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Episode 56


previously on sunrise bay...

*While everyone waited as Lacey fought for her life, Gabi came up with a plan to have Nicholas to get press coverage as her hero. Cynthia immediately was vehemently against the idea.

*A panicked Annie told Jarrod that Mason escaped the hospital, worrying that he had got to Keith.

*Carl filled in Melissa and Eve that Mason had escaped.



"Why wouldn't you want Nicholas to be honored for being a hero, Cynthia?" questions a perplexed Gabrielle Kane.

All eyes, including Nicholas's, go to Cynthia's reddening face. She stutters as she quickly comes up with an explanation, "Nich isn't, he's not, you know, like that! He wouldn't want his face plastered all over TV. Besides, we don't even know if Lacey is going to make it." Cynthia regrets saying that as soon as the words hit air.

Amy's eyes bulge out from anger, "What the hell is that supposed to mean?! Lacey is going to make it. I refuse to think any other way. Besides, Connor can't lose his mother at such a young age. That just isn't right."

Cynthia shakes her head and then walks towards the front of the hospital, "I didn't mean it like that at all, Amy. I really hope Lacey makes it and lives a healthy and prosperous life, with every dream coming true and whatnot. Look, I just need sleep. I'm not thinking clearly. Nicholas, accept your medal of heroism, I don't care. Let Barbara Walters have a special interview with you. Seriously, I'm honored to have such a brave guy for a boyfriend. I just really need to get the hell out of here before I say something else wrong."

Nicholas runs up to Cynthia to embrace her, "No, please don't leave. I understand what you mean even if it came out horribly wrong, babe. You have to admit that."

"Didn't I just admit to that? Look, Nich, I do want to leave. I really need to sleep."

Amy cuts in, "Please, Nicholas, just let her leave."

Cynthia gives Amy a quick glare, "When did you have such disdain for me, Amy? Jeez, whatever, I'm leaving. Please keep me posted on Lacey's condition. I'm gonna check in real quick with Jasper and Connor and then head home to bed." She gives Nicholas a quick peck on the lips.

Meanwhile Jarrod appears from the hallway and quickly rushes up to Amy's side. "Look, I am sorry but I really have to leave. It's real important and I'll tell you everything about it later. Please call me and keep me informed about Lacey's condition." He kisses Amy's cheek and darts to the exit of the hospital.

Amy watches as Jarrod exits, "Bye then. Man, you could have given me at least some details." She dismisses the thought and focuses her attention back on Nicholas.

As Cynthia walks in the direction of where Connor is being examined, Amy walks up to Nicholas and whispers, "Well it seems as though your girlfriend and Jasper are developing a friendship. Trust me, he is not the kinda guy you want around her."

Nicholas quickly dismisses her warning, "I think you are overreacting, to be honest. Besides, I don't think that Cynthia and Jasper will end up being friends. He simply helped her fix her car one day and tonight she happened to witness Connor's freak accident. That's the extent of their run-ins. Anyway, I saw the fear in Lacey's eyes when I was helping her hide from Jasper. He obviously isn't a good guy."

Amy crosses her arms, "Finally, we have a sane one on our hands! Just remember that, OK? Now when Lacey gets better, you and me can try convincing her to stop this nonsense of letting him back into her life. However, when she learns of how careless he was tonight with Connor, I think our work will be done."

"Hellooo?? Did you guys forget about me or something?" Gabi waves her hand in Amy and Nicholas's face. "I find it hard to believe considering I'm a walking blimp."

"Sorry, Gabi, we got a little distracted by other things obviously." states Nicholas as he appears to have just noticed Gabi was present. "So about this TV thing, Cynthia was sorta right. I don't know if I want that kinda attention."

Gabrielle suddenly looks desperate, "Nicholas, please, if for anyone do this for me! I'm possibly pregnant with a gay guy's child. I'm single and have pretty much nothing but my job going for me. A big story like this would get me places and possibly make my life somewhat more livable."

"Oh, glad to see you are doing this for all the right reasons, Gabrielle." says Nicholas half joking, half serious. "Look, I don't know. It's too soon to come up with an answer for you. Besides, I don't even see myself as a hero. I think that anyone should have done what I did."

