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Lacey Ulrich

Lacey Ulrich

OCCUPATION: Waitress at Shirley's Bar and Grille


FAMILY: Son Connor Ulrich, Unknown Parents 


PERSONALITY: Lacey is a responsible, outgoing, slightly insecure, and somewhat pessimistic young woman. 



           Lacey came to Sunrise Bay after not being able to afford the rent at her old home in Roxford. She puts her 6 year old son Connor first and foremost in her life. She's always wondered who her real parents are, since her parents admitted to her that she was adopted.

          Lacey lives in fear that her abusive ex-boyfriend, who is Connor's father, will find her. Her experience with this man has caused her to have a pessimistic view in life. Her religious adoptive parents always hoped to have Lacey find some faith in the world with no luck.

      Lacey is best friends with the bubbly and fun loving Amy Slater. Amy and her are almost complete opposites but somehow have managed to stay close friends ever since the 5th grade.