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Barbara Kane



OCCUPATION: Currently mooching off of rich man Gary Jackson


FAMILY: Daughter Gabrielle Kane, Son Nicholas Kane, Daughter Bobbie Kane (Currently lives in New York)


PERSONALITY: Barbara is a strong-willed, very protective, stubborn, and burdened woman.




          Because of a bad marriage with Patrick Kane, Barbara made her children her number one priority. She always played favorites with her son Nicholas and daughter Gabi because she always felt that Bobbie was always on Patricks side.

          Barbara often lets her moods get the best of her and sometimes her good intentions seem everything but. However, when it comes down to it, she would do anything for her children. In Sunrise Bay, she was ecstatic to realize that teenage sweetheart Gary Jackson lived there. She was even happier when she learned he was in the midst of divorcing Elaine Breese. She immediately snatched up the opportunity to try to get him and so far it succeeding. He allowed her and Nicholas to move in and Barbara is closer than ever to getting proposed to.