Before Gabrielle can say another word, a doctor approaches the three of them. Amy begins to shake from anticipation, knowing that the doctor's words could crush her or bring her joy.

"We have news on Lacey Ulrich's condition." says the middle aged man, his name tag reading Doug Jenkins.

Amy barely can get her sentence out but manages to: "Please, please, just tell us she's going to be alright."

The doctor sighs, "Unfortunately your friend is only going to be OK under one condition."

Amy looks very confused, "What is that?"

"Well it appears that the fire was the least of her injuries, believe it or not. She must have fell before Nicholas got to her. She lost alot of blood because of that fall."

Amy appears dizzy and Nicholas quickly holds onto her so she doesn't fall down herself.

"She needs a blood tranfusion as soon as possible. Because of her extremely rare blood type, she'll need that of a close relative."

"Well, her son Connor is right here in the hospital now! He had a little falling accident on the pier. Oh my gosh, this is going to be wonderful. Connor will be able to save his own mother's life!" Amy's heart races with excitement before she begins heading to his examination room.

"Wait! No, I wasn't clear enough. It can't be her son's blood. It has to be that of a parent."

Amy goes pale, "No, doctor, you have to be kidding me!"

"Why? Is this a problem?"

"Yes it is! Her biological parents died when she was very young. She grew up being raised by adoptive parents." Hopelessness overcomes Amy's body. Tears begin to pour. "Are you sure Connor's blood won't do?"

"Very sure. I'm sorry. This blood type is inherited through a mother or father. It's a very complicated science and an extremely rare occurence."

Amy falls into Nicholas's arms as she slowly slides to the floor. "It's over. Oh my god, Lacey is going to die."

Hopelessness fills each crevice of the air as Amy's loud cries fill the room. Nicholas pulls her from the floor as she hugs him tightly. Gabi isn't sure what to do in this kind of situation so she lightly rubs Amy's back, not being able to fight tears herself.


Cynthia lightly knocks on the half open glass door. She is greeted with the sight of Jasper holding his son's hand tightly. Connor looks as though he has just been laughing really hard, both he and Jasper wear wide grins. Jasper can't be half as bad as Amy is making him out to be. His son seems to adore him.

"It's your friend again, Daddy." states Connor as he points a finger at Cynthia.

Jasper turns his head and looks at Cynthia, then suddenly looks away.

"What was that expression for?" questions Cynthia as she walks further into the room, shutting the door behind her.

"What expression? Look, maybe I don't want to hear a lecture about how I'm a crappy father."

Cynthia is confused by his response, "Why are you talking crazy? What gave you the idea that I'd lecture you? I defended you out there."

Jasper finds himself in defense mode, "Well you really didn't have to. Seriously, I don't need someone helping me defend my reputation as a father. I plan on doing that all on my own. Though I sure fucked up that one tonight." He then looks Connor directly in the eyes, "Never say 'fucked', OK? It's a very bad word!"

Cynthia can't help but chuckle, "Yes, Connor, listen to your Daddy. 'Fucked' is a very bad word that only adults can use."

"Yes, when you grow up you can say it all you want!" Jasper exclaims as he gives Cynthia a quick smirk.

Connor vehemently shakes his head, "I'll never say 'fucked' till I'm older!" Connor quickly covers his mouth as his eyes widen, "Sorry! I didn't mean to say it."

Jasper smiles wide, "That's OK, buddy. Just don't ever say it again, especially around your mother." Suddenly Jasper darts up, "Shit, I haven't called Lacey yet!" He quickly pulls out his cell phone from his damp jean pocket. "Dammit, my cell phone is ruined." He turns the device upside down as water drips out of it.

Oh my gosh, Jasper has no idea about Lacey. Cynthia then tries to think of the best way to break the news. She looks at the innocent young boy that sits at the hospital bed, realizing she can't mention the fire around him. "Um, Connor, I think I have some candy in here if you want it. If I give it to you, you have to promise to be a good boy while me and your daddy talk outside of the room." She proceeds to search her designer handbag as Jasper gives her a perplexed look, trying to understand the need to a talk outside of the room.

