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Episode 20


*A drunken Todd and Gabi ended up in a passionate embrace after Gabi made a move on him.

*Brice confronted Creg about the way he and Nicole broke up, demanding that Creg give Nicole an appropriate apology. Creg thought that his uncle was psycho and wondered why he had such high interests in Nicole.

*Elaine had been busy working on opening a new business in Sunrise Bay. She demanded Gary give her three million for it and that he did.

*Everyone was thrilled to learn Melissa had been found and rescued. To top the night off, they also learned Tom had awoke from his coma.



The sunlight sneaks in through the windows that adorn the front of Todd Lansing’s small two-story home. Todd lies on the couch and slowly opens his eyes. For a moment, he gets a confused feeling as to why he is not laying upon his bed. He tries to think hard; he can only remember small bits and pieces of went on last night. He remembers him and Luke having a great time at The Hangout, him and his mother getting into a big argument that ended with her leaving and slamming his door, and Gabi. Wait, what went on with me and Gabi? She was crying and yeah…she broke up with Creg. Suddenly Todd darts upwards at the sound of footsteps coming down from upstairs. It suddenly hits him that he is completely naked. What in the hell?

"Good morning, sunshine!" exclaims a very cheery Gabi as she makes her way over towards the couch and stands above him. "I had an amazing night. What did you think about it?" She lowers herself next to him.

Todd is dumbfounded. No way. There just is no way that me and Gabi… "Uhhhh, Gabi?" He suddenly searches next to the couch and spots his boxers. He stands up and covers his front side with his hands before quickly slipping them on.

Gabi bursts out in laughter. "You don’t have to cover it up, silly! I think I saw it enough times last night that you don’t have to be shy about it."

He is in a complete state of shock. How in the hell did me and Gabi have sex last night!? Why would I have sex with her? This just isn’t right!

"Ummm, Gabi. Look, there is something real important I have to tell you…" He finds his jeans and T-shirt and goes about quickly putting them on as well.

"What is it?" Gabi’s happy tone seems to be fading slowly. Todd suspects that she is coming to the realization that he doesn’t remember a damn thing about what went on with them last night.

"It’s just that I forgot I agreed to meet Luke today. I made plans with him and he is probably going to pretty pissed that I’m going to be so late." He can’t believe that he is making up such a big lie but there is no chance that he is going to tell her that he forgot about sleeping with her. On top of that, how is he going to explain the part that he not only forgot the sex but that he is also gay? He is just not ready to make a statement like that to her.

"Oh, you made plans with Luke. I see. Well, I had some big plans for us today. Oh well, last night makes up for it. It was so amazing, Todd. I knew that you would finally come to your senses and realize the true feelings you had for me." She rises from the couch and extends her arms and lightly takes hold of his. "You finally admitted how you felt last night. That talk we had after having sex, it was just...wow! I knew you were a sweet guy before that but I didn’t know a human being was capable of being so damn perfect."

Todd swallows hard. He can’t believe what is going on. That’s it; I am never getting drunk again. This does it.

Suddenly there is a rapid knock at his front door. Todd quickly breaks Gabi’s hold and heads toward the door. Not considering the fact that he’s wearing only boxers, he opens it and is greeted by Luke’s presence. Luke wears an angered expression. However, Todd swears that Luke is checking out his bare body with a certain sense of liking.

Luke doesn’t let Todd ponder this thought for long as he gets to the point of his angered face: "You lied to me." Luke’s words are direct and tone biting. He gives Gabi a glare from over Todd’s shoulder.

Todd feels the brunt of Luke’s words and can feel his face warming, "Um, I lied to you? About what?" His mind begins to sort through the possibilities.

"About you and Gabi over there. You told me that you weren’t having an affair. Todd, I trusted you." There is tangible hurt within Luke’s eyes.

Todd quickly glances at Gabi and then to Luke once again. He is at a loss on how to respond.



Nicole breathes in the fresh ocean air of the new day that has befallen the citizens of the small Florida town. She wears a pair of flashy sunglasses and a wide smile. Nothing can bring me down today. Nothing! I love it!

She gazes at the building for the new establishment Java Shores. It is the product of Elaine Breese’s creative mind and hopefully will be the hottest new hangout in Sunrise Bay. The logo on top of the building features the modern coffee shop’s name in hip print and a coffee cup appearing as though it’s riding an ocean wave.

