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FAMILY: Daughter Annie Lansing, Son Todd Lansing


PERSONALITY: Nina is a selfish, outspoken, overbearing, and difficult woman.




          Nina met ex-husband AJ Lansing at a bar in Montana and they had a fling. They kept seeing each other off and on after that. Eventually she learned she was pregnant and AJ ended up marrying her. They fought constantly and immediately were in a doomed marriage. She ended up getting pregnant againthis time with a son. After many more years of a loveless, self deprecating marriage, they finally called it quits and got a divorce. However, she left her children Annie and Todd to carry on most of the emotional burdens as she continued to be emotionally abusive to her kids as well.

          In the wake up her ex husbands murder, Nina was sort of happy that he was gone. She decided to move to Sunrise Bay and constantly hounded Annie out of her own raging insecurities. When Todd came to live in Sunrise Bay, she seemed to do the same but was proud of Todd. She always has and always will hold a grudge against her daughter.