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OCCUPATION: Currently unemployed


FAMILY: Mother Eve Jones, Father Carl Jones, Sister Melissa Jones Hetricke, Brother-in-law Tom Hetricke


PERSONALITY: Cassie is a very needy, emotional, and insecure woman.




          Cassie has always had this distorted view that her parents loved her twin sister Melissa more than her. She has let insecurity dominate her life and control it. Things reached an all-time low for her a few years ago when she had a car accident that required extensive plastic surgery to repair her face. This led her to hate her sister even more because Melissa got to still possess the looks that they both shared their whole life, being that they were identical twins. She tried to kill her sister in a fit of rage. Eve and Carl had her committed. After a year of treatment, she returned to Sunrise Bay seemingly healed from all of her emotional wounds.

          A couple years ago Cassie befriended Annie Lansing. Their friendship was eventually destroyed after they both fell for the same man. Cassie was the first to have him and eventually Keith developed feelings for Annie as well. On a trip to Hawaii, his feelings for Annie came to the surface. Ever since, Cassie has been plagued with the thought of losing Keith to Annie.