Since the place has yet to be opened, Elaine thought it would be appropriate to put a sign on the glass giving everyone an idea of what to expect. Nicole intently reads this sign: Java Shores–A place to ride the wave of the latest technologies, grab a cappuccino or coffee, shop around, or just enjoy good conversation with friends.

"Hmmm, sounds pretty nice." Nicole says quietly. "However, I really need to get to my hair appointment. I also have to meet with Annie later on."

She looks at her watch while walking in the direction of Annabelle Style. After seeing she’s in good time, she raises her head and sees a very familiar face approaching her. It is the face of Brice Jackson, whom Nicole has been thinking of more often than not.

Brice gives her a wide grin and reveals the dimples that make Nicole’s heart melt each time she sees them. The bruise from his brother punching him has faded and Nicole can’t find a single thing to complain about concerning his handsome face.

"Hey there, pretty lady!" Brice says charmingly as he steps right next to her. "What are you up to on this beautiful day?"

Nicole smiles and then responds, "I’m actually going to get my hair done. I was thinking of cutting off some length and possibly layering it. What do you think?"

"Hmm, I guess that doesn’t sound so bad. Though you already know what I think about your hair’s current state. I don’t think I’ll dive into any more of my corny lines about you being perfect the way you already are. You never want to overdo that type of thing I’ve come to learn."

Nicole laughs. "Yes, they are definitely corny at times but charming nonetheless. I see that the wound on your nose is healing..."

Brice brushes his nose with his right hand, "Ohhh, that? Yeah, can’t even tell it’s there for the most part. It makes me kinda anxious to go and visit my brother again being that boxing is his latest choice of a hobby. Gary was always searching for what made him happy..." He lets his sarcastic tone linger.

Nicole just shakes her head at his comment, "You know what I’d really like to see? I would like to see you and Gary make up. This big feud is not helping either of you out."

Brice clears his throat. "Yeah, I know. However, I’ve said it time and time again. It is Gary who is insisting on this big rift between us. Who was the one who returned to Sunrise Bay to lay low for a couple weeks before finally revealing his presence in hopes that things could work out? Also, who is the one who resorted to physical violence? See, Gary is a very insecure man, Nicole. Through something that is completely out of my control, he feels threatened by me and that is why there is the existence of what keeps being referred to as a feud."

Nicole gives him an apprehensive face as she taps her fingers on her purse, "I guess I don’t know enough about you and Gary to comment on it. I’m just saying this out of having a sibling myself. I don’t know if I could ever let big problems linger with Tara like you and Gary do. It would drive me nuts!"

"I completely agree with you on that, Nicole. Gary does drive me up the wall but don’t fret your little heart out, I’ll be sure to try my hardest to come up with a solution. I always have found solutions to my problems in the past..."

"Well aren’t we Mr. Resourceful?" teases Nicole as she tosses her blonde hair in a flirting manner.

"I can prove that resourcefulness even further if you let me pick you up at 6 tonight." Brice abruptly questions.

Nicole doesn’t answer and seems distracted by something behind Brice. Brice catches on and turns around to be looking at his snobby nephew Creg.

"Well isn’t this another coincidence?–running into the two of you together." Creg says as he looks Nicole over. "Nicole, I think there’s something I have to tell you about my Uncle Brice here. His interest in you is quite creepy and obsessive."

Brice casts Creg a nasty expression and looks to Nicole for her reaction.



"I never want to let go of you." Melissa clings to her husband tightly as she lies next to him on the hospital bed. The husband and wife stare joyfully into one another’s eyes.

Last night, after having a thrilling reunion with her parents, son, and friends, Melissa went rushing through the halls of the hospital excitedly when she learned that Tom had awaken from his coma. She had flung the door open and immediately Tom’s eyes had met hers. The moment was perfect and only the two of them existed for a couple of moments. In tears of joy, Melissa had rushed to his bedside and embraced him completely. She no longer had to fear what Mason would do--her husband would now be there again to protect her till the end of time.

"I love you so much." Tom says softly into her ear.

The feeling of his breath gives Melissa an overwhelming desire for her husband’s body. She wants to be as one with him. She pulls him into a very passionate kiss and moves on top of him. It’s as though she is completely unaware that they are in a hospital—in fact she and Tom don’t seem to care where they are; this is how much they crave each other’s touch.

