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OCCUPATION: Currently opening her own business


FAMILY: Sons Luke and Creg Jackson, Daughter Cynthia Jackson


PERSONALITY: Elaine is full of wisdom, kind, compassionate, and hardworking




          Elaine has always tried to stay strong through the obstacles in life. However, she reached her last straw with Gary Jackson after leading years of an unfulfilling marriage with the ruthless and insecure man. While they were still married, she start an affair with Dr. AJ Lansing. AJ came back years later claiming that Luke Jackson was actually his child. He got abusive with her one night while confronting her and she murdered him out of self-defense. Elaine regret killing AJ more than anything in her life. Though AJs children Annie and Todd are very grown up, she still feels guilty that she took their fathers life.

          Currently Elaine is busily getting completely over her divorce by opening her own jazz and live entertainment club. She hopes that at her age she can find a decent man to care about her.