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OCCUPATION: Journalist for Sunrise Sentinel


FAMILY: Mother Barbara Winthrop, Brother Nicholas Kane, Sister Bobbie Kane (Currently lives in New York City)


PERSONALITY: Gabi is a quirky, fun loving, sometimes self-centered, and often emotional woman.




          Gabi was a definite mommys girl growing up and has continued to be while growing into adulthood. She always knew her mother would be there for her and sometimes held that over her sister Bobbies head. Her and her sister never got along and fought about everything under the sun.
          Ever since meeting Todd Lansing in
New York City, Gabrielle was enamored with him and lusted after him for years. She and he became very good friends and fellow reporters. A mysterious story concerning a man named Alec Porter tore the two friends apart when Todd suddenly moved to Hawaii over the whole thing without a notice.

          Gabi was ecstatic when Todd Lansing showed up in Sunrise Bay with his sister Annie and decided to move there. The two of them rekindled their friendship. When the mysterious Alec Porter showed up in town and threatened Todds life, Gabi secretly stole money from her very rich boyfriend Creg Jackson to give to Todd to pay off Alec. She thought she never was caught for the deed but Creg hired a detective who found out all. She better watch her back because Creg is out for revenge.