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OCCUPATION: Journalist


FAMILY: Sister Annie Lansing, Mother Nina Brockwell


PERSONALITY: Todd is a wholehearted, private, and burdened young man.





          Todd and his sister Annie grew up in a very dysfunctional home where theyd often have to hear their parents Nina and AJ at one anothers throats. His parents never seemed to care about the two of them and his childhood has been a huge scar of a burden that hes carried throughout his life.

          After graduating from high school, Todd moved from their Montana home to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a reporter. After seeing his work, The New York times hired him as a investigative journalist. This is where he met Gabrielle Kane and they became good friends. A story involving a mysterious and dangerous man name Alec Porter changed everything. Something happened between them that hes kept as a huge secret to this day.

In wake of the mystery events, Todd up and secretly moved to Hawaii to get away from everything. In Hawaii, he met a man by the name of Elliot. They became very close friends and Elliot later revealed that he was gay and was falling for Todd. Todd was shocked and admitted to Elliot that he was gay as well. They started a relationship but things didnt stay smooth sailing and Todd began to push Elliot away for no apparent reason. One day Todd was shocked to see his sister at Hawaii. She filled him in that she was living at Sunrise Bay and he decided to return home with her, breaking up with Elliot and packing his bags once again in hopes of a better life somewhere else.

Todd recently befriended Annies ex Luke. He also rekindled his friendship with Gabi Kane. Gabi stole money for him from Creg Jackson to pay off a returned Alec Porter. Alec threatened to expose Todds big secret if he wasnt paid the dough. Alec beat Todd up while Luke watched.

Currently, hes plagued with regrets and wonders what could have become of him and Eliots relationship. Because of his bad luck with men and private nature, hed rather have his sexuality kept a secret.