After handing Connor a package of Gummy Life Savers, Cynthia lightly touches Jasper's arm and speaks barely above a whisper, "I have to talk to you about Lacey, it's really serious."

Jasper can't conceal worry as he follows Cynthia, first pointing at his son, "Seriously, Connor, just stay in here and don't move from that bed and I'll be right back, OK?"

"Yes, Daddy!" yells Connor as proceeds to stuff the gummy candy into his mouth.

They walk out of the room and Cynthia closes the door behind them before taking a deep breath. "Another horrible thing happened tonight that I didn't want to talk about around Connor. Lacey's house burnt down."

Jasper's eyes widen, "Oh my..."

"Well that's not the worst part, Lacey was in it while it was burning. If it wasn't for my boyfriend rescuing her, she could be dead. In fact, she's fighting for her life right now and we have no idea if she's gonna make it."

Jasper swallows hard, not knowing how to react.


Patrick Kane looks upon Annie and Jarrod as he clutches the small notebook in his hands, "We usually can't do anything unti it's been 24 hours since the man has been missing. I'm sorry. Are you sure he didn't simply forget to tell you he made it to St. Louis?"

Annie is desperate, "Officer, please, Keith would never forget to call me. I'm his girlfriend." She pauses. "Look, we are very close and he would never forget to call me. Aren't you the least bit suspicious considering that Mason Heights is on the run? I don't know if you know the whole backstory but maybe I can give you a refresher. Mason not only kidnapped Melissa Hetricke but a long time ago he had something to do with murdering Keith's ex-wife Shayla."

Jarrod cuts in, "My mom killed herself, Annie. No murder was involved."

Annie gives Jarrod a cold glance, "I read your mother's diary. She killed herself over Mason. Look, I know he's your biological father but you know that he is a dangerous man! Just because you resent Keith from hiding the truth, it doesn't mean you can act like Mason is a saint."

Jarrod doesn't respond. His expression seems to affirm what Annie is saying. As much as Jarrod wants to cling onto the anger and betrayal he still feels against Keith, there is a pang of fear over whether Keith could really be in trouble. However, he chooses to ignore this slight feeling and go with his own theory: "Wait a damn minute, Annie. I know exactly why you're making such a big deal out of my dad not calling you--you don't want to face the fact that he has been willing to throw everything away because of his guilt. By getting people hyped up to believe he's in trouble, you don't have to face the fact that maybe he just doesn't want to speak with you again!"

"That is so far from the truth that it's laughable!" screams Annie, as her voice cracks. "I didn't finally snag him from Cassie just to lose him in the end!"

"Ha! There you go, you pretty much proved my point right there. You just won't face the truth that it's over."

"For your information, Jarrod, he only left town because of what an unforgiving and ungrateful ass you were to him! Yes, he lied but for a good reason. Do you actually want to call that psycho Mason your daddy?!"

"Guys! I've heard enough!" Patrick finally steps between them, a dizzy feeling over him because of their back-and-forth banter. "Look, this is obviously a much more complicated situation than I can wrap my head around. Actually, I think I'm gonna need a whole bottle of pain pills to allay this headache I now have." He rubs his temple and then pulls out his cell phone, "I'll solve this predicament right now. I'm going to call the airline and see if a man by the name of Keith Hetricke left on a flight to St. Louis. It's that simple. If he never showed up to St. Louis, then we might have concrete evidence of something fishy going on, OK?"

"OK." says Annie weakly, still irked by Jarrod's earlier accusation. I don't care what Jarrod says, things between Keith and I are far from over.

Both Annie and Jarrod watch with baited breath as Patrick talks with the airline. He slowly puts his phone back in his pocket and gives Jarrod and Annie a blank look, "Maybe you can get worried now."


Melissa begins to rub her belly, "Little baby, can you hear me? You have absolutely nothing to worry about."

Eve paces the floor back and forth, practically leaving a hole in the carpet, "So you’re not worried at all that Mason might try to get to you again? I’m really surprised that you can be this calm."

