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OCCUPATION: Housewife, Occasional hospital volunteer


FAMILY: Husband Dr. Carl Jones, Daughters Melissa Jones Hetricke and Cassie Jones, Grandson Philip Hetricke, Son-in-law Tom Hetricke  


PERSONALITY: Eve is a caring, compassionate, and reasonable woman.




 She met Carl at Sunrise Bay when she was a patient of his after getting into a car accident. They were immediately transfixed with one another and eventually fell in love and got married. They eventually had twin daughters and named them Cassie and Melissa.

 At a weak point in their marriage, Eve had a secret affair with rich man Gary Jackson. She hid this affair for years from him and it was revealed a couple years ago. Carl did not react well and Eve feared that her marriage of 27 years was destroyed. However, Carl refused to let his marriage dissolve and he forgave her. Ever since, their bond has been stronger than ever.

 Eve and Carls first priority has been their daughters. Melissa was always the successful one in their eyes. Cassie has had a history with mental illness and almost killed Melissa at one time over this. Carl and Eve had her committed and Cassie returned. However, lately, the parents fear that Cassie is back on the road to the mental ward over her deep love for Keith Hetricke.