason’s whereabouts."
            "I can’t believe this." She grabs her purse. "Look, I better get there as soon as possible." She goes up to him and kisses him full on the lips. "I love you." With that, she scurries out of the apartment and shuts the door.

            Keith is left in his thoughts. I can’t make this go on any further. Cassie is head over heels in love with me and I am lying to her face about Annie!

            With that note in his mind, the bedroom door flies open and Annie comes out. "So, did you have a special time with Cassie? Never mind, don’t even answer that. We have to get back in there and I have to give you a nice relaxing massage." She reaches to drag him back in and finish what they started.

            Keith immediately resist, "Annie, I am feeling guilty as hell right now. How long can I let this go on? I just lied to Cassie’s face about someone else being here with me just like I have been lying about how I feel about you!"
            Annie likes what she hears. "What you feel about me?"

            Keith swallows hard. "Annie, don’t play dumb"

            Annie gets a wicked smile, "So are you trying to say that you love me?" Annie knows that everything she planned on is falling right into place.

            Keith gets an annoyed look, "Annie! Please! Look, I really need to get some rest. Maybe this was a bad idea. Just gather your stuff and get back home."
            "No, I am not going anywhere until you answer my question, Keith. Do you love me or not?" She walks up to Keith till she is a foot away. "Answer my question, Keith."

            Keith studies her face for a moment and then responds calmly, "Annie, you know how I feel for you."

            "Then why can’t you just say it? Do you have a problem being open with your feelings or something?" Annie questions.

            "Fine! If it’s that important to you for me to say it. Yes! I love you! Are you happy now?" He adamantly says.

            Annie lets out a huge grin and then pulls him into a steamy kiss. "You’re going to prove those feelings to me right now." The kiss continues as they fall onto the couch…


  "Please! Tell me all about our son, Melissa!" Mason is on his knees leaning against the bed and is enamored with Melissa’s face and what she is about to say.

            Melissa swallows hard. I can’t believe I am going to lie to Mason about a son that I had aborted! There is no other way though. He would flip out and probably kill me if he knew the truth of what happened.

            "Well…" She swallows and then quickly thinks of a starting point, "I found out after like a month and I was just so ecstatic, you know. It was exciting…I was…I was going to bring a new life into this world!" Tears come to her eyes as she thinks back on the day she did find out she was pregnant. It definitely wasn’t the happiest of occasions as she is describing it to Mason. "Well, I went through all the normal pregnancy stuff-- morning sickness and all those crazy cravings that you get. It was such a time of learning for me…" Her mind is really focusing on her pregnancy with Philip. She then wipes the flowing tears from her eyes. "Well, 9 months later I brought little…umm…little Mark into the world!"
            "Mark! Our son’s name is Mark? That’s such a nice name!" Mason says ecstatically. "Come on, what does he look like?"
            "What’s he look like? Well…umm…he has your beautiful blue eyes and my—my nose. He just looks like a perfect combination of you and me." While stating this lie her mind wonders to what her baby really would have looked like if she had went through with the pregnancy. How did I go through with having an abortion? What is wrong with you, Melissa? Maybe what you just described to Mason was what the baby really would have looked like.

            "That sounds so wonderful. I can’t wait to see my son. Do you have a picture of him with you?" Mason’s eyes are full of anticipation.

            "No, sorry I don’t." Oh Philip, my dear baby, I wish I were back home with you. And Tom… "Look, Mason. I am getting real hungry; can you please prepare me something? I would really appreciate it." She asks behind puffy eyes.

            He squeezes her hand and immediately rises up, "Of course. Anything for my love. Now you don’t go anywhere!" He laughs as he blows her a kiss and shuts and locks the door.

            Melissa then frantically looks around the room, How in the hell am I going to escape?