"Mom, just be quiet, are you trying to work me up? Please, just let me revel in self delusion and maybe I can make it through the twilight zone that has recently become my life!" Melissa snaps.

"Darling, look, I can see you’re still angry because of my confession earlier." She slowly sits down on the dark blue sofa, moving a pillow to her side as she does. "I guess it’s understandable that you’re so mad."

"Oh, do you think so? I am so hurt by you. I can’t believe you kept Tom and Tara’s kiss from me. What hurts the most is that I’ve always trusted you more than anyone, Mother.

Carl has overheard everything as he slips his cell phone quickly into his pocket, reappearing from the kitchen that is adjacent to the living room. "Make that two people disappointed in you, Eve. You were actually covering for and feeling sorry for another one of the Hetricke men?! How could you do this? I already couldn’t understand why you were so leniant on Keith when he was putting Cassie through hell and here you’ve done it again?"

Eve darts up from the couch, "I have never said that I felt sorry for either Keith or Tom! And since when did I ever cover for Keith? I was in the dark about his affair with Annie as much as you!"

"Eve, that’s just a small detail. My point is still proven. How could you keep the truth about already knowing Tom and Tara were doing things behind Melissa’s back? Melissa could have know a long time ago--not that it would have made this ordeal any easier." He rubs his daughter’s shoulder.

Melissa quickly walks away from her dad, brushing away his touch, "I think you two need to leave. I really think I need to be alone."

"There is no way I am leaving my precious daughter here when there is a madman on the loose who already has kidnapped her before." Carl’s tone is firm and final.

Melissa sighs, "Well I know I might as well stop arguing before it even starts. I guess you’re right, maybe Philip and I shouldn’t be alone right now."

Eve’s eyes suddenly wear a positive sheen as an idea pops in her mind, "Melissa, move back in with us. At least for the time being. Please, darling, come back home for a while."

Carl quickly chimes in, "Yes, Melissa, I’ve never heard an idea that makes more perfect sense. Come back home to live with your parents. It will do you good, I know it will."

"I don’t know, Mother. I’ll admit, I don’t think I’m going to be able to be around you for the next few days. I am very hurt."

Eve's eyes wear true regret. "Darling, I’m so sorry. There's no words to express how bad I feel for hiding what I did from you. It was so wrong of me. I want to spend the rest of my life making it up to you."

Melissa raises her hands in defiance, "Please, just stop, Mother. Look, maybe staying at you guys' place is a bad idea. How about this, I'll hire someone to watch over me and Philip 24/7. I'll feel protected that way. Plus I'd feel like a celebrity if I told people I had a bodyguard." A brief grin emerges and then quickly fades back into the melancholy look Melissa has gotten to know too well as of late.

"Please reconsider, honey. Stay with us instead. That way you won't have to pay for a bodyguard." insist Eve as she lightly touches Melissa's arm.

"No, I think I've made up my mind. I'd rather stay at my own house and hire a professional. Sorry, don't take this the wrong way but I don't think I can handle being under the same roof as my parents, feeling like a charity case. Besides, I'm filthy rich now, well if I choose to accept the inheritance. Though what idiot would turn down millions of dollars?"

"Well then you can officially call your parents idiots. There is no way in hell we are accepting that inheritance." states Carl firmly.

Eve's eyes widen in surprise. "Oh when did we decide that?"

"Were you seriously considering taking the money, Eve? I'm already confused as to why Gary Jackson would choose to leave us millions of dollars in the first place but I'm definitely not torn on whether to accept the money." Carl begins walking toward the door, first casting a look Melissa's way, "Are you completely sure you don't want to stay with us?"

Melissa slowly nods, "Sorry, Dad. Look, I'll be sure to call you thirty times a day so you know we're safe. Don't worry."

"And in return I'll nag the hell out of the police to make sure they are doing everything in their power to get that bastard back where he belongs." states Carl, venom brewing in his tone.

"We love you, darling. Take care of yourself." says Eve softly as she follows Carl to the door.

"I will." says Melissa barely above a whisper as she waves goodbye. After the door clicks shut, she takes in a deep breath and scans the empty rooms that surround her. The house doesn't seem right. Something seems off balance, it's eerie to her sight.