The two give into this "gravitational pull" towards one another and Tom begins unbuttoning her shirt as they remain in a loving kiss. Melissa does the same and pulls the blanket over the two of them.

Meanwhile, outside in the hospital lobby, Tara is holding Philip’s hand as she leads him around the various halls and past different rooms to find where his dad is being kept.

"I’m so happy now." smiles a cheerful Philip. "Both mommy and daddy are both home and we can be a happy family again."

Tara let’s out a big smile. "Well, I’m really happy too. Did you know that me and your mommy are best friends?"

"Yep, I knew that. Before mommy disappeared, you and her always hung out together."

Tara smiles and she thinks it’s so sweet that she is carrying on a conversation with a little boy. Her mind then wanders to Maci—who she now thinks of completely as her own child. She suddenly relives the moment that her hand lost grip of a frantic Carly who was hanging from the bridge. It sends shudders up and down her spine. However, the horrible memory quickly passes and she smiles when she pictures her, Derek, and Maci as a happy family. No one can take that away from them. She’s going to make sure of it. Carly came very close to completely tearing her and Derek away from one another but in the end their love conquered. As for what happened between her and Tom, that will be kept a locked up secret if it’s the last thing she does.

She dismisses the thoughts while she leads Philip down the final hallway toward his father’s room. Melissa wanted her to drop off Philip, before she and Derek went off to Miami to visit with Jake.

"What are Mommy and Daddy doing?!" yells Philip when he sees the sight of his parents entangled under the blanket. Tara quickly shields his eyes and tries to keep herself from hysterically laughing.

"Umm…They’re getting to know each other again." Smiles Tara as she leads the boy in the opposite direction. Suddenly, the sight of Eve and Carl fills Tara’s view. She quickly rushes towards them. "Maybe you guys should come back at another time--", it’s too late.

"Yes, Grandma and Grandpa, Mommy and Daddy are getting to know each other again! They must have had lots to catch up on. I never saw them do that!" Philip is wide eyed as he innocently points into the hospital room where Tom and Melissa are still "going at it."

Eve and Carl quickly turn their heads at the sight and grab their grandson. "We’ll revisit later." Carl sternly says with an unreadable face.

Eve gives Carl a shocked expression and then puts her attention toward little Philip. "Come on, sweetie. I bought you a gift and its out in the car."

Philip’s eyes light up. "A gift? Yay! I can’t wait!" He excitedly rushes ahead of them as everyone follows.

Tara and Eve exchange glances. Eve can’t suppress the humourous event and begins to giggle, as Tara chimes in. Carl gives the gigging women a disapproving look before letting out a light chuckle himself...



"Don’t just stand there and say nothing, Todd. You know what I’m talking about." Says Luke as he stuffs his hands in the pockets of his khaki pants.

"Luke, I don’t understand what you mean." Todd says this but knows that there is no talking out of the situation. Damn, this keeps on getting worse!

Luke looks over Todd’s shoulder and he is greeted with the sight of Gabi approaching the two men. "Luke, I bet you’re shocked to see me here so early in the morning at Todd’s. You must have not heard that Creg and I broke up last night."

"You two broke up?" Luke feels a bit surprised. Wait. So as soon as she and Creg broke up she went running to Todd? This had to of been going on for a while now...

"So tell me Gabi. How long has this little fling with you and Todd been going on?" Luke lets out in nasty tone.

"Excuse me? Luke, why don’t you tell me when my and Todd’s business was any concern of yours?!" She says this as she crosses her arms.

"It’s my business because Todd swore to me that the two of you were never having an affair. Well, then I stop by last night to recheck if Todd was OK after that argument with his mother and see the two of you going at it on the couch! Todd outright lied to me." Luke gives Todd a piercing stare. "I thought I could trust your word."

Todd feels the stare burn into him. He could swear that Luke is hurt to another degree–a more personal level than being lied to. However, sometimes he misinterprets people. Besides, why would Luke be angry other than for being lied to?

"Luke, look. It’s not what you think." Todd swallows. He knows that he is going to have to completely break Gabi’s heart if he wants any redemption from Luke about the whole situation. "I did not lie to you, Luke. I just got extremely drunk last night and one thing led to another with Gabi and I woke up…you know…regretting things. I swear that absolutely nothing was happening between me and Gabi before this. It was nothing but a big mistake." With the words now out in the open, Todd prepares for Gabi to have a complete emotional breakdown.

