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OCCUPATION: Construction Worker


FAMILY: Son Jarrod Hetricke, Brother Tom Hetricke, Sister-in-law Melissa Jones Hetricke


PERSONALITY: For the most part, Keith has a good heart but an anger problem that gets in the way.




          Keith used to be married to a woman by the name of Shayla King. He loved her dearly but eventually learned that she was seeing another man behind his back. She confessed that she was falling for this man named Mason but they still stayed together to try to work things out. Shayla got pregnant and gave birth to a son who they named Jarrod. Not long after he was born, Mason started coming around and causing problems for their marriage once again. One night, Keith walked into find Shaylas body with a pool of blood around it and a knife in her heart. There was a note next to her claiming that she had betrayed him so. To this day, Keith has not revealed what the betrayal was, besides the fact of the affair with Mason.

Years later, Keith arrived with his son Jarrod in Sunrise Bay in wake of learning that he had an identical twin brother he never knew about for years. He met Cassie Jones and started to develop feelings for her. He also met her friend at the time Annie Lansing and eventually also developed deep feelings for her as well. His feelings for Annie came out on a trip to Hawaii. Cassie was devastated but still took Keith back. Keith cant stop thinking about Annie but seems to be staying with Cassie out of his guilt.