The pitter patter of small feet coming down the stairs brings an automatic smile to her face as she realizes Philip is up from his nap. She runs to the staircase and meets her son halfway, embracing him with a tight hug. "Honey, I love you more than anything in the world."

"Mom, I can't breathe. You're squeezing me too tight." says Philip, who tries to hide that he's loving every second of attention.

"Oh, sorry babe." She breaks the hug and then looks Philip directly in the eyes; Tom's face is all she sees. She swallows hard and feels as though the color has left her skin.

"Mommy, when is Daddy going to come back from his business trip? I really miss him." questions Philip with a sad expression.

Melissa's heart drops, "Hopefully soon. Mommy misses him too." As much as she doesn't want to admit it, it's true. She does miss Tom. However, she knows she misses only the idea of what they had. The idea of Tom as a faithful husband. The idea of Tara as her best friend. Not the harsh reality of adultery that has shattered her life to millions of pieces.


"What the hell do you want from me, Mason?" Keith's world is spinning as he barely manages to get his desperate question out. "I offer you nothing. You have no gain to earn by me."

"Just shut up and listen--I need to clarify a few things."

"What? You chloroform me because you want to clarify a few things?! What in the hell is wrong with you? Once you are caught, you are going to be forever locked away in a prison. I really don't get why you'd risk your freedom for that. Once you escaped that hospital, you should have ran like hell. I don't know, skipped the States to Mexico or something because you are going to prison for kidnapping Melissa Hetricke anyway."

Mason grabs Keith's face and squeezes hard, looking him directly in the eyes, "Just answer my damn questions. First off, is it true, is Jarrod actually my son?"

Keith grits his teeth. Rage boils within. He suddenly realizes he is chained to a metal pole that comes from the floor of the darkened room. He is sitting on a floor that is damp.

Mason moves his hands slowly to Keith's neck, "Answer my question, Keith. Is Jarrod my son?"

"What the hell would it be to you? I raised him and I am his father in every way that it counts!"

Mason stands upright. "So it's true. He is my son."

"So fucking what! You better not go near him. He hates you anyway so you might as well not even bother. He doesn't need a psycho like you in his life."

Mason begins to laugh loudly and shake his head, "For your information, Jarrod has already gone near me. Yes, Keith, look shocked. He obviously didn't fill you in on his multiple hospital visits, did he?"

Keith is overcome with pain and hurt, almost to the point of tears. He should have known that Jarrod was interested in the man that was his biological father so does he have the right to feel this hurt? He tries his hardest to mask this pain, "Well, so, if Jarrod has been visiting you then he must have already told you his true paternity. Why in the hell did you have to ask me if you were his true dad?"

Mason leans into his face, "I just wanted to hear it from your own lips."

Keith swallows hard and begins to flail his body back and forth, the constraint of the chains angering him so much that his scream sounds like a monster in the pits of hell. "JUST LET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE! WHAT IN THE HELL DO YOU NEED WITH ME? HUH?! YOU ALREADY FUCKING DESTROYED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH JARROD! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME NOW??!!"

Mason watches on with a smug look upon his face. As Keith screams his lungs out, Mason's cell phone begins to go off. He glances at the caller ID of the cell phone that was just given to him recently, Thank god for my help out of that damn hospital. If this is pulled off right then I can have a new life and identity. Who knows, maybe I can settle down right here in Sunrise Bay. Melissa is going to need some comforting after all. After this string of thoughts, Mason finally brings the phone to his ear, "Yes?"

"So did you get him and take him to where I told you to?"

"Yes, everything is going as planned. So, of course, I've done my part of the bargian. Now you have to follow through with your end of the deal. It's time for you to end my reign as Mason Heights, psycho extrordinaire, once and for all!"

"Alright, alright, just chill out. Meet me first thing tomorrow in that disguise I gave you. We’ll discuss all the details of just how I can get you a new identity. Money is no longer a problem for me." The woman on the other end of the line, Cassie Jones, wears a satifsified smirk upon her face.