"So what happened between us last night meant nothing to you? You didn’t even remember it, did you?" Sure enough, Gabi’s emotions start to go out of control.

Todd turns to look Gabi in the eyes. "I am so sorry, Gabi. I was trashed last night. I only remember bits and pieces of what went on."

"I can’t believe this!" Gabi flails her arms in the air as her body surges with hurt. She begins to cry. "Look, I have to go. I can’t stand to be here right now." With that, she quickly grabs her purse and barges past Luke and Todd; she slams the door behind her. It sends one of Todd’s paintings he has on the wall flying from its place and crashing on the floor. Glass flies at every which direction.

"Shit." Todd states in a surprisingly calm voice as he looks over the mess of glass scattered all over the floor.

"I think you should go running after her, Todd. She is in no condition to drive home." Luke says with a sincere tone. A guilty feeling begins to linger in him. Maybe I should have confronted Todd when Gabi wasn’t around.

"Maybe you’re right." Todd says as he heads towards the door. "I’ll be right back, OK? I really want to talk with you." He then disappears out the door. A gush of ocean-scented wind enters the home for a brief moment before the door closes.

Luke looks at the mess that is lying in front of him and begins going about picking up the larger shards of glass.

"Well, that sure went well." He says aloud sarcastically as he heads to the kitchen and searches for a broom. Then, for some reason, a strange feeling overtakes Luke’s body. He then comes to the realization that he probably was a little angrier at Todd than he should have been. He feels this overwhelming desire to apologize to Todd.

Then he sees a picture on the fridge that he never noticed before. It is of Annie and Todd. In it, the two siblings are smiling real big for the camera as they each have their arms around each other. He lets out a smile and finds himself gazing at Todd’s face in the picture. After what seems to be a minute, he quickly goes about grabbing the broom and heading towards the living room to sweep up the mess.

His attention is quickly diverted as the door swings open. Todd enters. Immediately, their two eyes meet. Neither of them breaks the gaze.



Nicole absorbs Creg’s accusations of Brice being creepy and obsessive with a grain of salt. "Creg, I don’t know why you always try to start something as of late but it’s getting very old!"

Creg rolls his eyes. "Nicole, come on. You have to see it. This man actually flipped out on me about how I needed to apologize correctly or whatever the hell for the way we broke up! What the hell is it his business?"

Brice bites his lower lip and keeps a cool and collected expression. He is almost certain that Nicole will respond in his favor. Besides, from the look in her eyes he can tell she’ll never believe another damn word that comes from Creg’s mouth.

Nicole gives Brice an accusatory expression, "Wait, you confronted him about our breakup? I don’t recall ever telling you all that many details about the events surrounding it."

Brice lets out a chuckle, "Nicole, it’s not like I had a detective dig up the details on what happened between you and Creg. I asked a curious question to Elaine and she was chatty and ended up relaying how Creg cheated on you with a woman by the name of Gabrielle Kane, I believe that’s her name. I’m not creepy and obsessive as he puts it. I was just curious. I’m sorry for that. I guess it wasn’t my business." After saying this, he gives Creg a quick look of repugnance.

Nicole studies Brice and then returns her attention back to Creg. "Look I’m going to be late for my hair appointment. I better get going." She begins to walk towards the other direction but quickly pauses before turning around, "By the way, Brice. I’ll see you at 6–my place please." She lets out a wide grin. She finds satisfaction in confirming her date in front of Creg.

Once Nicole is in the distance, Creg looks Brice over with his arms crossed. He wears an expression as though he’s calculating a math problem in his head. "I really am curious to know why Nicole is so important to you. I’m sure you have a hidden agenda and I plan to figure out what it is."

Brice smiles, "Let me ask you a question, Creg. Why are you so obsessed with knowing if I have a so-called hidden agenda with Nicole? Nicole and you aren’t even dating anymore and from what I’ve heard you haven’t for almost a year now. I find it kind of odd that you are so interested in her life..."

Creg shakes his head, "I know exactly what you are trying to do, Brice. You are trying to get me to admit if I still have feelings for her. Let me tell you, it’s not going to work because I have absolutely no interest in Nicole. I’m sorry but your fun is fucking over–as is this conversation!" Creg pulls out his cell phone and abruptly walks away from his relative, while dialing a number.

Brice curiously watches him depart in the distance. You are so damn transparent, my nephew dearest. I know exactly how you feel about Nicole...